Rubik's Cube
1-200, 201-400, 401-600, 601-800, 801-1000, 1001-1200, 1201-1400, 1401-1600, 1601-1800, 1801-2000, 2001-2200, 2201-2400, 2401-2600
20113.30 secondsWillie SiauNonlucky.
Easy X-Cross and easy pairs.
Okay OLL, and J Perm.
20213.34 secondsJames StuberNot lucky.20060415
20313.35 secondsJean-Baptiste Jacquinotn/a20040531
20313.35 secondsStijn van Gilsthis is my first sub 15! I did all the steps except the PLL, thanks to COLL, I know about 20 of 40 COLL cases.
I already had a 14.45 but it was lucky because I was able to skip 2 of the 4 F2L's during my cross.
20513.36 secondsPhilip Espinozayeahya! nice time. Could get better though. Been cubing for about a year 1/2. Want to get sub-10. Smoothe solve with smoothe f2l and sune OLL and 3-edge cycle.20070515
20613.38 secondsMike EllebrachtNo steps skiped, got my favorite OLL and PLL.20050114
20713.42 secondsJohan Hillerström3-move xcross, easy pairs, easy OLL/PLL20070103
20713.42 secondsYudi Begexhttp://www.indorubik.com20080701
20913.45 secondsTrevor DavilaAfter a long break. Woo.20071104
21013.47 secondsBlaise GarbetNormal Solve 51 moves20070522
21113.48 secondsAdenk Bulbamy fastest single solve' practice make perfect20080715
21113.48 secondsRaphaël PihetI'm so happy! OLL skip rocks all. Average Sub 20 is the next challenge for me now )20090308
21313.51 secondsBill TuscherDone with xcross. I need to get faster..20060402
21413.52 secondsArman Ruwen BurgosB R2 L D2 B R' U2 R F D U2 F R2 L' B2 R2 F' U' B2 R2 L' D L2 D2 U2 (White=F, Green=U, Blue=D)
Was able to do this fast. I was able to use extended cross to put one piece in. Then I got an OLL case I knew. Then was able to recognize the PLL really quickly.
21513.53 secondsJay WooI don't know how I gotit. I just got it in middle of practice and did not get lucky.20071106
21613.55 secondsHans Leo C. Aspan/a20080928
21713.56 secondsSergey Shmakovn/a20090214
21813.57 secondsJustin EastmanNon-lucky Extended F2l Easy corner Oll and pll I have too start using XF2L more often cause it sure does help, thanks Chris! 
21813.57 secondsEmanuele ScibiliaIt was a full step! ) The Italian Rubik's cube forum20080727
22013.64 secondsCaio Lafetáyay, in 1 year my single will be better than nakaji's average ^^20080810
22113.65 secondsNico ElaydaMy first solve under 15. Easy case but not lucky.
Scramble (cross color on top):U2 F L2 B' F' D B2 D' R B F D' L' D' L R' D U2 R D2 U' L2 R' F' R2
22213.66 secondsParker Gaitleybarely beat my previous record. during average of 10020051022
22213.66 secondsHakan Denizsune, R perm20081231
22413.69 secondsZach Dodgedomination. with a incomplete oll20070616
22513.74 secondsAdam ZamoraI dont normally practice with computer generated scrambles but this day I was. here is the scramble. D' L' D' F U' B' D' U' F U' F' U2 F2 D L B U F L B' U' L R' U2 R'. White up green front. I solve yellow first xcross easy solve all around. 48 moves. 3.49 moves per second20070329
22613.77 secondsTyler AlbrightThis is my first non-lucky sub-14. Yayyy20080704
22713.80 secondsNathaniel Christianan average cross but a smooth slow/quick F2l. I had edges bar plus a righty G for the last layer. This will probably be the last personal best I break in this category. I honestly have no idea how I did this but I guess the stackmat doesn't lie.(LIONS)20051128
22713.80 secondsAndrew ChowAmazing F2L. Nice LL.20061030
22913.83 secondsJoshua Lin/a20070822
23013.85 secondsJohn Chen
23013.85 secondsBaiheng ChenMy fastest solve..but it's lucky20080409
23213.88 secondsJon Weidleyvery nice solve and it was not lucky!20080503
23313.91 secondsMichael SwanI was on the bus, and I was getting some really horrible times (like mid 20 seconds). Finally I got 1 solve under 20 seconds. It was just over 19 seconds. Next I got a solve that was 16 seconds, but it was a lucky case. Finally, I got this time. There were no skipped steps, and I didn't use very many turns, but my recognition was nearly perfect, and I used less turns than I average.20090214
23413.94 secondsJosh Bergi couldnt believe when i got this time!! nonlucky too!! i average more like 26 but this solve was just a really smooth f2l, easy oll, and i think a 3 cycle.20070822
23513.95 secondsOlivér Perge6 moves extended cross, two easy F2L, one normal and favourite OLL and PLL. I'm so excited!! :D20070305
23613.98 secondsMaarten Stoelhorstthis was by far the most smoothest solve i ever did! i got a little bit lucky on the LL though: my favorite OLL and PLL without any setup moves. still my F2l was really fast20051220
23714 secondsKen TeraoNon-lucky 
23714 secondsMatt Wildern/a 
23914.03 secondsJoey GoulyL2 D' B2 D' R' B2 L2 D2 L2 R D2 F' R2 L D U2 R' U D' B' U' D' F R2 B
Wow! I excited!! I was just about to post a 16.61, which I got yesterday, then I beat that by 2s! I average around 23-24!
