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Speedcubing Method


Ron3x3x3_1648.JPG (8391 bytes)

Ron Van Bruchem mpeg 16.48 sec 

Ron van Bruchem, his is still in the process changing his method. I think he will manage an average of 15 sec. He is a potentional World Champion. I predicted a World Record at 12.5 seconds, but it is currently 12.11. 

I predict future record at 11 second, and even a 10 seconds lucky case is possible as Word Record.

Ron uses now a DIY Rubik's cube (the one with the arched center) prepared by me, see for tips how to make a 3x3x3 Speedcube Make Speedcube.                                                                      

Ron's old Method (my current method):

1) First white cross  bottom side                                           6.5 moves

2) First two layers                                                                26 moves

3) Orientation corners + edges top layers make it yellow          9 moves

4) position corners + edges top layer                                    11 moves

                                                                         average   52.5 moves

See for Ron methods: http://www.speedcubing.com

My old Method:

1) First White corners (hold at top side)

2) The White edges

3) The Middle edges ( turn the cube white face is bottom)

4) Position  Yellow Corners

5) Orientation Yellow  Corners

6) Position and orientation Yellow edges



Ton.JPG (4941 bytes)



Ton Dennenbroek old method mpeg 39 seconds


Ton Dennenbroek, that's me. This is my old method, 

I designed it 20 years ago with a good friend of my Rene Laterveer

                                                                                            Ton Dennenbroek new method 19.65 sec





Ton 19.56 from above 


When I up to speed I do the F2L in 12.5 seconds, my last layer PLL needs major improvement 



22 jan 2005















I changed my method  after 20 years and have an record average of 20.66 seconds. My current normal average is about 22.50 seconds. My fastest time to solve record (no lucky case) is 14.74 seconds. My Lucky time (PPL skip) is 13.30 sec.  My New Method is the old method of Ron 


My record average of 10 3x3x3 record is 20.66 sec





The is a graph of my progress from 15 may 2004  until 8 jan  2005. I know now about all the algorithms at speed. Since I do speedcubing I got 12.83 sec off my average.


History of speedcubing

Download The Ideal Rubik's Cube 1982/1983 New Letters :

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See  Jesse Bonde Speedcubing Video Site