Siamese 4x4x4
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The Siamese 4x4x4

4x4x4_Siamese.JPG (9507 bytes)

The Siamese 4x4x4 is build from two 4x4x4 Rubik's Revenge (Master) Cubes.
Super Glue
Putty (for the corners)


You need to build two edge connection pieces, and optional two corner pieces. I recommend to use the connection corner pieces for stability.


*WARNING* be very careful when dissembling a 4x4x4. You can easily break a center piece. Up till now I have broken 8 center pieces. So unless you have spare parts be very careful.
Dissamble positon:

4x4x4_dis.JPG (4646 bytes)


The edge connecting piece is very simple saw two edge in half and glue.

4x4x4_Siamese_edge.JPG (21589 bytes)


The corner well .... I tell you later. I have to rebuild it to explain.... To be continued

4x4x4_Siamese_corner.JPG (23215 bytes)