4x4x4 Cube
1-200, 201-400, 401-600
138.14 secondsMichal HalczukI got no idea what did just happen. Only thing i know centers in 8 secs. No lucky case; No Martini.20090214
239.54 secondsPiotr KózkaReduction in about 24 seconds 3x3x3 in 15s.
No parity just very fluent solve with no delays.
Part of my new PB avg of 55 seconds.
339.91 secondsMarc van BeestYay sub 40! No delays at all. Centers + edges in 21 sec!! no parity. I hope to get this in a competition sometime -)
Anyway I had a great time with Ron, Erik , Rama etc, etc, etc at the Dutch Nationals :D
440.36 secondsAdam Polkowskireduction 23s. No parrity but permutation N:/
Regards for Piotr
541.26 secondsHiroyuki TakeVideo is here20080926
641.80 secondsPatrick JamesonPerfect solve. Anti-sune oll and pll parity pll. Got to LL at ~37. :D :D20081123
742.57 secondsMilán BaticzI had PLL parity.
Used Stefan's method to solve center pieces.
Practise, practise, practise...
842.99 secondsErik AkkersdijkDidn't remember what the exact time was so made it .9920071012
943.25 secondsJason BaumThis solve felt nearly perfect.20090201
1043.80 secondsDurben Virtuciou2 F2 D2 U' B' U2 R u2 R B' F2 U L' F2 D u2 U L2 R f2 L2 r2 R D u2 L' r2 R f D' U2 R2 D2 U' r2 f' F r2 F' r2
Centers 7 seconds Edges: 19 seconds 3x3x3: 17 seconds No Parities!
1144.65 secondsHsuan ChangMy new PB :)20081123
1244.67 secondsMichael GottliebPretty good solve, fast centers/edges, and I used partial PLL control to end up with just PLL parity after OLL.20090308
1344.75 secondsBertalan BodorEasy 3x3 part, no parity.20081021
1445.93 secondsPhil ThomasHere's the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8MJJy8zU_Y
10-18-18 splits
At US Open 2008 I had a 41.25 OLL skip solve on Arnaud's nice texture tiled smooth ES. it was lucky but it would've been my best anyways
1546.43 secondsRon van BruchemPerfect solve for me. Practicing for Belgian Open 2007.20070218
1646.91 secondsFeliks ZemdegsBlack Mefferts 4x4. I will go faster.20090308
1747.24 secondsPer Kristen FredlundPart of my new pb average. This solve was darn near perfect :D No mistakes, no missed opportunities, no hard cases. It feels so easy when supersmooth solves like this come up :-)20060916
1847.45 secondsGunnar KrigDone on a quite loose ES4x4, so I have the potential to do better.20090201
1947.86 secondsDerrick EideWooooooooooooow!
Done on my ONLY and HORRIBLE 4x4! seriously it locks up like every turn and pops a LOT so its CRAZY I got my PB with this thing! Yeah! :)
2048.34 secondsMichael FungTimed with a stackmat. I used a Studio 4x4x4. I had a PLL-parity, but no PLL.20061101
2148.80 secondsJean Ponsedges+centers in 25s !20061016
2249.02 secondsJack MoseleyReduction was probably around 27-28 seconds. That solve was just incredible. I kind of messed up the PLL, or it could have been around 47.20080801
2349.28 secondsBernett OrlandoMy cube is in good shape. My mind is fresh after Japan Open 2007. I wish this is my time in world cup 2007.20070806
2449.74 secondsYuki HayashiThis record is my second sub50. sub50 will become ordinary record sooner or later.20050908
2551.05 secondsDan HarrisWhile training with Lars Vandenbergh at his place in Belgium. Roll on the WC!20070930
2651.12 secondsThom Barlowgot a new cube :)20081231
2751.66 secondsShotaro MakisumiNo parity. I'm nearly at sub-70 average!20051231
2852.42 secondsLevi ReicheltEpic20090308
2952.45 secondsLucas GarronTightened my Eastsheen by sanding. This was about the third solve, immediately before it started getting worse again.20080408
3052.64 secondsOlivier GaucherI did the centers in about 13 seconds. Then pairing-up the edges was very easy. Finally I did the 3x3x3 with a cross in 4 moves, the 2 first pairs in 3 moves, the orient in 6 and a R. The new cube works pretty good (PS:No parity problem helps a lot).20040704
3153.06 secondsMatt Walter4x4 cubing is becoming more of a sprint solve with minimal delays.20061102
3254.38 secondsDan CohenWow. broke it again. 29s reduction with no parities. Still an 8s LL though.20080325
3354.49 secondsTatsuya OokuboOLL parity..20061104
3455.15 secondsLars Vandenbergh.and it felt good.20051211
3555.37 secondsRavi FernandoAfter getting three sub-62s in two days, I finally broke a minute! It wasn't lucky, but the edges (I solve centers first and pair two dedges at a time) were pretty easy. [Team Epsilon]20071116
3656.01 secondsOuyang Yunqi30 to reduce, too slow 3x3 phase.20090214
3756.33 secondsWillie SiauAMAZING!
