Rubik's Cube
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21951 minute 50 secondsPhil CapDid it in a dentist office.20070628
21951 minute 50 secondsRedas Jefisovas3 days after buying the cube.
I have been going down 30 seconds per day.
I use the beginners method for fast solving but I'm getting the hang of the Fridrich method and I'm learning all the algortihms for the COLL.
21951 minute 50 secondsWeixi LiI'm so slow.20080305
22041 minute 50.29 secondsMicah Welleri was lucky for me20070317
22051 minute 50.44 secondsSarah NelsonThis is my best time on the 3x3 and I only started 3 weeks ago.20071207
22061 minute 50.75 secondsLeander van CrugtenMy New TIME Yeah!!20070424
22071 minute 50.83 secondsMichael BrandtThis time was on the eighth day owned the Rubik's Cube. 
22081 minute 51 secondsBrent SavillI just learned to solve this thing 3 weeks ago, so I think this is pretty fast. 
22081 minute 51 secondsDan MooreI've had my cube for less thatn a week. Not bad.20050416
22101 minute 51.44 secondsAyman SinghI didnt inspect the cube. I learned how to solve the F2L a year ago. Then 3 days back, I learned the LL also, and I got this result. But I still dont know what those people use to get under 1 minute! I am going to find out! 
22111 minute 53 secondsPeter StoiaI'm working to get a lower time, so I may have more records coming up. 
22111 minute 53 secondsMark van VeenWritten by Erik Akkersdijk: I taught Marco the cube in less than 2 days. I also taught Tom Engerink the cube (see his time too), Marco only wanted to be quicker than Tom.20051213
22111 minute 53 secondsAnthony CorvinoI learned how to do the cube from my math teacher (Mr.Sivilla).20060405
22111 minute 53 secondsAlexander ShevchukWhy it's so hard? :(20060803
22111 minute 53 secondsJacob GilsonI can do faster but never got time to lubricate my cube.20081109
22161 minute 53.26 secondsBrian AlexanderI'm in 7th grade and before school, all the 8th graders are always gathering around shouting "CUBIE, CUBIE.!!!". I set this record in the morning. 
22171 minute 54 secondsTomasz Anion/a20060103
22181 minute 54.01 secondsTom Cappleman-LynesJust started the cube a few weeks ago. My brother taught me. Really pleased with this time.20071112
22191 minute 54.16 secondsAnnika HärkönenMy average is somewhere around 2min 15sec but the other day i finally went under 2 min :)20071011
22201 minute 54.50 secondsKyle StarkLowering my best record still although I don't time myself much.20081029
22211 minute 54.88 secondsMike PascarellaEveryone in Owen Hall SE can do this thing cept Brankly! 
22221 minute 55 secondsAdam SteinbergerI've been studiing the Rubik's Cube for about six months. I just got a Rubik's Revenge. It's fun. I hope to master the Professor's Cube someday. Just remember Don't get frustrated. It will just end you up screwing yourself royally. 
22221 minute 55 secondsTerry WhalenI know it's not the fastest but I did it with a $1.00 cheapo that is like trying to shave with a butter knife. I was pleased. Got to get a real one soon. 
22221 minute 55 secondsAdrià Jaumiran/a20060827
22221 minute 55 secondsJurijs Ješkinsn/a20070802
22261 minute 55.44 secondsHenry CarsonI was just in the car with my dad when out of nowhere came 1min 55sec.I got so psyched!!I lubricated my cube with antibiotic ointment!!lol )20080926
22271 minute 56 secondsJeroen Zeegersn/a 
22271 minute 56 secondsRobbie Wilsonphhew! managed to break the two minute mark!! (at last! heehee). 
22291 minute 56.45 secondsMichael NelsonHey this is for Michael Peters who taught me everything I know about solving. 20071106
22301 minute 56.53 secondsRobin DarrochMy first non-lucky sub-2-minute solve! Yay!! 