24014.07 secondsMartin ZahradníkIt's nice! :-)20071201
24114.08 secondsAaron McGhieX cross in about 4 moves but other than that it was a completely normal solve. Lucky or no??20070709
24214.15 secondsDaniel DumaJust a really smooth solve.20051222
24214.15 secondsCameron Almasiyeah20080426
24414.18 secondsTyson MaoD' F B2 U B2 L2 F' L' D R2 F2 U L B2 U2 D2 R D' L2 D' L2 B' F2 U' B' This solve goes to William McCabe. My Website.20040903
24414.18 secondsAlexei GousevThis was a really, really smooth solve, easy F2L, T OLL, and 3 edge cycle. First solve in my 18.93 average.20070620
24614.20 secondsErik DuncanVery nice.20071112
24714.21 secondsJameel Ahmad Abudallah Shehadeh
This is my best time of 14.21 this was crazy fast f2l and easy oll
but i think i took alot of time in the pll (ONE POP OUT) IT TAKES ME
1 SECOND TO FIX ( but it's good solve ) it's the best
Jameel Rubik's Blog
24814.23 secondsKyle AgerFor this solve I used my newly learnt Fridrich method. These sort of times are starting to become more common for me. This solve was done while one of my fellow classmates timed it. Also I got a very easy LL.20050610
24814.23 secondsKacper PawlaczykDone after a very long break, hence quite proub of the result :-p [PSF member]20060417
25014.25 secondsKĺre KrigFound X-cross from inspection and modified it on the fly to set up for a really easy second pair.20070115
25114.28 secondsJean PonsVery good F2L, easy LL . 
25214.33 secondsBen ZollerFull step20081123
25314.34 secondsSantiago Mansillanew cube! no tengo mucho tiempo para practicar. Nothing more to say20060422
25414.48 secondsAbel BrataMy fastest nonlucky solve.for now :)20061122
25514.50 secondsPablo Ruiz CamposUn solo tiempo significa nada, no descansare hasta que este sea mi promedio.20060223
25614.5 secondsJackson Lynchwasnt very hard.I use a corners method.just all the steps went really easy. I screwed up filling in the 2 opposite and ended up with something I know how to solve. 
25714.52 secondsAlex WalkerA full Fridrich solve: Cross- 1 F2l-7 OLL-3 PLL-3.520050701
25714.52 secondsWinston Kohn/a20080828
25914.53 secondsErlend EngelsgjerdMy first sub-15 sec solve! Even though it was a PLL skip I am very satisfied of reaching sub 15 seconds! This inspires me to work more with my moves and my 'look-ahead'!!20051003
26014.59 secondsBrian LeFINALLY! Sub-15.20071011
26114.63 secondsTom HarmanFastest non-lucky solve- cool F2L, no edge OLL, G Perm20080711
26214.65 secondsLucas GarronSub-15 I was never expecting that with a non-"lucky" solve it was very fortunate, though.
