Rubik's Cube
1-200, 201-400, 401-600, 601-800, 801-1000, 1001-1200, 1201-1400, 1401-1600, 1601-1800, 1801-2000, 2001-2200, 2201-2400, 2401-2600
24013 minutes 10 secondsHabeebur RahmanIt was wonderful20070507
24013 minutes 10 secondsPeter Mathewsi am new to rubiks cube. i think i will do better in future.20080408
24013 minutes 10 secondsJoseph Robertsonits not a great time but i learn't 2 days ago20080830
24043 minutes 11.25 secondsJoben Ryan A. PadreI'm Still not serious with that result But I'm still proud of it and not also bad for a 11 Year old.20080224
24053 minutes 12.2 secondsMike TanneryHa!!! Jon I am still the best!! 
24063 minutes 12.4 secondsOgdread WearyPARADOXICALLY PODIACAL!! 
24073 minutes 15 secondsHuy Ho QoucI won a bet for a smoke with my fastest time ever20060320
24073 minutes 15 secondsPablo VacatelloI need some practice and a fastest cube! I'm using the Lars Petrus, but without the advanced sequences.20060502
24093 minutes 17 secondsJim SmithI know it's not much, but I just started a week ago. 
24103 minutes 21 secondsLicoti GentilYay20080627
24113 minutes 21.71 secondsAleksandr OzerovNever timed my self but it is about average, I can't figure out how those people who get it under a minute do it. :) 
24123 minutes 23.88 secondsMaarten UyensI really like this! :D20060825
24133 minutes 24 secondsChennakeshav AdyaThis is based on the average of 5 solves.. I'd actually solved my first cube when I was 7 years old.. I am 26 now and it feels great to get back in form :-)
3 minutes and 24 seconds!!
24143 minutes 26 secondsStefano VanniDevo tutto a mia moglie Sara, che mi č stata vicino in questi momenti difficili.
I want to give thanks to my beautiful wife Sara.
Please visit []
24143 minutes 26 secondsDamien WhiteGetting faster now. next goal is sub 3 minutes. 20071016
24163 minutes 29 secondsMike Doinga chill solve, with a plastic rubik's cube bought at walgreens for a dollar, gets stuck every like 7 moves
started with green on top and solved by
memorizing a few algorithms
24173 minutes 30 secondsAnthony BettaninAll credit to Jasmine Lee.20050130
24173 minutes 30 secondsRick MogstadI first solved the cube about a week ago, and have gotten down to being able to do it between 3:30 and 4:00 nearly every time. I am using Lars Petrus' method, and find it to be fairly simple and quick. 
24173 minutes 30 secondsAdam Helgreni am amazing, just beginning.20060908
24203 minutes 30.80 secondsBrian KovachI just learned how to cube about three days ago, using the standard layer by layer method, from a friend. This was my fastest time yet. 
24213 minutes 35.29 secondsNick Sheilsim finally cracking the 4 min mark20080108
24223 minutes 37.07 secondsJason ZhaoWoot! I'm 11 years old and I solved for third time I'm hoping for under 5 minutes next time.20061114
24233 minutes 38.46 secondsRonny van DaelThis was of my fourth day after the first time I held a rubiks cube in my hand. Still wandering how someone can get a record of seven seconds20081231
24243 minutes 39.39 secondsMark SheeranJaspers. 
24253 minutes 43 secondsDavid Riveraits preety good for me since i jus started doing the cube20060123
24263 minutes 44 secondsHrishikesh KamatI have been working on this for around 10 days and I am very addicted to it and can now solve it under 4 minutes.
24273 minutes 44.44 secondsJustin YoungThis was a LOT harder Than I thought it would be. How someone got it under a minute is Beyond me!20070318
24283 minutes 47 secondsJared ScheererIm a noobie at cubing, using a crap cube, with a beginner layer solution, but I'll get better, u wait.20070516
24293 minutes 48.69 secondsErek Speedn/a20060708
24303 minutes 51 secondsClare WilliamsJust a beginner. 
24313 minutes 56 secondsEnoch PoonQuite good.Need to try harder.20071201
24324 minutesBob Probstor somewhere around 4 minutes. I just started learning last week. 20060801
24324 minutesToby ParkerI just got lucky20080224
24324 minutesAaron MacNeilFinally have all the algorithms memorized plan on getting faster.20081021
24354 minutes 2 secondsPradip ChandrasekaranManaged to do the right royal way in this time , need to learn the faster way.20050321
24364 minutes 12.62 secondsKilian HensensYeah, 1 minute faster!20070712
24374 minutes 17 secondsWes Frostn/a20050608
24384 minutes 20 secondsPiggy BankI solve it in about 300 turns. So I don't know if I'm doing it right. I'm going for 4 minutes or less now. 