22311 minute 57 secondsEllie PoveyAll credit to Jasmine for being a good teacher :) 
22311 minute 57 secondsStijn Noppenn/a20060201
22311 minute 57 secondsAdam Clausonsub 2 minutes, not bad.20060821
22311 minute 57 secondsArthur YanSome guy got 125 so i thought to myslef i could beat that, 20070831
22311 minute 57 secondsAlex LuA rare sub 2 minute time for me i need to learn the Fridrich method if any1 can teach me20080523
22361 minute 57.03 secondsRenzo Luis J. Dimayugan/a20090214
22371 minute 58 secondsDavid McGaughyn/a 
22371 minute 58 secondsKirk MorrowI was nine years old at the time. I can't even come close to that now that I'm out of practice. It was a lubed cube and I could solve it repeatedly in roughly 2 minutes flat. Now that I'm picking it up again maybe I'll be even faster. 
22371 minute 58 secondsCasey Svoltn/a20060507
22401 minute 58.68 secondsEllis BigelowOWNED.20060504
22411 minute 58.94 secondsDaniel BorupYea shaved down my time by a lot scince i first tried. (~3:40 first good time). 
22421 minute 59 secondsOlga Ruffn/a 
22421 minute 59 secondsMathieu WellsThis is my average time, that I have been doing for twenty years. I think it's time I learned some new techniques. 
22421 minute 59 secondsRoman DequierIm thirteen and I've had my cube for 4 weeks, I think I'm doing pretty good.20050417
22421 minute 59 secondsAndy Kuhnn/a20090214
22461 minute 59.35 secondsIra PertsovskiI'm not obsessed about it. 
22471 minute 59.38 secondsAlex MartinAnyone wants a video of me doing it email me. 
22481 minute 59.57 secondsAlex Thoin/a20060317
22491 minute 59.67 secondsAdam WoodsConsidering this is the second time I've ever solved it I think I did pretty well!20050108
22501 minute 59.89 secondsAlan SchraderFirst sub two minute solve. Now I just need to take the time to learn Fridrich's Method and cut this in half.20070405
22512 minutesElias Hernandez CapdevilaA good puzzler is not someone who can solve 3x3x3 in less than 1 minute, but someone able to solve 5x5x5 and Square1 -the most difficult of all puzzles- with no limit of time -let's say in half an hour, bot puzzles all together-. One of the best moments of the day comes when at night, I solve my 5x5x5 or Square1, on the bus in a 20 minutes journey, going back home. See my home page for my solutions to 5x5x5 and Square1 
22512 minutesMichael Snivelyn/a 
22512 minutesDan Bollardn/a20060116
22512 minutesEllen Margarethai am still beginner so my record is only 2 minutes20060729
22512 minutesAraceli CastroI am from Granada. Spain. I do it for the first time when I was 7 years and 11 months.
Antonio is my teacher and he is teaching me the 4x4.
22512 minutesMartin Julienn/a20060816
22512 minutesCaleb SmithYEAH!!! 2 minutes!!! for sub 2 :D.20061127
22512 minutesRajmahendra HegdeI am a new cuber. Hi all if you are interested to teach me. you are always welcome. I am love to learn RC.20070129
22512 minutesJames SkinnerI know it looks impossible and I thought so myself but that's what showed when I was done. I doubt I'll ever do anything like it again it wouldn't be so cool to me if it weren't for the fact that it was actually 2 minutes flat.20080704
22512 minutesAlex Davisn/a20081116
22612 minutes 0.34 secondsBrian Dawestook me 25 years to get this time20060423
22622 minutes 1 secondSusan JuggernauthWhy do drugs?! Do the CUBE!!! (Yeah HM Lions!!!). 
22622 minutes 1 secondKiefer Sivitznot great i only know the layer method and its slow20080716
22642 minutes 1.42 secondsJacob ClarkDid this with my friend's cube at school. I hope to get sub-2 minutes soon. 
22652 minutes 3 secondsMin Hee LeeThank you Ryan and Jinny! I am so happy to know how to solve the Rubik's Cube. 
22652 minutes 3 secondsAlex RoweSheesh, just turned 16 and my grandmother got me a cube.