Video (It'll also be on YouTube soon)
26314.72 secondsMariusz SudzikMy first sub 15! Non Lucky Cases. Fastest LC 11.34sec.20050716
26414.77 secondsAnton RostovikovNon lucky. My best lucky result was 13.36a20080724
26514.83 secondsGrzegorz LuczynaNon-LC.20060511
26514.83 secondsChristopher FosterDone at the Las Vegas McCarran Airport on December 28th. This is part of my PB average.
B' L2 U L' F' R' B2 F2 U R' L F R' F2 R' D2 B' L2 R2 D2 U B' R' U D2
26714.87 secondsLars PetrusQuicktime video 
26814.88 secondsMike BennettGetting faster finally. This won't be up for long, I would imagine.20051113
26914.90 secondsJason KovacicRoux method, all steps. 15-16 sec solves are more common now.20071026
27014.91 secondsRyan KnaptonAll Steps. WHAT A RUSH! 
27114.96 secondsVicente Lorenzo Cabahugi finally got a sub 15 single! with average of 5 20.51 seconds

got this one from cubemania
27214.97 secondsJesse Harpereverything went smooth.20070430
27314.98 secondsSimon LancasterA non-lucky time: all four corner/edge pairs to be inserted orientation "29" and permutation "F" on Jessica's page. 
27314.98 secondsPatrick KellyTimed on stackmat, did full Fridrich, F2L, OLL, PLL.20061220
27314.98 secondsAlexander YuF U R2 L U2 B2 U F L2 D F' U F R D2 L2 U F' U F D2 R' L2 D U is the scramble alg. Barely any delay in between steps :)20070816
27614.99 secondsChris SzlatenyiSuper fast solve including a quick 5 move non matching pair and an awesome 19 move LL--Not Lucky.20040729
27715.00 secondsBen Seversonsame time as my last fastest, but my last one had no pll, this one did. I'm shooting for an average of about 15, so this is a step in the right direction.20080505
27815 secondsRyan PatricioThis was not a lucky case. Lighthing fast F2L, but a realy slow LL.20050105
27815 secondsLouie Davidn/a20080322
27815 secondsBen HinrichsThis was crazy! I avg sub 30 so this was a really good solve for me. I saw the last algorithm before it happened so it was just a good solve. Previous record 19.20090214
28115.02 secondsScott Bellhttp://thesixfaces.wordpress.com20081012
28215.04 secondsClaes HedinX-cross, 'First' F2L was 3 moves, Multislotted the last 2 :), Forgot wich OLL though, finished with F-perm! :D20090214
28315.06 secondsGeorgina RobbinsYAY!! Yeah it wasnt lucky jst a good solve cos i used RU finger tricks alot.
i've nearly subed 20 avg!!
28415.14 secondsKevin Kapinosnon-lucky!20081130
28515.15 secondsDavid ShiCame with the 42 cube marathon.20081029
28615.21 secondsOtto von HellensReally smooth F2L and LL was just sune and U-perm. The cross was just a bit slow (3-4sec).20080701
28715.24 secondsNathaniel DaySub-20 Average soon!20050704
28715.24 secondsTodd BakerU' F2 R' L2 F D' L R' U2 L' D U2 L U2 L' U' L U' L' F U2 R' D2 R L
Easy X-cross + easy F2L. One of the shortest OLL's and U' Perm
28915.25 secondsBen MarxMy best non-lucky solve. Although I was lucky in that almost every step had an algorithm that I am very fast at.20060904
28915.25 secondsGrzegorz DzikieiwiczYeah
easy cross
F2l without regriping
OLL + PLL Quick )
anything lucky just no delays just smoothly
29115.30 secondsLeonardo TambelliniConsegui observar um par na hora que eu estava olhando a cruz OLL e PLL fáceis.
29215.33 secondsBĺrd Ove Hoel
its all there.
F2 L' U' D2 F' R D' F' R L2 D2 U2 L U' L' D B' U' L2 D' U' B2 U2 D L'
try this and get PB:D
29315.35 secondsCharles BouchartIt wasn't a lucky time (my best lucky is 13.97sec), just a perfect solve !! My site. 
