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Dodecagonal Prism & Star Prism

Star.JPG (12939 bytes)Dodecagonal1.JPG (15581 bytes)


The Dodecagonal Prism and Star Prism are build from three Square-1 or Cube 21. I Used 3 Cube 21 Sliver Edition.


First you need to disassemble three Cube 21

Square1_dis.JPG (13656 bytes)Square1_dis2.JPG (13955 bytes)

Remove all center caps with a sharp Scalpel knife.


Square1_open.JPG (11087 bytes)Square1_lose.JPG (14127 bytes)

One one side you will see a screw, turn it lose, this puzzle will split in two.


Squar1_parts.JPG (28500 bytes)

You can make the rough prism like this:

prism.JPG (22583 bytes)


Dissamble the three cubes. Select all coner parts for the Dodecagonal Prism. And sellect all middle parts for the Star Prism


First make the Star Prism. Select the corners, cut down the middle part. let the corner overhang like this:

S1.JPG (20521 bytes)S21.JPG (14629 bytes)

No cut down the corner, do not cut exact on the mark, leave some room for corrections. You can not add! So saw the piece so that you can sand it to fit.

S2.JPG (18786 bytes)

Remove the cap

S3.JPG (12232 bytes)

Cut down a bit, you can also sand it to fit using sandpaper 60

S4.JPG (17671 bytes)


Make the middel part and cut the center cap. Please *note* that one edge on the cap is not a straight cut!
You can fill caps using the solder Iron method.

S6.JPG (13562 bytes)S61.JPG (15687 bytes)

Before glue the parts, sand down the pieces until they fit, you can use the other corners as guide.

S8.JPG (18232 bytes)

The new center part, now clue the parts *Warning* Do not glue the center parts piece where the screw is located! You must glue this piece as last!

S7.JPG (10130 bytes)

It fits!

S9.JPG (12974 bytes)


The next center part, build this until the last piece under the screw, You might need to fill the other center part with soem milliput. This since the screw must fit tight. Sticker all pieces, assemble the centerpart and glue the last piece. Done!

S10.JPG (15940 bytes)

Now make the Dodecagonal  Prism. Select the edges, cut down the middle part. let the edges overhang like this:

D1.JPG (22626 bytes)

Now cut down the center part, each segment is 13.5 mm. 

D2.JPG (13849 bytes)D3.JPG (8066 bytes)

Make from the center caps (they are 14mm width),  10 segements size 14 mm x 13.5 mm.

D4.JPG (10632 bytes)

Sand with sand paper 1200 the edges so that they are a bit round, *WARNING* Do not glue the segments on the halve where the screw goes in. You can finish the other part. When placing the segments sand to fitthe center part for each segment. I used the solder Iron method to fill gaps, you will only see the edge of the segments. So the part does not have to be perfect on the inside only the outside!

D5.JPG (17193 bytes)D6.JPG (9991 bytes)

D7.JPG (12304 bytes)

And apply the stickers!

Dodecagonal2.JPG (15952 bytes)