Cube Day 2003
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23 Dutch Cube Day 11 October 2002

Again a big success for me as collector and speedcuber on the Duth Cube Day. 

This is what I got

For the speecubing part, we arranged a little Competition with 4 speedstack timers that was also used in the World championship 2003, Jaap was the referee and designed the scrambles for that day. I performed bad again, I did 34 seconds.  After the match I did 27.5 seconds... Still it is very hard to perform in a competition for me. It helps a bit to speedcube in public, I had trained Friday in the Airplane to The Netherlands. But a competition is an other excitement.

Me, Peter,Dan and Lars doing the speedcubing. Jaap was the referee

see for more picture on

I also met again Tony Fisher, he is bad for my wallet! I had to get all the different puzzles he made! He also gave me some photo's that I good share! 

This is a Photo from the production from a year! He took a month of from his work to do most of his creations. Some puzzles took him 50 hours to build. To me that is fast, but from the way he told it I got the idea that this is a long time for Tony. He uses the Eastsheen 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 to build these

All the puzzle of Tony Fisher are of high quality, have great vinyl stickers and turn excellent after lubrication with 100% silicone spray (not oil based). However, if you never lubricated a cube DO NOT lubricate the Fisher Puzzles, experiment on a normal cube first! They turn fine without lubrication but you might scratch the cubies when turning.

Puzzle Stability Puzzle challenge
2x2x4 a bit fragile when in non cubic form normal like a 2x2x2 + 2x2x3
2x3x4 a bit fragile when in non cubic form hard, it is a bit confusing
3x3x5 Very stable normal like a 3x3x3 with only U,D,R2,L2,F2,B2 moves
4x4x5 Stable very hard like a 4x4x4 with only U,u,D,d,R2,L2,F2,B2 moves + parity problems

2x2x4 67 mm x   67 mm x 135 mm
2x3x4 67 mm x 110 mm x 135 mm
3x3x4 65 mm x   65 mm x 89 mm
4x4x5 89 mm x   89 mm x 112 mm

The dimensions of the a regular 3x3x3 cube is 56 mm, a Eastheen 4x4x4 is 60 mm , a Eastheen 5x5x5 is 60 mm, a Eastheen min 2x2x is 24 mm

4x4x5 Tony Fisher 2003

This is the 4x4x5 Tony Fisher, it is a fully functional 4x4x5, the kernel is a 5x5x5 Eastsheen. 

My personal record to solve the 4x4x5 is 7:53.95.



This is some detail from the building states


3x3x4 Tony Fisher 2003

This is a this is a fully functional 3x3x4, the kernel is a 4x4x4 Eastsheen


2x3x4 Tony Fisher 2003

This is a this is a fully functional 2x3x4, the kernel is a 4x4x4 Eastsheen

2x2x4 Tony Fisher 2003

This is a this is a fully functional 2x2x4