1 month, layer by layer, deteriorated cube
22652 minutes 3 secondsJulian NguyenFastest solve I've done since I've learned how to solve it 2 days ago.20090308
22682 minutes 4 secondsJames Sy-Keen Woonn/a20070106
22682 minutes 4 secondsNailuj Maetschlmi record 9 october 2007
My Flickr page..,
22702 minutes 4.21 secondsMike WetmoreI am eleven and only been able to solve the cube for two days. 
22712 minutes 5 secondsOlivier de LannoyI am 44 years old and I have just put back myself to the Rubik's Cube after more of 25 years.. I think that it permits to keep a good memory and have a good time. I use the algorithm of the 3 faces (every facing the time). The manipulations are simple and 6 operations of basis are sufficient to memorize. I hope to arrive unless 1 minutes 30 at the end of the year! I think that's possible. 
22712 minutes 5 secondsDavid Gosdenthis is crap. 
22712 minutes 5 secondsTom Engberinkn/a20051210
22712 minutes 5 secondsSurin TaweeaugsornphunI am in Thailand.20060315
22712 minutes 5 secondsBen ZuoI need a better cube.20061012
22712 minutes 5 secondsEric Hermann/a20070430
22772 minutes 5.50 secondsMichael WoolfordI know it's not great for a record, but for me it's pretty fast.20051208
22782 minutes 5.92 secondsWes EvansWell, I've been able to solve it for a while now. But I only got interested in speed recently. As of today, I'm down to 2:05! 
22792 minutes 6 secondsJosh WilliamsIt took me 2 days to get under 5 minutes20070529
22792 minutes 6 secondsTim Culpi was just chillin at home and decided to time myself i did really good on it!20071121
22812 minutes 7 secondsRoy Bergern/a20051120
22822 minutes 7.02 secondsTony GuihanI am just a beginner so don't go yelling at me. 
22832 minutes 8 secondsSimon IacobAfter about a week of practice.20051003
22842 minutes 8.16 secondsDave FontaineKin, c de meme qu'on fais ça au Canada français, et ce n'est qu'un début! 
22852 minutes 8.30 secondsChris Chobrdameh. 
22862 minutes 8.5 secondsYannis StavropoulosI know 2 minutes is nothing special but I use a personal method amd I'm gdam proud of it! 
22872 minutes 9 secondsChirag PatelBrankly from Owen Hall SE4 still needs his papers. 
22872 minutes 9 secondsBrian DavisThere's nothing like getting lost in a Rubik's cube.
brian davis : speedcubing :: tiger woods : golf
I really can't say it any better than Mr. Erno himself: "The number three seems to have a particular significance relevant in some strange ways to the relation between man and nature."
22892 minutes 9.95 secondsJoshua Berna^ You are all a bunch of filthy stinking liars! 
22902 minutes 10 secondsColin Mc CarthyBeat my personal best of 2.11 by a second.Cant seem, to do any better.20060124
22902 minutes 10 secondsDylan KiddI'm 13 years old and have solving rubiks cubes for less than a month.20080104
22922 minutes 10.40 secondsSteven McKnightOnly been cubing for a week and a half. 
22932 minutes 11 secondsAron Neagun/a20080224
22942 minutes 11.04 secondsTaewoo Yangsolved in 2 minutes, nothing to be proud of20060516
22952 minutes 13 secondsFabien NugierWhat a stroke of luke! 
22962 minutes 13.57 secondsHenk DennenbroekI (Ton Dennenbroek) submitted this post for my older brother (53). I learned him the cube in 3 hours during our holiday in spain (he knew how to do the first layer). He was able to solve the cube the second day, without use of any notes or paper. I used a completly new beginners method, and it is based on the beginners own sequences to do the first layer. So if one can solve a first layer and the sides , my method will work for the hole cube. Very simple , but at averge you can not go faster as 1:30, My best time using this method is 59 seconds. 
