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The 2x2x4

2x2x4.JPG (16698 bytes)

This 2x2x4 was build from two 2x2x2 Rubik's Cube and 8 center pieces from a 4x4x4 revenge. I used a concept of Wayne Johnson (Twisty).


*NEW*Jake Rueth concept for a 2x2x4, you only need two 2x2x2 and a bit of milliput, see pictures in this article


Disassemble a Rubiks Cube 2x2x2

2x2x2_dis.JPG (14544 bytes)   Disasemble postion

  1. Take the right and the left corner
  2. Now Pull and turn with force but gently (torsion/twist movement)

 2x2x2_dis2.JPG (63452 bytes)       


2x2x2_parts.JPG (63944 bytes)                

To Assemable take the three different connection pieces and put them in one cubie,   all the odd shaped go in the inside. After this is put it back, the last piece you twist in place. You need a bit of force for this.


Jake Rueth concept for a 2x2x4

I modified this concept a bit
All you need for parts is two 2x2x2! 
Disassemble one 2x2 ,fill each of the 8 pieces with milliput and push an inside "slider track" in place

Corner 2x2x4 new.JPG (4530 bytes)

Sand down the edge of the corner piece, else truning will be very hard and sand down the inside tracks a bit for imperfections.

Corner_close.JPG (15703 bytes)

Next dissasemble the 2x2 and saw off the inward circle, and make grooves. You can use a grind stone to cut out the circle on opposite sides of the assembled 2x2x2 for the tracks

Center 2x2x4 new2.JPG (4061 bytes)

Assemble all pieces together

2x2x4 New Concept.JPG (19928 bytes)

The corner piece with the "slide track" and the center piece with the grooves. If you can build fast you can use Universal Permanent Repair (thats what I used) instead of Milliput this is a two compound epoxy, should be available in any hardware store. *NOTE* Use the amount for 1 piece at the time, this kind of epoxy is hard in 5 minutes!! The above result is 2 hours work, after this I need about 4 more hours to fit every piece exact in place, you can make little correction using the expoy. It is recommended to use a well played  2x2x2 for the center, if new you should "break it in" and just turn it for a couple of hours, or you can just adjust the inside tracks to fit.


Wayne Johnson (Twisty) Concept for a 2x2x4

2x2x4_parts.JPG (5859 bytes)


The edge is quite simple, bind the four edges together and drill a hole (9mm) in the middle, You can use a dremel grind stone 932 for this. Each edge has a quarter circle grove.
Make a horizontal grove, I used a dremel grind stone 8215 for this.

2x2x4_edge.JPG (23441 bytes)


Use a 4x4x4 Center piece to make a lip on the corner. Make the corner piece flat with a grind stone
Now make the other 2x2x2 part hollow and fill them with Milliput and push the flat corner piece in the milliput.

2x2x4_corner.JPG (18351 bytes)



2x2x4_scarm.JPG (11596 bytes)

A scrambled 2x2x4

2x2x4_vs_3x3x3.JPG (14209 bytes)

The 2x2x4 compared to a 3x3x3