easy centers, okay edges, okay 3x3.
3856.38 secondsAndrzej KastelikCenters in sub-10 easy pairing ended at 35.xx and easy 3x3x3 part. Just a good solve20090201
3956.69 secondsMoritz Karlsub1 yes!!!!20090201
4056.72 secondsToshihiro Oonon/a20070218
4156.85 secondsFrank MorrisSet during Caltech Winter 2006.20060114
4256.96 secondsStefan PochmannExtremely easy 3x3 part.20070529
4356.98 secondsJak SonesFinally!! Sub minute!!!20080714
4457.20 secondsJosh BergFINALLY!! with my crap retooled 4x4, its the only one working and i just went for a go. i average 1:25 with it, but 30 second centers, smooth f2l , and just one parity.20080423
4557.27 secondsJ.B. CańaresFinally, first sub60. I got to make more of these. www.philippinecubersassociation.org20080926
4657.71 secondsAndy TsaoDone at Berkeley Fall 200720071123
4758.23 secondsTobias DaneelsThis was only my second sub-one minute solve.20090201
4858.59 secondsVille SeppänenDone in Swedish Cube Day, thanks to Joey for borrowing his non-suckey cube. :P my only sub-120081213
4958.72 secondsEmile CompionMy first sub-1! Right after getting a 1:02 I told myself that I was going to sub-1 on the next solve. No parities.20090308
5059.28 secondsJoël van NoortMy first sub1 minute time! This one was very fluent.. :)20061025
5159.69 secondsKoen HeltzelFirst sub-60. Finding the edges went smooth and so did the 3x3 :)20051005
521 minute 2.39 secondsJunko OotsuI continue practicing it.
I become faster and show it!
531 minute 4 secondsPedro SantosDid this while timing the separate steps. Centers was 15, edges 24 and 3x3x3 part (no parities) was 25 seconds. :)
Now I have no clue on how to go sub-60
541 minute 4.55 secondsGriffin KinleyMy best non-lucky solve20090214
551 minute 4.78 secondsAndrew KangYay.20060821
561 minute 4.91 secondsDavid WesleyNon-lucky but a very smooth solve. The third step (solving as a normal cube) went fast. 
571 minute 5 secondsPeter CayerJust messing around with it, solved the centers and edges in about 30 seconds.20080206
581 minute 5.31 secondsAnssi Vanhalahehehhe20070304
591 minute 5.78 secondsCharles BouchartNo parity problem. It wasn't lucky at all, I was even surprise when I saw my record. I just perfectly paired up the edges. I use my own method for this, quite easy one. www.bikskru.fr.st20050504
601 minute 5.87 secondsOlivér PergeNo pll but a pll parity. Fast edges and centers. Hope for a sub-1 someday.
De base fils!!
611 minute 6.21 secondsAlex Baileyfinally sub 1:10!
no parity :)
621 minute 7.77 secondsTon DennenbroekNice try to get my average at 1:15 . still at 1:26 of520080814
631 minute 8.53 secondsClément GalletArgh !! This solve was with the orient parity problem. No time left on the edges helps a lot !20060305
641 minute 8.83 secondsClaes HedinStill got stuck here and there. Can do better but still an big improvement! D20090308
651 minute 9.09 secondsFrederick Badien/a 
661 minute 9.19 secondsJohannes LaireI dunno why it was that fast.20061108
671 minute 11.13 secondsKyle AllaireI am cute. 
