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Fused 2 Layer 3x3x3

Fused 2 Layer.JPG (17919 bytes)

Fused 2 Laye Scramble.JPG (16665 bytes)

After playing with it, I conclude that this is ideal to learn the F2L method principle. And a bit the principle of finger ticks because you can only use 2 layers per side.

So it is a nice beginners puzzle, there are three things you learn from this puzzle.

You must puzzle:
1) F2L principle
2) how to orientate the corners (using only R and U)
3) Do a 3 cylce of the edges

Note: the corners are always in the correct order if you have only one face left.

This is a fused 2 Layer 3x3x3 it is made of two 3x3x3 cubes

Fused 2 layer mod.JPG (24848 bytes)


Draw a circle of 35 mm, and remove the plastic by grinding with a grind stone

*NOTE* make sure the corner caps of the corners is in the inside. The side not holding the screw in the picture!

Fused 2 Layer Kernel.JPG (21492 bytes)

Get two little screw 10 mm to make the axle, you can also use the normal centers and clue them to the edges. But I like the possiblity to disassemble it.

Fused 2 layer axle parts .JPG (20016 bytes)

Fused 2 layer axle.JPG (13235 bytes)

This is just a firts trial, I make an other one soon ...


A nice variation is combine it with octagon parts (idea Max Wiz)

Fused 2 Layer truncated 1.JPG (22655 bytes)

Fused 2 Layer truncated 2.JPG (20697 bytes)


Skewboid (Fused 2 Layer)

Skewboid 1.JPG (20031 bytes)

Skewboid 2.JPG (16159 bytes)

I will build a Skewboid (named by Max) this is the fused 2 layer with Fischer cube pieces. The above picture is the basic idea. The blue center can not turn and wil be a large square.


I choice for this type a fixed clone arched kernel, this because this type of kernel does not need the centers with a spring, and for the fused kernel you wil have only   2 centers that have spring and function.

*NOTE* An arched clone kernel is not suitable for speedcubing

Because I did could not remove the springs, this was impossible in this kerne. The fused kernel is supported by a screw, this will hold the center horizontal.  So normally you would not need this screw support if you can remove the two springs.

Arched fixed kernel.JPG (31186 bytes)

This is the clue position place the edges to hold the center horizontal. I used a combination of putty, superclue and epoxy the clue the fused kernel in place. I used the putty to fill teh tiny caps between teh kernel and the edges, the epoxy to fix the centerof teh kernel and teh super clue to fix is all togehter.

Clue position.JPG (15286 bytes)

Kernel in place

Arched Kernel.JPG (25519 bytes)

New "corners" this is an edge and a center with an extension, build from an 45 degree part of an edge piece.

Corner piece.JPG (20123 bytes)

Center conrner piece.JPG (25428 bytes)