Cube 46222
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46222 Rhomic Dodecahedron

This project is in concept design phase started 8 feb 2003

The 46222 Rhomic Dodecahedron (Cube 46222) is based on the ideas of Geert Hellings' 2x2x4 and 2x2x6 cuboid modifications the K-Ball KB32 from Sal Khoudary and the Rhomic Dodecahedron from Laurent.

The 46222 is a puzzle that has 4x6 center pieces and 8 corner pieces, the last behaves like a 2x2x2. I just named it Cube 46222 this since the core is a 4x4x4 Cube.

Cube 46222 concept

Cube46222.jpg (18517 bytes)Thanks to Max for the basic drawings

The thick black lines are the cutting lines that can rotate.


To build a 46222

Take a 4x4x4, I prefer a 1981 version because it has one center that can be remove via a screw

4x4x4_dis2.JPG (9660 bytes)


The first step is to build this core:

Cube 46222_core.jpg (18790 bytes)


That is build from these parts, the 4x6 centers and 8 corners

Cube 46222parts.JPG (25734 bytes)


Disasemble the 4x4x4 and bind four center pieces with a rubber band. Mark a circle and grind the pieces to a circle.


Cube 46222 Center.JPG (15093 bytes)

The bottom is grind flat to make rotation possible

Center modifcation2.JPG (8574 bytes)

Side view

Center modifcation3.JPG (15783 bytes)

The corner piece. Glue one 4x4x4 corner to three 4x4x4 edge pieces, sand down the top of the edge pieces to let the centers rotate

Cube 46222 Corner.JPG (7649 bytes)Cube 46222 Corner front.JPG (6800 bytes)


To be continued .....


The possible movements

Cube 46222 centers.JPG (14788 bytes)

Cube 46222 slice &center.JPG0005.JPG (12713 bytes)


Cube 46222 slice 1.JPG (13213 bytes) 


Solution Hints to the Cube 46222

*Puzzle Spoiler!!! Do not read if you want to figure it out your self else sellect text to read*

R   : = Right half 90 degrees ( clock wise)
r    := right center
R 2 := Right half 180 degrees
R-  := Right Half counter clock wise etc

So simple sollution is :

1) Solve the corners like a 2x2x2

2)  use  R- f R u R- f- R u-
     To put 1 center segment to a specific place in another center

3) use  R- f R u2 R- f- R f- R- f R u R- f- R u L- u2 L f u-   
To order the center segments in a center   

(or an other variation is
R- f- R f R- f- R f- R- f2 R u
R- f- R f R- f- R f- R- f2 R u2
this comparable  sequences are used on a Square1 a 2x2x3 , 2x2x4, 2x2x6 )