22972 minutes 13.93 secondsJoel Hittn/a20090214
22982 minutes 14 secondsAnthony Rodriguezgot this 3 days after learning it, used the basic method though, i wanna learn the more complex ones.20071026
22992 minutes 14.55 secondsKen ChanAwsome. 
23002 minutes 14.95 secondsZeeshan ZaidiI haven't tried in years. Used to do it much faster a couple of decades ago. Gradually getting back into it as I remember all my moves. Thanks for setting this page up! 
23012 minutes 15 secondsLuke SniederI'm still learning some sequences, since I started solving the cube with a simple method. Right now I'm learning Dan Knights's Advanced method and Fridrich's permutations. (My goal is to beat Brent Morgan's time, who is my personal trainer- the fastest in our school).20030307
23022 minutes 15.79 secondsOrtal ZeeviIt is great to get better. :)20060417
23032 minutes 16.2 secondsRob Sagern/a 
23042 minutes 17.16 secondsKantida Pimnhun/a20070913
23052 minutes 17.45 secondsListea Almiran/a20070214
23062 minutes 18 secondsEric TotahI just learned how to do this a week ago. 
23072 minutes 19 secondsDominique JohnsonI'm getting better =)20050420
23072 minutes 19 secondsCharles EvansStandard moves as I learned in the 5th grade (25 yrs later).Simple Solution ending with the Rubik's Maneuver (from the Ideal Solution). I should settle down and learn some speedcubing. Down from 5 minutes earlier tonight now that I have re-remembered the moves.20070517
23092 minutes 20 secondsRob Beatonn/a 
23092 minutes 20 secondsJonathan CordovaWorking hard to break 2 mins. :) good luck to all who solve looking after every move Like me! 
23112 minutes 20.76 secondsBrett Cournoyer I have seen Briana Visone in action, the time draws near when I will smite her upon the rocks of eternal despair, {JASPERS} 
23122 minutes 22 secondsJelle van der ZwaagKinda lucky. Didn't have to whole last part.20070819
23132 minutes 23 secondsBradley Tarbuttonusing petrus method, been working on this for only a few months now.20060213
23132 minutes 23 secondsBruce Kaiserthanks to jasmine for the method20090214
23152 minutes 23.88 secondsTanguy Philippartjust a buzz for 10 days now. love it !20071201
23162 minutes 24 secondsAndrás Kárpátimy best solve ever20060828
23172 minutes 24.33 secondsAntoine Megensn/a20060509
23182 minutes 24.5 secondsChristopher LoucksNon-lubricated, non-lucky, using Rubik's own published methods on their website, I always wanted to be fast but I have yet to find a website that SIMPLY explains how to read algorithms and what the lingo all stands for. This is my fastest yet. 
23192 minutes 25.89 secondsAline ThoméI'm just a beginner but my time is getting better every time.20070509
23202 minutes 25.94 secondsTim ReiboldHell yeah 
23212 minutes 26 secondsCarl ClevelandI've got a video of it and the video is 2:26 min long. But there are a couple of seconds after I clicked that quick cam that I was looking around at the cube and to move it around that showing that it was complete at the end. So I'm sure I can cut off a few seconds.  
23222 minutes 28 secondsCory HaugeMan how is it possible to do the cube in 10 seconds even when you use Jiri's standard it still takes 56 moves which breaks down to 5.6 moves per second with no delays, how is that physically possible. 
23232 minutes 29 secondsPete SeranoWait until i learn to combine steps! i was also wondering where i can get andy cubes bigger then 5x5x5 
23232 minutes 29 secondsHervé Wahler3 semaines de pratique à raison de 10 heures par semaines avec apprentissage des formules de résolution. 
23232 minutes 29 secondsBenjamin GatienSur un cube lubrifier mais non sablé20060221
23232 minutes 29 secondsSam WenskoWhen i was in my computers class my teacher asked me if i knew how to solve my rubiks cube i said yes and i can do it in 3 mins hes like ok and i did it and he timed me i go 2min 29 sec Not bad for 11 years old lol20081214
23272 minutes 29.26 secondsShanthanu BhardwajI know its way slower than any record, but hey i'm just getting started. In another few weeks i bet i'll post something under 30 secs. 
