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Puzzle News

27 December Dror Vomberg builds a paper Rubik's Cube


18 October Dutch Science day with speedcubing and puzzle workhop I will be on a Dutch Science day, this science day is for children to see and play and learn all about sciene I will be there to give some puzzle explenations and do some speedcubing demo's

The following text is in Dutch  

Open dag Sciencepark Amsterdam

Zaterdag 18 oktober 2003

Maak kennis met wetenschap en techniek bij onderwijs- en onderzoeksinstellingen op Sciencepark Amsterdam: LEER, DOE EN BELEEF!

Adres: Kruislaan 300-419, Amsterdam

Tijd: 12.00-17.00 uur

Toegang: gratis

Openbaar vervoer: vanaf de NS-stations Muiderpoort en Amstel rijden van 11.45 tot 17.15 uur gratis bussen.

Eigen vervoer: gratis parkeren (zie routebeschrijving)

Informatie: 020 525 78 65 (Pascale Nukoop) of 020 525 78 67 (Sharon Sourbag)

Zie http://spa.fastxs.net/background.jsp?page=1179

11 Oct the Dutch Cube Day 2003 see also soon on www.speedcubing.com


28 Aug 2003 Ron Van Bruchem has a new average Record solving the 3x3x3 in 15.4 seconds see for more records  WWW.Speedcubing.com, my new avarage Record solving the 3x3x3 is 32.5, so Ron is about twice as fast!


24 Aug 2003 Dan Knights USA, he won the Rubik's Championship 2003 with an average time of 20.00 sec. Official fastest time was 16.53 by Jess Bonde. see more on WWW.Speedcubing.com


I am invited as a guest speaker at a puzzle Workshop on the Dutch Summer camp for young Mathematics (children 10 years and older) in the Netherlands. For this event I designed a puzzle easy to learn for children. 

Ik ben uitgenodigd als gast op de puzzel workshop op het zomerkamp Vierkant voor Wiskunde op 4 augustus 2003. De workshop over puzzels die door Wim Berkelmans georganiseerd is, voor deze gelegenheid heb ik een puzzel bedacht die makelijk te leren is voor kinderen.

Wayne Jonhson reveals his 6x6x6 mechanism  this is the fists solid proof of a working 6x6x6 see for picture on the twisty forum 


The 23rd annual Dutch Cube Day, organized by the Dutch Cubists Club (NKC), will be held on Saturday October 11, 2003 in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. Check out the pictures on www.speedcubing from last year's Cube Day. And the puzzles from last year


Some puzzle ideas and pictures and how I think it can be build


On a puzzle day held at 17 May 2003 Nijmegen from the Wiskunde Reunistenkring de WORTEL I had a puzzle Presentation 

On a big Cube Day in 2002 from CFF on 6 october in the Netherlands I met Tony Fisher. I consider myself a big fan of his creations. So I bought all the variatons he had.