4x4x4 Cube
1-200, 201-400, 401-600
2012 minutes 15 secondsAlex Verstern/a20080724
2022 minutes 15.16 secondsNick CrawfordThere was some luck with the edge pairing.20081231
2032 minutes 17.17 secondsRoss PalmerI hope to break the two minute marker soon. I will keep practicing. 
2042 minutes 18.59 secondsMason Sauciergetting the big cube times lower20071225
2052 minutes 19.02 secondsBrad SampsonVery good solve! EO Parity but not EP. A Perm is quick. :)20080207
2062 minutes 20 secondsMackenzie Blakemy second fastest time. my best is around 2:30. I also noticed my name is backwards on every single post i make.20080304
2062 minutes 20 secondsAustin ReedVery smooth. Edges were clear and 3x3 solve was good. the F2L part was all my favorite cases!20080304
2082 minutes 20.30 secondsKen Heiretn/a 
2092 minutes 20.52 secondsJasmine LeeGot this time while practicing for the upcoming Dutch Open 2006. BTW, Stefan's method for the 4x4x4 centres makes centre-solving fun!20061004
2102 minutes 20.57 secondsScott BellUsually I have a habit of looking down at my timer when I solve big cubes. This was 12 seconds faster than my old one!20080915
2112 minutes 21 secondsJames O'ConnorI have been slowly improving my PBs. Of 10 solves, I believe I beat my record like 8 times. It was about 3:30 average b4 the Berkeley Comp. Spring, 08, but now after I learned some new center switchers from Mike (Bennett, I think), I am doing great. Sub 2 in no time! Ask me if you want the center switchers. E-mail me. 20080515
2122 minutes 21.40 secondsZebadiah W. Ziegenbeinthis was an incredible solve i do the method of solving the top and bottom layer and then the edges and the last four centers. I think that the top and bottom and the edges took about 1:40 and the rest the remainder of the time. It was fast and now my new record. I can't wait till my Eastsheen comes.20060325
2132 minutes 22 secondsRobert HomayoonMy new record on my Eastsheen cube have vid on my page RobH629's Youtube Page20080224
2142 minutes 23.53 secondsAaron ZhaoDone on my friend's cube.20070529
2152 minutes 24.34 secondsPaul LinStill working on it.20050523
2162 minutes 25.68 secondsMat Moitinho de AlmeidaMy 4x4x4 is good but not that good. My method is the most basic and I need to know a source to learn a more efficient one.20050829
2172 minutes 26.68 secondsJeff SoesbeUS Nationals 2006, I'm rather surprised that this was a personal best, as it didn't feel like a very good solve.20060804
2182 minutes 27 secondsAlex LawI tried the way the manual taught my brother.20060906
2192 minutes 27.63 secondsBryan O'ConnorI stopped solving cubes for a while but then just picked up this 4x4x4 cube and solved it and beat my record again, so im happy =)20080608
2202 minutes 28 secondsRommy Barghoutn/a20060901
2212 minutes 28.67 secondsAlan Nguyenthis one didny have any parity algs to fix on oll.. so it was slightly faster than my avg.20061016
2222 minutes 29.17 secondsJohn Louiswow! I am improving. Practice is the key. Thanks to everyone for the inspiration.20080307
2222 minutes 29.17 secondsHakop GoorjiFastest record so far.20081121
2242 minutes 29.55 secondsPeter BabcockI really got into a zone while I paired up the edges, which is what usually slows me down. 
2252 minutes 30.11 secondsIbrahim Zaidiit was on my first day i timed myself, my cube broke so i haven't practiced20081213
2262 minutes 30.45 secondsDavid SkolnikWow. .45 away from sube 2:30. Damn.20060116
2272 minutes 31 secondsJulien SanchezVisit my site. 
2282 minutes 31.24 secondsBlake O'HareI cut 5 minutes from my time just by using a real Rubik's Revenge instead of a Java applet. 