23272 minutes 29.26 secondsSebastien BrésilLibérez barabas!!! 
23292 minutes 29.50 secondsMarie Hugheyn/a20070928
23302 minutes 29.72 secondsJan van 't VeerI just started with solving the cube, in a few days I'll probably break my record.20060318
23312 minutes 30 secondsBrandon BusbyI'm still getting faster. Maybe one of these days I'll beat my Rubik's Cube teacher, Brent Morgan (fastest cubist in our whole school). I'll get faster one of these days. 
23312 minutes 30 secondsJérôme TruffotI can be the best .. or not !!!!! 
23312 minutes 30 secondsKyle GrimOwen Hall SE4 Rules!! 
23312 minutes 30 secondsKarolina Niedzwiadekhehe
not so good =/
but i guess its ok for an 11-year old
23312 minutes 30 secondsJean-Francois LapointeDuring a reception with 20 persons witnessing the result.
My oncle Peter was timing when a showed the result in the
It was in march or april 1982 I was under ten years old
23362 minutes 30.05 secondsStephanie FauconnierThis was no lucky case. I used the layer-by-layer method. I don't know a lot of algorithms so I can't go faster. (For the moment I'm working on it!) 
23372 minutes 30.98 secondsTana LawleyDoes anyone even read this far back??? If so, I'm only 13 and I love this puzzle. Never get bored of it!20071101
23382 minutes 32 secondsAmit SharmaThere is a lot of scope for improvement. 
23382 minutes 32 secondsBalbir Singhn/a20061016
23402 minutes 32.2 secondsRoss LumThanks to Jasmine who showed me the path to cubing enlightenment. 
23412 minutes 33 secondsDaniel RoozenFirst Upload. Non-DIY cube.20090106
23422 minutes 34 secondsJens Guertlermy best time using "standard" moves20050325
23432 minutes 35 secondsMathieu RozenbergMéthode classique des anneaux (La première face,la deuxième ligne,la croix,placer les coins,orienter les coins)20050513
23432 minutes 35 secondsRick CourrauWow! That was a really good solve! I can go faster however.20070505
23452 minutes 35.16 secondsQuinn Osgoodn/a20060712
23462 minutes 36 secondsJustin Barkerman. i'm pretty slow, but i did just learn how to solve it about 2 weeks ago, so i'm improving20051208
23462 minutes 36 secondsJosh Catesn/a20051213
23482 minutes 37 secondsAaron RohnSolved it using the moves that came in the rubik's cube book 
23492 minutes 39 secondsJohn Halen/a20060216
23492 minutes 39 secondsZachary Sousafastest time yet!!!!20071201
23492 minutes 39 secondsCody DoyleIm 13 and i just learnd this thanksgiving from my cousin JHON 20081206
23522 minutes 39.23 secondsJoshua Leen/a20060317
23532 minutes 39.30 secondsVladimir Bodrovn/a20080119
23542 minutes 40 secondsChris Chown/a20060912
23552 minutes 40.17 secondsChris PazsintNo inspection. 
23562 minutes 40.74 secondsNathan CalesMy first actual timed solve.20080330
23572 minutes 41.24 secondsCathy EideDerrick: My mom got this time on my brand new stackmat. I'm so proud20060919
23582 minutes 42 secondsHemanth Royn/a20040405
23582 minutes 42 secondsRyan Waddingtonjust normal solve layer by layer20071102
23602 minutes 43 secondsRachel Pointecjust started a few days ago was taught how and it kinda came easy. started in the 5 minute range then worked my way down.20080225
23612 minutes 44 secondsJosh SimmonsStill really really slow using the method in the book =D20050516
23622 minutes 45 secondsSolomon LallNew Delhi, India. 
23622 minutes 45 secondsSean PennockIf anyone knows any useful hints for speed, give me a buzz please!!! 
23622 minutes 45 secondsJohan ÖbergLayer-by-layer method. Next I am going for under 2 min! (Just started). 
