Trade Items
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Trade Items

These are my trade items, the photos are the actual items.  I perfer to swap and not to sell. If you are interested me Email me. Look at the Wanted page for my wanted items.

Trade items updates 19 jan 2004

001  Bandlow Giant Magic Cube (Whan) 001 5x5x5 Eastheen 002 Rubik's Revenge UK Sealed 1981 003 Rubik's 06  Arxon 1980 004 Rubik's cube Ideal 1980 USA 005 Rubik's Studio cube 2000 006 Rubik's Cx4 Fourth dimension 1988 006 Rubik's Ideal 1980 (Arched center)
007 Rubik Kalender Kubus Arxon 1980 (Dutch Version Calender cube) 007 Rubik's 2001 Dutch Version 008 Rubik's 2003 Dutch Version 009 Rubik's Pocket Cube 1981 UK 010 Rubik's 2x2x2 in bag Oddzon 010 Rubik's Big pocket cube Tsukuda 011 2x2x2 (midsized) Eastsheen 012 Mini 2x2x2 Eastheen
013 Rubik's Cube White (restickerd) 014 Rubik's World (stand damaged on top) 015 Globe Puzzle +package 016 3x3x3 Ball 017 Cuboctahedron 018 Diamond cube 10-color 019 Diamond cube 3-color 020 Truncated Rhombic Dodecahedron
021 Octagon 021 Pillow (Flying Saucer) cube 022 Truncated Cube 023 3x3x3 Cube with rond stickers 024 Wonderfull Puzzler mini sealed 1980 025 Aggie Puzzle cube 3D maze puzzle 3x3x3 Tiled clone
3x3x3 Tiled clone Whizz kid 7 Color Rainbow cube 9 ball Alexander Star with Printed colors (no stickers) logo sticker missing Atomic Chaos Babylon Tower Brainbal black blue Brainball blue black
CCCP Bur (take appart) Chromo ball numbers Cube 21 Silver Edition Equator Puzzle  (UK version) Extended Cube Gaint tiled cube Giant Siamese Harts cube
Hungarian Rings K8 Ball Globe Lot 24 maze puzzles Magic  clone midsized Magic Globe Magic Jack Magic cube sealed Mefferts Callenge  keychain
Metalic cube Midsized white  cube with printed colors Missing Link clone (missing top cap) Pyraminx Puzzler Pyrmaninx Rubik's Clock Rubik's Dice Rubik's Fithteen
Rubik's Games Rubik's Magic Rubik's Mising link (missing top cap) Rubik's Star Wars 2x2x2'(Kellogg) Rubik's game Saturn Skewb Skewb keychain meffert
The Star 1974sealed (take a part Puzzle) Torment 1974 sealed (take a part puzzle) Trade Whip it six Trio Very small take apart keychain ball Virus Slide puzzle(15 puzzle) Wisdom Ball chormo ball letters

Bandelow Giant Magic Cube (Wahn 5x5x5) 1983
Rubik's 4x4x4 Revenge Ideal UK 1982, mint sealed
Rubik's 3x3x3 Ideal 1980, mint sealed
Rubik's 3x3x3 Hungary 2002 (Oddzon type) new in packing
Rubik's Super 2x2x2 (5,7 cm) Tsukuda 2002 new in packing
Rubik's 2x2x2 Odzzon in bag
Rubik's 2x2x2 Pocket cube UK 1980
Rubik's 3x3x3 Hungary Rubiks Studio version in blue box
Rubik's 3x3x3 Arxon
Rubik's 3x3x3 Matchbox 4Th Dimension 1988
Rubik's Ideal 1980 (Arched Center)
Rubik's Dice
Rubik's Magic
Rubik's Clock
Rubik's World (stand damaged on top)
Rubik's Game Ideal (Deluxe type cube with tiles)

Magic Octahedron
Globe Puzzle
Diamond Cube 10 Color
Diamond Cube 3 Color
Truncated Rhombic Dodecahedron
Pillow (Flying Saucer) cube
Truncated Cube
Extended Cube
Equator Puzzle (UK version)
Magic Globe
K8 Ball Globe
Chromo Ball Letters
Chromo Ball Numbers
Saturn Puzzle
Magic Jack (3D slide puzzle)
Aggie Puzzle cube
3x3x3 With Round stickers
Alexander Star with Printed colors (no stickers) logo sticker missing
Atomic chaos(from the '80th)
3x3x3 Middsized (5cm) with printed cricles! (from the '80th)
Wonderfull Puzzler 3x3x3 small size (3,7cm) sealed in plastic case (from the '80th)
Wonderfull Puzzler 3x3x3 small size (3,7cm) sealed in plastic case (from the '80th)
Mini 5x5x5 East Sheen
Midsize 2x2x2 East Sheen
Rubiks's Games CD-ROM
Keychain skewb ball meffert
7 color Rainbow Cube
Virus slide puzzle