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This puzzle was build form a keychain Rubik's cube as kernel and I used 3x3x3 cubies for the outside. The method is based on the method described on Tony Fisher's Cuboid 3x3x3 Transformations. I optimized the building method; I do not need to build special parts

What is different:

I used a keychain kernel and normal 3x3x3 Cubies for parts

2x2x3_kernel.JPG (7447 bytes)

The kernel is a 3x3x3 keychain, one corner is glued to the two edges and a center. This will make the 3x3x3 function as a 2x2x3. 8 edges are rounded to make it possible to turn, these are the top and bottom internal edges. The other 4 edges of the keychain kernel are used in the 2x2x3 Edge piece.

The corners of this 2x2x3 is a 3x3x3 corner filled first with a bit of tempex and than milliput, and fused with a 3x3x3 keychain corner.

2x2x3_corner.JPG (30262 bytes)


The edge of this 2x2x3 is a 3x3x3 edge with some iternal plastic removed and fused with a 3x3x3 keychain edge.

2x2x3_edge1.JPG (29659 bytes)2x2x3_edge2.JPG (25705 bytes)

Use some super glue to glue one corner to the two adjacent edges and the center.
To round the edges you can use a dremel precision drill with a grind stone to sand down to a round shape.
To make the curve in the corners, you can use a Dremel grind stone 8215.
Remove the plastic of the edges using a dremel 932 grind stone, you can use a Dremel grind stone 8215 to make the curve
You should fill all corner with the milliput at the same time and push the corner cubie on the a corner of the kernel. Optional you can use some tempex (used in packing material) to make the piece a bit lighter. Before the milliput dry do some test turns and remove milliput that purged out. After this put all pieces in place you can use tape to hold and put the pieces in the correct positions. The edge pieces will be put  in place and not filled with milliput. This can be done after the corners are dry.
Fill three edge with milliput and push it on a mini edge in krenel. Remove the piece and remove purged put milliput, put is back in place and use tape to hold and put the pieces in the correct positions
Make the last edge after the three edges are dry


The 2x2x3 compared to a 3x3x3

2x2x3_6.JPG (11756 bytes)