681 minute 12.50 secondsJon MorrisThis was my first solve of the 2005 World Championships.20051120
691 minute 12.57 secondsSinpei Araki:D20070104
701 minute 12.66 secondsAndrew Smithfirst sub 1:1520090214
711 minute 13.25 secondsMike BennettEdges first. Just a normal solve with good look ahead, neither parity, and an easy optimization I found for the centers at the end.20051113
721 minute 14.32 secondsCamden Dwellebetter than last time20070531
731 minute 14.78 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20090308
741 minute 14.86 secondsBrian Nicole UyToo busy to cube now as in I cube only once a week.
Philippine Cubers Association
751 minute 14.98 secondsRama TemminkI wanted to film an sub 1:20 solve, 1:15 is even better!
My Youtube acount: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=redSuikoden
761 minute 15.03 secondsSteve Blomquistmy fastest yet hope to break a minute but highly unlikely for me20071030
771 minute 15.36 secondsJoshua Lin/a20070822
781 minute 15.46 secondsHadley Sheffield:D20090308
791 minute 15.58 secondsJohan Hillerströmeverything went really smooth :P20070125
801 minute 15.80 secondsKĺre KrigI had another solve 1s faster but with a 2s penalty.20070509
811 minute 16.24 secondsBartosz BieleckiJust.fast solve! )20070209
821 minute 18.00 secondsRoland KovácsOLL parity20081002
831 minute 18.59 secondsDoug LiThis was a strange time for me to get. I didn't skip any step either. The times around it were .2:00.01, 1:44.31 1:42.96, [1:18.59], 1:43.81, 1:44.00, 1:39.18, 1:41.81, 1:54.55, I:58.37, 2:04.39, 2:27.71, 2:01.29, . So this time seems very out of place. My previous PB was 1:21.78 and done back in August.20070209
841 minute 18.78 secondsRyosuke Higon/a20070417
851 minute 18.85 secondsThomas WatiotienneIt was a cube without parities. But very smooth20070324
861 minute 19 secondsMasayuki Akimoton/a 
871 minute 19.30 secondsTim SunI wish Stefan's Centers and Six-Pair methods are always this easy. :D20060726
881 minute 19.56 secondsAnthony BenisA very good solve for me with edges done at around 45 seconds. I even had an orientation parity, it would have been amazing if I didn't!20071015
891 minute 19.83 secondsParker Gaitleymoving on up. my first time under 1:20 my next goal is to average this.20051118
901 minute 20.66 secondsBob BurtonI finally got a solve without parities! Visit my site.20070602
911 minute 20.97 secondsMichael SwanA little while ago I started using a different method. I made up the steps, but I found out that somebody else made the method before I had. I do the same steps as him, in a different way. Anyway, I am getting better, and I really like direct solving methods. Hopefully I can sub-1:10 soon.20081219
921 minute 21 secondsWill Klauslerout of nowhere! I was doing an average of 5 (1:35.2) in the bus home from school and was getting 1:45, 1:43, 1:35, 1:32 and got 1:21 out of nowhere. Everything went fast.20081213
931 minute 21.08 secondsAlan TanXP Wow. This was. Interesting least to say. Second solve after a month of non-4x4. Dedge pairing was super smooth but only by two-pair. no chaining >.< Regardless. A really good time for me!20081021
941 minute 22.00 secondsTyler Albrightno parity. part of my 1:42.00 avg. heh.20081026
951 minute 23.10 secondsOliver WolffThe cube I bought at GCD allows better times.20050531
961 minute 23.27 secondsThomas StadlerMy very special "4x4 stadler method" (4x4 Roux-style)
You will find on my web-site:
Speedcubing Schweiz
(description in german/english)
971 minute 23.30 secondsDuane CallThis was just a very smooth solve with no parities. My first sub-90!20051024
981 minute 23.41 secondsFrançois CourtčsNew PB, done with my new white Meffert :-)20081213
991 minute 23.83 secondsDoug Reed20041107
1001 minute 24.00 secondsJon Choid' B U2 b2 F L R2 D2 U2 B2 D2 U L' r2 b2 u' l B' b l r2 R d' b f2 F l B' b R b2 f2 D' L' B l r' U2 b' d' Wow, perfectly on the second. No parities.20070530
1011 minute 24 secondsDan KnightsCan still go faster. 
