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The 2x2x6

2x2x6.JPG (41876 bytes)

2x2x6_1.JPG (5673 bytes)2x2x6_2.JPG (6242 bytes)2x2x6_3.JPG (9279 bytes)

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The 2x2x6 in different states.  The 2x2x6 is invented and described by Geert Hellings. I used two 4x4x4 Rubik's Revenge (Master) cube for the parts.


Soldering Iron & filling caps

I did some experiment with a low power solder iron (15Watt) and plastic from a revenge. I filled the caps between the cubies of a 4x4x4. This might also work to build the wall cube. I use the solder iron to melt the plastic and fill the cap.

Iron.JPG (4888 bytes)

I used a spare part (of an other cube), melt it first and put it on top of the cap. You can use the solder iron to flat out and melt the plastic.

   *WARNING* DO NOT melt the existing plastic! Use only a LOW power Solder iron!
   Dissamble positon for a 4x4x4

 4x4x4_dis.JPG (4646 bytes)  

If you have an old type Ideal UK 1982 Revenge or 1982 Arxon Master Cube, they will have a screw under the blue logo sticker. So remove the sticker and remove the center and the cube can be disassembled without any problem.

4x4x4_dis2.JPG (9660 bytes)

This is the trick, the centers are used as axle off the 6th layer!

2x2x6_top2.JPG (38086 bytes)

Top layer pieces, build 7 Top pieces, for the 8th piece DO NOT glue the center on top. The last part will be completed when you assemble the puzzle. Select 1 corner cubie and 3 edge cubies, and saw the rims off   to make a cubie.  Glue the cubies together and fill the gaps and hole with plastic using the solder iron and the spare plastic.

2x2x6_top.JPG (49719 bytes)


Second layer pieces, make 7 second layer pieces, the 8th will be compleeted when you assemble the puzzle.  Select 1 corner cubie and 2 edge cubies. Glue the cubies together and fill the gaps. You need to flat the internal part to allow the centers (6th layer) to turn.

2x2x6_second.JPG (22830 bytes)2x2x6_middle2.JPG (12961 bytes)

Middle layer pieces, just build the eight pieces.To assemble this piece on the kernel you need to unsrcew two shells on the kernel.  Select 1 edge cubie and 2 center cubies. Glue the cubies together and fill the gaps.

2x2x6_middle.JPG (31757 bytes)

Assemble the cube,  make the last second layer piece on the assembled cube. *WARNING* after this you would not be able to disassemble the 2x2x6! Optional is not to build this piece.

2x2x6_last0.JPG (10220 bytes)


Assemble the last part, this is a little puzzle, position the "hole" at the front right,

  2X2X6_last!.JPG (6521 bytes) turn (B L)  to get 2X2X6_last!2.JPG (9100 bytes)

Now lift the center and glue the last part *WARNING* after this you would not be able to disassemble the 2x2x6! Optional is not to glue this piece, but to drill a hole and use a screw.

2x2x6_assemled.JPG (6976 bytes)