29415.37 secondsKrishanu Roy SankarI've gotten many lucky 15s, and a couple non-lucky ones. This one was easy, efficient, and smooth. I decided to time a few solves with my watch at one point and got this. It was a while ago, so I'm not exactly sure how it went, but the F2L was done in few moves with easy situations, 2 edges to orient (i use petrus with fridrich LL), and LL was proably something like sune+L or sune+edge switcher or something along those lines like (doublesunedoublecornerswitchingalgorithm which I made up+edge switcher). (Lions)20050621
29515.41 secondsGilles van den PeereboomI had to do it twice to make sure I wasn't dreaming. :-)20050820
29515.41 secondsOuyang Yunqin/a20080930
29715.43 secondsMats ValkSorry Jacco20080312
29815.50 secondsJoseph LiaoNon-Lucky Case, Done in my 2nd sub-20 average, it was a 4 move cross (I think) and the 4 F2L's were the easier ones, a Fish Pattern, and a G Permutation~ My site. 
29815.50 secondsYunZhu LiNot lucky My Blog20080118
29815.50 secondsDaniel Siguero GarciaIt isn't a great thing, but I did it playing a Jnet with David Calvo. My previous record was 17.11 second. The record is skipping PLL.20080209
29815.50 secondsEdmond Limn/a20080816
30215.52 secondsTrevor HollandNot lucky, everything just lined up correctly and I was looking ahead quite a ways. 
30315.53 secondsEnrique Floreseverything went so good.. U' L' B' R' B L F' B2 U D B' D' F2 R' U2 R2 U' L2 D' F2 B2 D' B' F' D220080328
30415.55 secondsFelix KungScramble (White on top green on front): L' B R2 F R' F2 L2 R D2 U' R' D' U L R' B F2 D U L' R' D U' F2 U
Cross: x2 y F R' L' U B2 D2 (6)
I don't remember how I did the rest. . =D
30515.58 secondsYuzuru MishimaIt was a comfortable flow.My Website20070124
30615.60 secondsRyan UtterL2 R2 B2 D U2 L' B' R B' F L2 R' F2 U B2 R' B' F' U' L' R' D U2 B' F was the scramble.20080627
30715.61 secondsAdam WojtylaThis is a result for consolation because earlier I had LC sub11 without PLL:) I did this time on the GATO cube.20060513
30815.62 secondsRoss PalmerThough most of the moves that I performed were among my fastest, technically this was not a lucky time as I performed the extent of my solution method, skipping no steps. 
30915.64 secondsDavid EraniThis was right after a 46 second solve where i had to recall the N. Really easy five move extended cross. Two easy pairs then three moves for the last pair. 'The good L' and a right-handed G. Not lucky but way too easy. Still have two or three Lions to catch.20051029
30915.64 secondsBrian Nicole UyPhilippine Cubers Association20071215
31115.66 secondsFernando M. F. NogueiraFantastic solve, I was looking at the cube and planning moves 1 step ahead all the time, working hard to improve until november 2005.20041224
31215.67 secondsShuichi Katsumatasupper fast. well for me20060614
31315.70 secondsMike Boegemann/a20051009
31415.73 secondsSim Tae-YongIt's a lucky case20060904
31415.73 secondsMarco Hemkencheeah boiee!!20070616
31415.73 secondsJonathan AdlamJust a really perfect solve! Easy to solve cross some nice F2L cases one of my favourite OLL and then a T-Perm. Lovely feeling when it comes down. AVG at the time =about 23 seconds20080926
31715.75 secondsMichael AtkinsonMy best time using the Roux method, which is now my main speedsolving system. Started learning it about a month ago, and have dropped my average to 24.29 seconds so far.20050506
31815.80 secondsShelley ChangMy fastest non-lucky solve, done on my new stackmat.20070430
31915.83 secondsPhilip ThomasFastest video solve. [url][/url]20070530
32015.88 secondsBrian YuNon-lucky, Fridrich method20090308
32115.90 secondsJustin Ruebushn/a20060123
32215.91 secondsLoic CharpentierThis is my best time without lucky case.20050122
32315.95 secondsTimothy Hon/a20071019
32415.97 secondsJohn TranI have been working on this Rubik's Cubes for over 12 years now.20070307
32515.98 secondsYeom Seok HoonNo lucky case. 
32615.99 secondsPeter GreenwoodWell, these records arent lasting for more than a few days.
Part of my NEW avg. Maybe I'll get one of these at Rutgers? :)
[Team Epsilon] My Website
32615.99 secondsThomas ClementAlright sub 16. Ultra smooth solve FURU'R'F' OLL and T PLL. Sub 15 here I come.20080915
32816.00 secondsAntoine Simon-Chautemps:o)20070415
32916 secondsKumar DeepThis was a nearly perfect solution for me. I saw ahead on every f2l and had an 8-move orientation and 15 move perm. It felt really good! Not lucky. 