1021 minute 24.89 secondsMartin ZahradníkGood! :-)20070503
1031 minute 25.17 secondsHenrik Buus AagaardOnly beat my old record by one second but okay a record is a record.20070405
1041 minute 23.85 secondsClaes HedinI'm so bad at 4x20090214
1051 minute 25.30 secondsShiQi Pengn/a20080830
1061 minute 25.80 secondsEdouard ChambonNo parity problem. It's just the beginning.20050529
1071 minute 26.45 secondsRyota Nakaharan/a20060426
1081 minute 26.78 secondsNicholas Hothis was weird. i didn't do my normal way which was yellow+white centres + corners + top and bottom layer middle edges last centres. i did the white and yellow centres and white face instead of corners first. i never really play 4x4 and this is my first sub 2 minutes.beating my record by like 37 seconds (:20080224
1091 minute 27 secondsEric Hatchmy averages are usually around 1:40 but this solve was just perfect. i even had an edge flip parity. next stop sub 1:2020060306
1101 minute 27.92 secondsGiulio ChiminelliNo parity problems.20060424
1111 minute 28.54 secondsJames Wrightgo east sheen20080206
1121 minute 29 secondsAntoine Simon-Chautemps:o)20080331
1131 minute 29.85 secondsYi RenMake a center uses 19 seconds20090214
1141 minute 30.42 secondsJason Kovacic4x3x1 Block, 5 centers, 9 pairs, Opposite 4x3x1 Block, CLL, Last 6 edges. R r U moves for the whole solve.20060503
1151 minute 32.03 secondsPeck-Ern Minn/a20090201
1161 minute 32.10 secondsGrant TregayBased on my times at the World Championship, I figured my average was out of date. This was the fastest time while taking a new average.20030828
1171 minute 33.04 secondsTim ReynoldsWow! Not sure about centers, but edges were paired after 47 seconds. By my third or fourth edge pairing, I knew this would be a personal best. Previous best time (12 solves earlier) 1:43.29.20061010
1181 minute 33.28 secondsJohn PhungCould've been faster. 20070929
1191 minute 34 secondsJens GuertlerWOW! that was amazing. solved using "standard" moves. like those in the booklet. still can't believe it. wasn't a lucky solve!20050420
1201 minute 34.05 secondsTrevor DavilaOh yeah. Just got my 4x4x4 yesterday.
1211 minute 34.81 secondsChristopher FosterVery good for me. Done on my new Rubik's Brand that I got for Christmas. Thanks for the cube grandma!20080111
1221 minute 35 secondsTyler WilkinsonNo Parity.20070430
1231 minute 35.31 secondsKenneth GustavssonDirect solving. All steps was done including a parity in the last.20080915
1241 minute 35.50 secondsArthur AdamsEverything seemed to fall into place. ha ha ha my master plan is working. P20081116
1251 minute 35.54 secondsScott JacobusI timed this on my phone.20080915
1261 minute 36 secondsBrian Macutayawesome
1271 minute 36.01 secondsThomas ClementDone at Maths Camp. I know, I said it.20070121
1281 minute 36.42 secondsAlex KumakiI need an Eastsheen.20081213
1291 minute 37.06 secondsDavid EraniThanks to Chris Hardwick for the trick with looking at the back of the cube during pairing. Its so simple and yet it helps alot. Done as part of a 2:02 average of six. When i have time ill finish the average so its out of 12. Im owning all the lions on the four by four. Someone from HM has to pick up the pace. Wheres Mr. Winokur? Nate? Sub 1:30 is next. (Lions)20050418
1301 minute 37.66 secondsCraig BouchardAfter seeing Frank's video I was inspired and I am now practicing Big Cubes again.20060317
1311 minute 38.02 secondsMatthew MillardFinally sub 1:50!20080927
1321 minute 38.05 secondsFrancis GagnonFirst time breaking the 1:40.00 mark. No steps skipped. Very exciting for me even if some do it much quicker. 
