4x4x4 Rhomic
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4x4x4 Rhomic Dodecahedron

4x4x4 Rhomic Dodecahedron.jpg (29050 bytes)

        Project started 16 feb 2003

This is a 4x4x4 in the form of a Rhomic Dodecahedron 12 regular sides), for this puzzle I choice to cut the corner and edges and make only a buildup on the centers. It is possible to build-up on a hole face, but than the puzzle would become very large.   This shape is easy to make, the cuts are at an angel of 45 degrees, and four faces connecting at there point form a square, so it has also 90 degree angles.


The edge parts, cut an edge in halve and fill the hole.

4x4x4 Rhomic edge.jpg (5527 bytes)

Cut the corner on each side 45 degrees

4x4x4 Rhomic corner 1.jpg (3908 bytes)      4x4x4 Rhomic corner 2.jpg (4546 bytes)    4x4x4 Rhomic corner 3.jpg (5296 bytes)

The edge and corner in rough form

4x4x4_Rough_form.jpg2.JPG (16781 bytes)


you need to fill the holes.  I use a low power solder iron (15Watt) and the spare plastic from the revenge. I use the solder iron to melt the plastic and fill the holes in the edges and corners.

Iron.JPG (4888 bytes)


I will build the build-up for the center from black milliput