32916 secondsDave Orsern/a20020912
32916 secondsPatrick Brookern/a 
32916 secondsAngelo Talbann/a20080814
32916 secondsRupert Ledesmaspeedcubing20080814
33416.06 secondsAndrew Smithomg, this is a phenomenal time for me!20080502
33516.09 secondsMichiel van der BlonkFinally, one year later I took one second off.. Yeah! 
33616.12 secondsTravis WaddellThis was done after I lubricated my cube very well with silicon spray lubricant.20041227
33616.12 secondsTyler WilkinsonWow.20070503
33816.20 secondsGerard PaapuFaster than my fastest lucky solve. "Petrich" method
2x2x3 was insanely fast bad edges was normal F2L was normal
OLL was Evelyn PLL was Niklas + Sune
Fastest in NZ?
33916.23 secondsJonathan HenageThis time was not very lucky, but I don't think I could match it again. I usually solve it in 21-25 seconds. 
33916.23 secondsBrian EdwardsDid it at school. Used timer at I use my own custom method.Cross, F2L, Corners, Edges.20080411
34116.24 secondsPatrick LamUsed Netcube for this solve. First three pairs easy. Fast OLL and PLL. I average around 30 seconds so this is pretty good :) Hopefully I'll get a sub 20 average in the next few months.20051115
34216.25 secondsBenoît FontaineNon lucky ^^video20051121
34316.27 secondsMatt Wallisan/a20060123
34416.30 secondsKen Heiretn/a 
34516.31 secondsDavid SkolnikSub-17! Easy easy easy solve. Sweet.20060516
34516.31 secondsDaniel ChanThis was part of my 24 second average. I had gotten a 17 and 19 before in the same session and was freaking out. Then this 16 came and I just about defied gravity. Great F2L that lead into an OLL case that I knew(I learned everything except for 32 OLLs) which helped my time alot. Been cubing for a little over 3 months now and I'm happy with this. :)20070608
34716.34 secondsJeremy GurewitzIt took me 100 tries in a row using a random mixer but i did it unfortunately the lens cap was on my camera at the time so I do not have a video.20051225
34716.34 secondsNick Malosjust a smooth f2l and easy last layer20071031
34716.34 secondsDaniel HoskinVery good time, full step. It came out of nowhere.20090214
35016.38 secondsCory HarnishNew personal best non lucky case used f2l then 3 look last layer. now trying to learn olls so this could be my avg. 
35116.39 secondsKoen HeltzelWhile practising on-stage, the day before the European Rubiks Games Championships 2004. Non-lucky, just easy cases.20030822
35216.43 secondsWuqiong FanI'm not sure if I posted this already. I didn't expect the time to be this fast. But of course, I should really be averaging around this time if my F2L is more consistent.20080627
35316.44 secondsSteven ShawScramble:D R2 U' B' L B' R' F2 R2 U2 R L B R B U' L D' B R U2 R2 U' R2 F'
easy cross F2L. Full step.
35416.50 secondsCorey Dufordn/a 
35416.50 secondsCsaba Soósn/a20080926
35616.51 secondsChris Chann/a20070923
35716.52 secondsMartin Parnon lucky, t oll and j perm20080210
35816.53 secondsRichard Kimthis is my best recorded time that was not lucky20070819
35816.53 secondsAnker PeetThis is Gangsta!!20080304
36016.54 secondsWan NaszreenCross on the bottom: R' D F R' L'
F2L: the first 3 pairs were skipped..
VHF2L: R' F R F'
COLL: U2 R2 D R' U2 R D' R' U2 R'
PLL: M2 U M U2 M' U M2
36116.55 secondsPeck Ern-Wenn/a20090214
36216.56 secondsMikee Floresn/a20080717
36316.61 secondsYinJia QiuDid a great job looking ahead for the F2L, plus got easy OLL and PLL. Chinese Pride (DBHS). 
