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The Rubik Studio cubes are produced under the control of Rubik's Studio Hungary, the firm owned by Erno Rubik, this new cube (2004 version) has 1980 type logo the straight logo color scheme is 'BOY'', one corner is "Blue,Orange,Yellow (clockwise) and White opposite Yellow, Green opposite Blue, Red opposite. The Orange face is the old style bright orange, and are all strong vinyl stickers. The centers are fixed with a screw, so you can tune the tension! NOTE For speedcubing you might want to adjust the screw tension yourself!

Please note Although it is a know problem for the screw type 3x3x3 cube, the center may come of while doing speedcubig. This is caused because the screw does not fit perfectly in the kernel, but it can easily be resolved with some glue, please look at my trouble shooting guide how to repair this. 

The plastic is suitable for lubrication for speedcubing with silicon spray.

Rubik Studio 2004

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