24394 minutes 23.7 secondsJustin VanderheideI've been trying for years and now i can officially say "I DID IT" 
24404 minutes 24 secondsNathan Maynei just started a few days ago20080224
24414 minutes 26 secondsMichael Gardnern/a20070514
24424 minutes 32 secondsAdam MarcinowiczHappy to have done it under 5 mins. 
24434 minutes 33.70 secondsBrian OdomSlowly getting faster. Working my way up to 4 minutes.20080927
24444 minutes 47.18 secondsJon LandermanFinally Sub-5 WAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOO...Look out 420081014
24454 minutes 52.57 secondsGijs van SwaaijDone with quite a bit of info on the internet on a crappy cube. Not lucky, but not a bad cube either!20051209
24464 minutes 54 secondsColt Doylei just leard yesterday20081130
24474 minutes 57 secondsAlex Carillon/a 
24484 minutes 58 secondsDaljit SinghI think I am among top 10 in the world for 60+ years old. It took me a month to solve looking internet. Then another month without any help. Now 6 months later, I solve it 5 to 10 times a day, and takes me 5 to 10 minutes, with fastest time of 4 minutes 58 seconds. Hope to keep improving, any tips welcomed.20080706
24495 minutesNick FluellenWith a lot of hard work and information from the internet.
"I am the Rubik's master of the world!!!"
24495 minutesKirk KenemyRead the "Simple Solution to Rubik's Cube" by James Nourse in 1989. Took 3 weeks to understand all the moves but finally got the solution. Woowoo.1989
24515 minutes 2.20 secondsLucas Purchewww.cubovelocidade.110mb.com20070723
24525 minutes 9 secondsEdgar Fabelafirst time i made it without looking instructions20070630
24535 minutes 10.01 secondsSergio RodríguezJust have the cube ( poor quality ) since two weeks ago. 
24545 minutes 23 secondsPedro ChavezI wish i could do it under a minute, ill keep on practicing! 
24555 minutes 28 secondsAlex Alenikovi got a Rubik's cube for the first time three days ago went on the web to get the algorithms and solved it in 5 min 28 sec20071224
24565 minutes 31 secondsEli Goldwebern/a20080601
24575 minutes 39.02 secondsMattias PierreI'll get better. 
24585 minutes 46.13 secondsMartim SchnackI'll improve. 
24595 minutes 47 secondsMohit JainI am working for the past two weeks. Committed for the betterment.20080627
24605 minutes 52 secondsYakir DoraniI simply love it. 
24616 minutes 11 secondsMichael Wittenthis was my second time doing this. i'm only 12.20070226
24626 minutes 20 secondsYingChao CaiMy first record, layer by layer. Next step sub 4!20060713
24636 minutes 30 secondsVishakha PatelI am from India and presently in Grade IV. My Dad (Vijay V Patel) taught me how to solve Rubik's Cube (3x3x3) in one week when I came to USA from India. Presently I am able to solve in 6-7 minute. The video recorded on Sept 2, 2006 is available. 20060902
24646 minutes 57.56 secondsMiyi Santijust a beginner goal is to someday solve under a minute so I can compete :)20071209
24657 minutes 29 secondsSamuel WilsonI am awesome This was my fastest time and it was pretty good for an eleven yearold.20070608
24667 minutes 30 secondsStefan PollakMy first solution after 5 days learing and understanding cubing (4 hours daily). Read various web sites including fantastic Lars page and J.Jelinek, H.Bizek page and more. But I'll improve. 
24678 minutes 24 secondsWong Hon LoongMy first record within 10 min, i would try to break less than 3 min. 
24678 minutes 24 secondsRajiv Thairanin/a20070209
246910 minutesAndrew Flagstaffn/a20050707
247010 minutes 43 secondsConrado Patricio Ambrosion/a20071228
247111 minutes 34 secondsPeter BoneThis is the only time I timed myself. I solved it by layers and there was no parity on the edge middles at the end. I've only just worked out how to solve it so I'll probably get under 10 minutes eventually.20060115
247212 minutes 55 secondsMartin BenoitThree days after learning the cube. 
247313 minutes 5.16 secondsBahman Ahmadeiangood solve20070405
247414 minutes 3 secondsColin ArchdeaconI solved the cube while playing a tape of white noise. It actually heightened my sence of touch, I think. Give it a try! 
247515 minutesJake DonaldsonVery nice.20070512
247615 minutes 24 secondsBrian MeloTook almost 200 trys. 
247716 minutes 47.28 secondsLogan BirdI am from Canada, and my cousin Brent Morgan showed me how to solve to cube (I just learned today!). My time right now is around 15-17 minutes, but at least I can solve it, and I'm only 8 years old! (Brent Morgan): It took a little while to show him how, but he caught on pretty quick eventually.20030218
247818 minutes 15.14 secondsFrédéric PoulinYesterday, my record was 23 years. Who knows what it will be tomorrow! 
247952 minutesBen TseMy first time ever Rubik's Cube solve20071011
24801 hourZack Misnerthe green goes where the white is and the white is where the green is, how confusing!20051202