4x4x4 Cube
1-200, 201-400, 401-600
4019 minutes 11.63 secondsRyan MahMy friends are amazed at me for solving this so fast. 
4029 minutes 34 secondsNick Malosthis is without any parity error, first time i've actually solved it. 20071031
4039 minutes 53 secondsYouyang GuThese cubes are kind of hard to turn.
40410 minutesWiktoria ZborowskaFirst solve, without any kind of help :) Wiktoria from Poland. 
40510 minutes 30 secondsCorentin GrellierLa seule fois où j'ai réussi à terminer totalement la dernière couronne de ce cube. 
40611 minutes 25.99 secondsRafael Algarinn/a20040429
40711 minutes 34 secondsDoug SchwindtThis was my first time timing myself on the 4x4x4. got really unlucky20070529
40812 minutes 37 secondsBen Rohrigi got this a week ago and i have improved and almost memorized all of the moves to it happy cubing everyone!!!!!!!!20060714
40912 minutes 45 secondsPete WojciechowskiJust learned it today. Southeast 4th floor Owen Rules! 
41012 minutes 48 secondsSimon MacFarlaneI've had my 4x4 for over a year now, but never solved it (I messed with it a few times, and then didn't have the patience). A few days ago my brother was over and challenged me to solve it. So I sat down, and did. I'll have to admit I was quite excited. Bring on the PROFESSOR!20070502
41012 minutes 48 secondsBryan TanFinally!20080523
41213 minutes 9 secondsEric HermanI did it!20070430
41313 minutes 54 secondsJori Cazilhacn/a20050327
41415 minutes 50 secondsAlasdair MacBeanI start with the 4x4x4 so i can give up if the last layer has one edge piece wrongly oriented. I really should learn that algorythm but lack the motivation. Then i do the 2 then 3 then 5.20070105
41545 minutesJon RogersMY FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!!! I will not post another time until I get some thing worth posting =)20061225
4161 hourSiu King HayIt's difficult!!!!20080126
4171 hour 10 minutesTyler GangwereTough, very tough,took me 2 weeks to master it.20071107
4181 hour 15 minutesJoris PatroonsThis is the time between the first time I ever saw a real Master Cube and solving it. Since I didn't have any "fixing moves" yet I had to scramble it all over a few times.