2292 minutes 32.32 secondsKamil Górskilong, long time ago.. :P20070617
2302 minutes 32.50 secondsAndrew RoleyI haven't solved a 4x4 in a while. LL skip but both parities = just 1 second faster than my previous PB20071221
2312 minutes 32.69 secondsKenneth BrandonSet during 2003 world championship.20030823
2322 minutes 34.60 secondsTy Fentongetting better20070304
2332 minutes 34.63 secondsOtto von HellensI'm getting better at this.20080119
2342 minutes 35 secondsMichiel van der BlonkRegular solve using Chris' solution, no parity problems. A lot better than my WC2003 mess on stage. 
2342 minutes 35 secondsAdam Aricolol i did this one in my intro to CAD class. used my stop watch.im 14 and I just began solving 4x4's about a month ago20070509
2342 minutes 35 secondsStefan Henningn/a20090308
2372 minutes 36 secondsPawan Dhananjay6pair twice for the dedges.no parity20080723
2382 minutes 37 secondsJustin ViningOwen Hall SE4 :) 
2382 minutes 37 secondsStephanie ChowWoohoo!!20071224
2402 minutes 37.50 secondsDerrick Chann/a20050517
2412 minutes 38 secondsBrent MorganThanks to the 2003 Championships, I decided to improve on my 4x4x4 skills for 2005! The improvement saga continues.
My site is here!
2422 minutes 38.57 secondsJeff WangEastsheen 4x4x4 FTW lol.20071201
2432 minutes 39 secondsKaoru MaedaMy average number of moves is around 150. My method's outline: top/bottom centers, corners, op/bottom edges, middle edges, middle centers. "The last edge pair" problem doesn't happen in this method. 
2442 minutes 44.52 secondsEmanuele ScibiliaA better solve than usual. But I have to practice more. The Italian Rubik's Cube Group
2452 minutes 44.86 secondsAlex CourrauFell together nicely! Matching edge pairs was a breeze!
I'm capable of faster.
-Presidente Cubin
2462 minutes 45.83 secondsNicholas LeungVancouver Summer Open 2008.20080622
2472 minutes 46.04 secondsJames MertensFastest non-lucky solve. A timer I made and use.20050305
2482 minutes 46.90 secondsAndrew SmithCool, this is a good time for me.20070504
2492 minutes 47.40 secondsTeruki MiyazakiMy first measure of 4x4x4 avg. This is the best time of it.20051018
2502 minutes 48.82 secondsJoe ShamahMy first sub 3 minute solve! I think I have done two other sub 3 solves since though.20080601
2512 minutes 49.86 secondsDavid Parksn/a 
2522 minutes 50.77 secondsCarl-Johan KjellanderI borrowed a Rubiks.com 4x4x4 to practice, and it was pretty easy once you've learned the parity moves. This solve however didn't need any parity moves. Chalmers Cube Club.20050604
2532 minutes 51 secondsCyrille CornuMy first Revenge PA1020070714
2542 minutes 52.03 secondsJames Watt1st Sub 3 Min Wahooo!!!
R' F' B2 d' l d2 F l2 U' u B f' D2 f R' u2 r' d' u' r l u U l2 B U' l b r' L2 F' u2 l2 d' D' f F d2 D2 L2
Jarhead Cubing
2552 minutes 53.26 secondsGarrett DickersonWoot! My first sub-3 minute solve. I've only had the cube for 2 weeks, so I will hopefully get my time below 2 minutes within a month.20061215
2562 minutes 56.08 secondsOu ChenMy first single solve sub-3 with my Rubik's Revenge. Lubing it fixed a lot of my issues but it still jams. No parity on this solve. I hope to get faster with edge pairing and centers.20080401
2572 minutes 56.24 secondsChris HandHad a parity error and it took a few seconds to remember the move. First sub 3 minute solve. Now shooting for sub 2 average.20071227
2582 minutes 57.46 secondsJeffrey ZhangWoo hoo!
No thinking one at a time edges lol.
2592 minutes 57.82 secondsKenny Kornto distract myself i was timing myself in many things20070902
2602 minutes 58 secondsTim TilstraUnder 3 minutes! How happy am I?20070123
2612 minutes 58.19 secondsRay WangFINALLY! SUB-3:00!!