36416.62 secondsJon Santosnot a lucky case.20080417
36516.64 secondsJeff AndrewI havn't cubed since March 06. This was pretty unexpected.20060821
36616.65 secondsDavid AguilaAverage is in the low 20's but eventually hope it will be around here 15.xx as soon as I can get a 15 20070102
36716.67 secondsBarnabás Erdélyin/a20061215
36816.69 secondsRoger SolemaF2L was done fast (for my standards lol) and got the easiest LL possible lol ^_^!20070105
36916.70 secondsBrantley MillsThis solve was great. The F2L went very smooth and was probably under 10 seconds. The LL was just average.20061110
37016.71 secondsAdam Dargann/a20080101
37116.72 secondsRaul GarciaLooking ahead. (Jaspers). 
37116.72 secondsMáté MüllerIt wasn't lucky, just good.20070519
37316.73 secondsMichael Chungn/a20080104
37416.78 secondsCraig BouchardDid this on the bus to my Ski Trip.using partial corner control for OLL.Easy solve.very easy, not long after got a 17.50.20060213
37516.82 secondsThomas BischofDone at the Caltech Spring 2005 Competition Solution was 55 moves using full Fridrich, and not lucky, yet 3 seconds better than and time I've done before.20050416
37516.82 secondsCindy Transthis happened when i was all depressed in my room, too. i was totally surprised. nowadays, i can get sub-20's once in a while, but i'm still working on it to beat this record!! mwahaha.20071117
37716.86 secondsTim ReynoldsThree days ago I broke 20 seconds for the first sub-17! L B F' L F B L F R2 D' F L D' R2 B2 U' B F' D' F2 D2 B2 D U' R' double x-cross in 6 moves [y F' U' y F' U' R U' y2 F' R2], then 1 simple f2l pair and one not too-bad one, then easy oll and y-perm. Really easy solve, but done well.20060326
37716.86 secondsYu Yang HsiehUsed THE ULTIMATE RUBIK'S CUBE TIMER.20060803
37716.86 secondsGoh Jing Minn/a20080828
38016.87 secondsKai Xiangnice solve for me20080607
38116.88 secondsKyle Rinescramble:
38216.89 secondsAdam ZietaraNon-Lucky Case, very easy F2L, favorite OLL and PLL.20050204
38316.90 secondsDylan FryeHoly CRAP. This was so amazing I don't even know how it happened. My previous record was 20 seconds and I just got this amazing solve. I don't think I would say it was lucky just easy. I AM SO EXCITED!!20080721
38416.91 secondsJarek Nowickiwithout LC.20050624
38516.92 secondsJimmy CollNot lucky, it's very good for me.20060116
38616.94 secondsHeath LittonDon't know where that came from.not lucky..20031205
38616.94 secondsJosh RotholzThis solve really surprised me! I did it with my brand new DIY cube I got yesterday. It was weird, I was cubing and doing well, everything was normal, nothing lucky, then I hit my hands on the stackmat and the display reads 16.94! I figured it would be like 21 or so, but I was wrong! 20080207
38616.94 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20090308
38916.99 secondsErik JernqvistWell, since that 29.11 time has been here I while, I decided to post a better time, heck I avarage faster than that nowadays.20060212
38916.99 secondsAlan Nguyenwasnt really a lucky case. Just easy to execute an extended-cross for. but this is 4 seconds faster than my avg.20061122
39117 secondsDavid PagisMay the cube be with you. 
39117 secondsSuehiro KondoNot including lucky cases. Including lucky cases is 15 seconds. 
39117 secondsJustin ViningSlowly but surely!
My site.
39117 secondsChristine LaiIt was due to the pressure of a competition. No, not a cube competition.20050312
39117 secondsDennis BreukerThis was in 1982. I was then averaging about 23 sec. Currently (after over 20 years not cubing) my average is about 34 sec.1982
39617.04 secondsAlessandro FlatiOne of my best results.. not very lucky, simply all alghoritms that i love :D
P.s. I'm italian, sorry for my bad english ^^
39717.07 secondsDevin GordonReally good solve for me. Got it after coming home from a trip. I usually average around 25.20080814
39817.13 secondsGarrett DickersonThis was my fastest solve in my fastest average to date. Hopefully this time will go down once I learn more than 6 or 7 LL algs, hah.20070217
39917.14 secondsTy Fentonjust lucky, somehow i got away with out doing OLL..still, ive only been cubing for 3 months20070204
40017.21 secondsPeck Ern-Wein/a20081231