23622 minutes 45 secondsJenny BarrI'm new.i've been cubing for about 2 weeks now.i need help to get my time down.20050430
23622 minutes 45 secondsAlex StephansVery fast for me. First time under 3 minutes. I've been cubing for about a week now.20060128
23672 minutes 45.04 secondsErik ÖbergJust a beginner, but the time is getting lower by the day.. 
23682 minutes 45.05 secondsJoe AmatoLotsa practice, but I'll never get to that 22 second mark yet. I'd like to read what HIS strategy was! 
23692 minutes 46 secondsMatthew ViekeStill a cube newbie 
23692 minutes 46 secondsRamesh Bhajiwalan/a20060623
23692 minutes 46 secondsTyler GangwereI knew I could get under 3 min.20071210
23722 minutes 47 secondsJialing Choon/a20090308
23732 minutes 48 secondsAlex RamsayMy older brother timed me with a stopwatch. 
23742 minutes 48.29 secondsChristine LawrenceSome day I'm gonna break 2 minutes. some day. 
23752 minutes 49 secondsJohn BairdHi... this is my personal best time... significantly better than my 7m31s I had originally posted. Still lots of room for improvement.20090214
23762 minutes 50 secondsJosh OremOwen Hall SE taught me everything I know. Thank you everyone. 
23762 minutes 50 secondsAhmed BouzidiFirst record, 4 min 20, now Sub 3 layer by layer. I have now to change my technic if I want to be a speed cuber!!!20060707
23782 minutes 50.12 secondsKate OertelI just learned the cube, (thanks to my grandpa) and considering I am ONLY 12, I think that's pretty fast!!! 
23792 minutes 51 secondsDan TuesdaleI'm the nicest guy you'll ever meet at Owen Hall SE4. 
23802 minutes 54 secondsStephan HumlOne of the first solved cubes by myself wait till i get better. )20050525
23812 minutes 54.11 secondsOmar El KafrawyStill a beginner! Also got a 3 min:11sec on WEED! PEACE :! 
23822 minutes 55 secondsRobert BrewerI owe it to Warren. 
23832 minutes 55.35 secondsAdam Gandyn/a20060127
23842 minutes 55.56 secondsAlex NellI am the master! I love my Rubik's cube. . . Eat your heart out Frank.20050922
23862 minutes 56 secondsEaston GarciaI never thought I could even learn!20081130
23873 minutesQuintin BrockI'm still getting faster. Maybe one of these days I'll beat my Rubik's Cube teacher, Brent Morgan (fastest cubist in our whole school). I'll get faster one of these days. 
23873 minutesSimon SwinscoeAt thirst I thought I could never do it but then "facile". I'm going to try to go faster by learning another way of solving it. Ah pas cawn.  
23873 minutesBen FraserI'm new at this and hope to improve my record soon.20060318
23873 minutesDonald SimonsUsing Jasmine Lee's Beginner method found @
23873 minutesTim Thatcheri don't know how to do the Friedrich method thing.20071219
23873 minutesTimothy Desmondn/a20081121
23933 minutes 2 secondsMathias StrasserC'est mon record personnel en savant résoudre le cube depuis deux semaines semaine. 
23943 minutes 2.84 secondsAlex HurleyJNetCube Scramble: L2 D B' U D2 F B2 R2 U F' B2 U' R' F R' F2 L' U2 R' U2 B2 U' B2 U2 D'20071026
23953 minutes 3 secondsBen FloydI am 62. 
23963 minutes 4 secondsAlaa MalakI will get better! (Yuri Pertsovki's student) 
23963 minutes 4 secondsJosef BatuleRaise the roof. SE Owen Hall. 
23983 minutes 5 secondsPung Zi Bingnot a very gd timing cuz i used the layer by layer method.20071226
23993 minutes 6 secondsChris MariI just did my rubik's cube the normal way I usually do and I got it fast.20081010
24003 minutes 7 secondsTim SullivanThe seventh time I've solved a cube without using instructions. My personal record as of yet.20070801