Puzzle Day
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Wiskunde Reunistenkring de WORTEL



On a puzzle day held at 17 May Nijmegen from the Wiskunde Reunistenkring de WORTEL I was a guest speaker. Download my presenation here


I brought some samples from my collections

Marco van Eekelen one of the Rubik's cube pioneers in the Netherlands in 1981, also held a presentation, about his famous moments in 1981, like the Dutch Rubik's Cube contensts he won. He also wrote a scription during his study on solving the Halpern-Pyramid, he was very supprised to see this puzzle I build in my collection. He and a friend solved the puzzle on paper he did not know it was actually build.


And some of the people of the Reunistenkring

See for more pictures and a Dutch report of the day of this day by  Dieuwertjes Ewalts