Siamese 3x3x3
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The Siamese 3x3x3

Siamese.JPG (7023 bytes)

The Siamese is easy to build. You need to make 1 middle connection piece and two corners connection pieces.

Material :

Two Rubiks Cube 3x3x3
Super Glue
Putty (for the corners)
Dremel Grinding Stone 8215 (for the edge)


From two edge pieces, saw the "L" from one edge and make two groves with a Grinding Stone on each side. The corner must fit in the grove.

Siamese_middle.JPG (18331 bytes)

Glue "L" to the edge, you may want to sand and polish the edges. But since it is in the inside it is not really needed.

Siamese_middle1.JPG (12858 bytes)


For the Siamese corner you need the two corner of each cube
Drill a hole in one corner and lift the cap with a screw driver

Corner drill.JPG (8835 bytes)

Saw from the other corner the section with the pin.
And remove 2 mm from the outside, you make the corner segement with a pin

Saw Corner.JPG (14863 bytes)

Corner sections 2.JPG (17253 bytes)Corner sections 1.JPG (14356 bytes)


Remove from the first corner a round section where the corner segment  will be placed
remove from the inside of the corner cubie a bit with a drill, in this spot the pin of the corner segment must fit

Corner Pieces.JPG (32026 bytes)Corner pieces 2.JPG (11499 bytes)

To make the corner section, use the siamese edge piece for fitting

Fit position.JPG (23517 bytes)

It should fit like this, this is also the glue position. Put some putty in the inside of the corner cubie, slide the corner segmemnt in place and use super glue to glue the parts together.

Hold and glue.JPG (21927 bytes)

The corner piece:

Corner.JPG (9230 bytes)


If you think this is to complicated, this was my first prototype corner.  I do not recommend this way to build, but as a start it will do, just saw two corners in half and glue them together

Old Corner.JPG (6422 bytes)


And well If size does matter, you can also build a siamese from the Gaint 3x3x3

SiameseGaint.JPG (26058 bytes)

A friend of my builded a keychain version:

SiameseKC#2.jpg (13786 bytes)SiameseKC.jpg (16116 bytes)

ChrisSiameseKC#3.jpg (11539 bytes)ChrisSiameseKC#4.jpg (14159 bytes)

The keychain was build by cutting the pieces that are used for the connections in halves
Glue the halves and fill the cracks with epoxy fix(black/grey colour)

Durasteel2.JPG (7433 bytes) epoxy fix

Siamese 2

An other nice version that my friend builded of a Siamese cube, can be made by just removing the cubies form one side from both 3x3 and fusing one side so that all other sides turn. My friend comment "not much of a mod but I just thought of that before I was going to throw the 2 worthless cubes away after some broken parts were found...hehe"]

Siamese Ver2.jpg (28647 bytes)

Remove two rows of each cube

Siamese 2 build.JPG (25984 bytes)

Remove the stickers at the side, glue the cubes only at the middle column, so the middle slice still rotates.
So just glue top to bottom of the rows and not the sides

Siamese 2.JPG (34279 bytes)

If you glue all sides , you will have a fused 2 layer type cube variation.

Triple Rubi-X

Full Triple X Rubi-X .JPG (41989 bytes)

Full Triple X Rubi-X  turns.JPG (6278 bytes)

This type has 4 connector pieces, the first version was build by Duane Cash, but it could not turn the middle slices, the later versions where build with slice moves. This puzzle needs 4 connector pieces this is my version of the connectors:


The puzzle has 4 the same connector like this:

Connector.JPG (8521 bytes)

Saw the "L" of an edge

S edge.JPG (6217 bytes)

Make two groves on the corner on both side with a Grinding Stone on each side. The corner must fit in the grove.

parts.JPG (7825 bytes)

Apply putty is needed on the "L" to fit, fit remove and let the putty dry, then apply super glue

part 3.JPG (13565 bytes)

You place the two connecter like this

part 2 .jpg (20670 bytes)


You can make a Siamese cube 2 like this, but this version has no real puzzle challenge since all slices can turn, you can use almost normal algorithms of the 3x3x3 to solve this one

Siamese Cube  2 Ton.jpg (26406 bytes)