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The 3x3x5

3x3x5_top.JPG (11130 bytes)3x3x5_top3.JPG (11485 bytes)

3x3x5_corner.JPG (12446 bytes)3x3x5_top4.JPG (16571 bytes)


This project is in concept design phase. I used a new concept for a fully working 3x3x5 this design is based on fused parts of a square 1. You would need 1 3x3x3 as base and three 3x3x3 for the 18 cubies (corners only) and two Square 1. I still have to design the center piece.


3x3x5_part1.JPG (14160 bytes)3x3x5_part2.JPG (12468 bytes)

The Square one part is fused in a 3x3x3 edge and a new cubie, the conbination is a extra layer of a 3x3x3. so in total this should be good for a 3x3x5 design



3x3x5_top2.JPG (24892 bytes)

Top view egde with square 1 grove.


Edge parts 3x3x5, 2to make the inner edge piece saw from the square 1 corner the grove section.


3x3x5_e.JPG (11858 bytes)

And saw from a 3x3x3 edge just this section part, size of the section is 10 mm high, 8 mm width, from the front is 5 mm removed.

3x3x5_e2.JPG (12356 bytes)

3x3x5_edge.JPG (18583 bytes)


Corner parts I used a nail on the corner part, the plastic was to thin to hold.


3x3x5_cornerPart.JPG (20468 bytes)


The parts

3x3x5_parts.JPG (25604 bytes)


As soon as I know how I must build the piece, I will describe this process.



To be continued .....






Example of a 3x3x5 how it looks like, this one is an extended 3x3x5 that I build

3x3x5.JPG (8040 bytes)


An Extended 3x3x5 is easy to make a friend builded this version in 5 hours

Tweety 3x3x5 extension#2.jpg (15910 bytes)Tweety#3.jpg (15491 bytes)Tweety#4.jpg (13714 bytes)