1331 minute 39.09 secondsDakota Harrishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrWlWxE3ASU20080519
1341 minute 39.55 secondsJim AgiéA smooth non-lucky solve, but i need to improve my speed for moves.20050103
1351 minute 41.00 secondsSiegfried Alexander Benthienthis is not my maximum
but i do not like this eastsheen 4x4. i think sub 80 secs is easily possible
1361 minute 42 secondsYodvarit Prukthichaipatn/a20080408
1371 minute 42.39 secondsAndrew Gowdyn/a20071012
1381 minute 42.55 secondsDavid Bergmann/a20060113
1391 minute 42.73 secondsBrad DavisI use ES 4x4 which tends to lock up on me. I still use layer by layer method to finish the 3x3 portion.20080707
1401 minute 42.80 secondsJuan Manuel Grados LuyandoPll parity20090201
1411 minute 43.54 secondsNikko Decembranojust my luck20080227
1421 minute 44 secondsMichael AtkinsonRecently started doing the 4x4x4 more often. Broke 2 minutes yesterday for the first time yesterday, and then set this time today. 
1431 minute 44.14 secondsSean ConnollyThis was an amazing solve. I had the centres done in about 20 seconds the edges were paired in under 1:15 had a fairly good F2L and easy VH cross (no parities either) swapped 2 diagonal LL corners and a 3 cycle to finish! Another 12 seconds off my previous submitted record and only my second solve under 2 minutes though I am practising the 4x4x4 more these days!
Cosine-Systems Website
1441 minute 44.68 secondsRon Herbert DunphyToday's the day the jenny bears have their piiiicnic.20070918
1451 minute 44.79 secondsMikael NybergHad a very good start and no parity errors helped alot. Now I was able to look ahead at all times.20050522
1461 minute 45.41 secondsCristiano Alban/a20061106
1471 minute 45.56 secondsJoël HeymbeeckBoth parities :) Edges were very very fluid, no delay between each edges pairing and good 3x3x solve.20060805
1481 minute 46.14 secondsDylan Fryewoohoo20081012
1491 minute 47.03 secondsMinh PhanFor you, Thomas Clement! XD
(not a lucky time)
1501 minute 47.36 secondsGuillaume MeunierIt's just a good solve for me but I work hard for break 2 min for each cube !!20050729
1501 minute 47.36 secondsMartijn Bakkerwell sub 1:30 would be nice.20081116
1521 minute 47.58 secondsBen SeversonJust beat my last run.20080430
1531 minute 47.82 secondsBertrand BordageUsing my system to solve big cubes. Not including lucky cases.20050212
1541 minute 48 secondsMike Kotchas a part of a 2x2-5x5 relay, so give or take a few seconds, not sure of exact time20081219
1551 minute 48.31 secondsAxel Thurno delays at the edges, super fast centers, dopple parity 20080701
1561 minute 48.43 secondsDavid AguilaGot an Eastsheen and my times have dropped by almost 30 sec. 20070305
1571 minute 49.45 secondsJoshua Woelmereasy centers, quick tredges, no parity
good solve over-all
1581 minute 50.66 secondsSebastian ProostFirst sub 2 minutes solve. Need more practice with the edges. Visit my site for some movies of me solving the cube.20070423
1591 minute 51.68 secondsTommy Gustavssonn/a20081127
1601 minute 51.78 secondsPablo Ruiz Camposn/a20090201
1611 minute 51.87 secondsJon Santosgoin for 1:3020080417
1621 minute 51.95 secondsTakafumi HasedaI can solve it much faster.maybe.20061019
1631 minute 52.14 secondsTristan WrightSecond ever sub-2 min solve. two pair edge pairing rocks!!20061004
1641 minute 52.22 secondsBordas Szabolcsn/a20081231
1651 minute 52.58 secondsBack Tae-Youngu' R' L U d2 F' b2 D b R' l' D' U r' b d b2 d b D f2 L U2 F' l2 u2 d' f2 R2 r D2 F2 R2 D2 d r2 U2 l' R'
I woke up and cubed
1661 minute 52.87 secondsWuqiong FanSub-2! average around 2:30.20081116
1671 minute 53.25 secondsPierre BesancenotMy first sub 2.20070704
1681 minute 53.44 secondsBruno AzevedoYeah! My first sub-2 minutes20060228
1691 minute 53.91 secondsTakuma ShirahaseMy site 20070521
1701 minute 54.14 secondsJulien Ricaudn/a 
1711 minute 54.20 secondsThomas Le RouxUnfortunately I got a parity problem in this solve (r2U2r2U2u2r2u2), but that's my first sub-2 minutes time !20050724
1731 minute 55 secondsChris GilsdorfThe centers were rather lucky, but the rest of the cube was average. I had to do 2 of the 3 parities. 
