Dror's paper cube
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Paper Rubik's Cube

Dror Vomberg made a pure paper cube fully functional PAPER Rubik's cube, although it is not the first twisty puzzle build from paper a cardbox Dino cube by Robert Webb was the first paper twisty puzzle I know. But a fully working paper Rubik's Cube is quite unique. Dror is a specialist in blindfolded solving the 3x3x3, 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 Rubik's cube, and he combined his hobby Rubik's cube and paper sculpturing to make this fully functional PAPER Rubik's cube.


All the pieces and a normal Rubik's Cube so you can compare its size.

The edge and the corner piece

The Kernel

And it works! It turns pretty good considering it is a paper cube.

This is the black version and the paper Deluxe version from Dror

Dror VomBerg finished a black version of the paper Rubik's Cube.  See how the paper cube moves! Click on the picture to see it moves!

Dror turning the paper cube (AVI 2.6 MB)


Dror wrote:

"It took me about 3 days to plan & draw because I didn't have a lot of free time. For the drawing I used the Rhino3D software because there is a nice option in there for printing 1:1 from the view you are using. I just measured the length of the pieces from my Studio cube (that you sold me). I printed it on a white cardboard paper and started the actual building. I started the building on Tuesday evening and throughout all of Wednesday (from 8 am till 12 pm). And completed it on Friday. The thing is, it's made out of paper, so I can't turn it a lot of times because it will ware out soon. I thought about using an original cube stickers but I don't have any. I also want to make it on a black cardboard paper so it will look more authentic, with the stickers"

Dror can make the paper cubes on request, black or also combined colors and even paper texture for each side.  So each corner piece will be made from three different papers and each edge piece will be made from two different papers, or anything in that line. Dror is also planning a 2x2x2 paper version!

Dror Vomberg at: vomberg@SPEEDCUBINGhafetz.co.il   (remove the word speedcubing)