Fused 4x4x4
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Fused 4x4x4 & Fused 3x4


Fused4x4x4.JPG (16413 bytes)


This fused 4x4x4 was build from two 4x4x4 revenge cubes, fused in the 4x4x4 kernel


I have to rebuild it to explain, but in short:
Disassemble a 4x4x4
From the core look for the part with three cut, this is a symmetrical piece.
Remove the cap
In the center of the core there is a screw, remove it
You now have two halves of the core
No saw the segment where you removed the cap from
assemble to core
You will have 1/4 removed from the core, you must remove the plastic in this hole.
In this hole, glue a 4x4x4 corner, use milliput to let it fit, use center parts to guide to the correct position


4x4x4_f1.JPG (5661 bytes) the fused 4x4x4 kernel 4x4x4_kernel.JPG (10009 bytes)


 Disassemble the 4x4x4 core, to be continued .. ..

4x4x4_core.JPG (17675 bytes)4x4x4_core2.JPG (14596 bytes)


This fused 3x4 was build from one 4x4x4 revenge cubes and a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube. You can build it the same but instead using a 4x4x4 corner, glue a 3x3x3 corner in the 4x4x4 kernel


fused3x4.JPG (23989 bytes)