1741 minute 55.83 secondsBill McGaughI finally improved my best time, after 20 years.now I want a sub-2 minute average! This solve was not lucky at all, no stages of the solution were skipped.and it was done on the Stackmat timer. 
1751 minute 56.25 secondsRobert SchlichtLess than a second im provement. I lost a few pieces of my Eastsheen and my Rubik's sucks.20080926
1761 minute 56.88 secondsJack JacobsFinally sub-2. I feel happy. but of course the next day I went back to those horrible 2:20-2:40 solves :(..
But I'm glad to finally break 2. I got two more on that day.. maybe it was the fresh lube :P
1771 minute 57.08 secondsJosh RotholzHa!!! Finally broke two minutes! Did this one with my retooled Rubik's Revenge. I had just lubed it yesterday.20071224
1781 minute 57.13 secondsSyoji Takamatsun/a20051106
1791 minute 57.73 secondsChris ParletteFirst sub-2min time! My edge pairings are much quicker thanks to the bigcubes.com videos.20051120
1801 minute 58.31 secondsTom WeinreichFinally a sub-2 solve! Big improvement on big cubes recently.20070418
1811 minute 58.35 secondsStijn van GilsThe first two parts ( centers and edges) went fast enough, only the 3x3x3-part took me almost 40sec! need to work on that part of the 4x4x4, but I'm not complaining with my first sub-2min. time :)20060113
1821 minute 58.36 secondsCameron AlmasiNon lucky. tried my new Center creating method. It has algs where you can get all centers oriented For the first time i did 6 gen and 4 gen on my edge pairing. OLL horrible did the wrong alg but was saved with a MGLS alg i know. Pll- was the one Pll i dont know. if i didnt do all those mistakes it would of been faster but who cares its my PB :)20080423
1832 minutes 0.30 secondsSapan Upadhyaycenters, edges, solve cube, fix parity problems..couldn't even believe that I solved it this fast. 
1842 minutes 1.05 secondsThomas BischofNo parities, and really nothing easy. Centers-> Edges-> 3x3x3. Same steps as Chris Hardwick, but I found how to do each one on my own. At the Exploratorium Competition.20050115
1852 minutes 1.53 secondsTrevor HollandI'm getting a lot faster, I think I did a sub-2min at the caltech tourney with chris's cube, but I don't remember. Good luck to all! 
1862 minutes 2 secondsAndrew Webbern/a 
1872 minutes 2.02 secondsBrian LeWow I have such a nice time. Tristan Wright inspired me to pursue 4x4 and 5x5 again.20071221
1882 minutes 3 secondsYunZhu LiYes! My Blog20080118
1892 minutes 8 secondsNoah Heveyn/a20070228
1892 minutes 8 secondsEdward Kwokno skips, no parity20080111
1912 minutes 8.78 secondsGavin NelsonWahoo! no parity and a Pll skip. how much luckier could you get? :)20071124
1922 minutes 9.14 secondsMike HugheyThis was the first week I had a 4x4x4 with a color scheme I actually am familiar with. It makes a big difference to know the color scheme.20070721
1932 minutes 9.69 secondsMason Saucierdone at my dads office. online timer from strangepuzzle20071228
1942 minutes 10.28 secondsKegham KhosdeghianVery nice solve for me!20090106
1952 minutes 11.40 secondsRafael W CinotoB2 d2 u B D l' D2 r R2 f2 d' F2 u D L2 F D2 B' b2 d2 u2 b D f2 l D l' d' U' l2 d2 f2 u L2 R d U' L B' L20071221
1962 minutes 11.62 secondsFernando M. F. NogueiraUsing Chris method, and still improving, i got my cube a few days ago.. 
1972 minutes 11.65 secondsRyan JewI am getting faster. I should get an eastsheen asap.20081231
1982 minutes 12.12 secondsKevin TroyanosWOOOOOT finally solved the 4x4x4. RUTGERS DRUMLINE KICKS ASS! 
1992 minutes 14.63 secondsJacob RuethNot used with an east sheen cube!! I decided to try and break in my rubiks.com 4x4 so I'll probably try again with my east sheen some other day! 
2002 minutes 14.74 secondsJed Zeinsbest 4x4 solve yet20070623