And I got it on video again!
If that piece hadn't popped then I probably would have gotten about 1 second better.
But at least I made it to the Sub-3:00
2622 minutes 59 secondsJC NacpilGod, this solve was crazy! It took me 11 times just to get 11 times. I finally did it on the 57th time20080718
2632 minutes 59.59 secondsAlex Pattersonfinally under 3 min. 20060601
2642 minutes 59.68 secondsNeil Fleck*Finally* I broke the 3 minute barrier. 13 years old20051015
2653 minutesCsaba Soósn/a20070303
2653 minutesTim MartinsonWow 12 minutes faster than my last fastest solve and with 2 parity errors!20071113
2673 minutes 0.92 secondsEvan Warnerthis was not lucky. everything just seemed to be in an easy place to fix. my average is around 3min 45sec but i hope to cut it down to about this time.20070227
2683 minutes 1.16 secondsMariusz SudzikSub 3min is possible.20050521
2693 minutes 3.53 secondsVinson ChenMeh.20071112
2703 minutes 4 secondsAdam Sherwoodn/a 
2703 minutes 4 secondsWim Lambrechtsstill getting better did lot of time on edges
learning new tricks now
thx to jan van pelt
2723 minutes 5.47 secondsAnker Peetthis is gangsta20080229
2733 minutes 6.18 secondsBrian EdwardsThis was part of my 3 min 30.82 second average. My best was around 4 minutes before i lubed my cube w/silicon spray.20070713
2743 minutes 7.25 secondsJason PreissigJust started to speedsolve the 4x4x4. I like my Eastsheen cube ).20060907
2753 minutes 8.70 secondsStephanie AligbeI just started timing myself yesterday and I'm liking my progress. PLL parity included, no skipped steps. 20071012
2763 minutes 9 secondsIan WinokurA slightly faster Jasper. 
2773 minutes 12.34 secondsHao MinImproved speed in pairing up edges, with 1 parity fix.20070317
2783 minutes 12.88 secondsLevi Linvillegetting better, but still needs work20071125
2793 minutes 12.91 secondsJoe WallacePart of 3:36 average20070324
2803 minutes 13 secondsDror VombergIt's not over yet. 
2813 minutes 14.80 secondsEmilio Hemkentimed this on my flip phone one day after going to run in FC.20060608
2823 minutes 17 secondsHeath LittonIts nothing special but I figured I needed a time in this category.strange thing about this solve, I dont know the parity algs anymore, I knew them a long time ago. but I got the short parity on this solve and managed to do the right alg some how. 
2833 minutes 18 secondsCameron WebleyI'm getting better at this very quickly 
2843 minutes 18.67 secondsRoland VarrialeThe fastest jasper. 
2853 minutes 19.88 secondsKeith Sauern/a20030718
2863 minutes 19.76 secondsJuan BustosHad it for 3 days now, Ok I guess, Eastsheen cube.20070630
2873 minutes 21 secondsJess Bonden/a 
2883 minutes 25 secondsTravis WaddellI solve centers first, then edges, then solve like a regular Rubik's cube. I know algorithms for flipping a single edge and for swapping two edges in case of a permutation or orientation problem.20030523
2893 minutes 26 secondsBruno JorgeI hadn't played 4x4x4 for a while but I decided to make some solves and I beat my old record, I will work for sub-3 minutes.20070808
2903 minutes 27.11 secondsDavid HoggeGetting better. No parites, but not lucky. Used www.rubiks.dk timer. Yeah!20071231
2913 minutes 30 secondsMatthieu Saletan/a20051025
2923 minutes 30.97 secondsDante Paredesn/a20060628
2933 minutes 32.11 secondsKifton Vanemonthis is my fastest solve ever for me20070622
2943 minutes 32.84 secondsGary BethersI am using my own system for solving. Very generic layer by layer, with tweaks to Chris H. algs. for last layer. I would like to see someone really fast try it out, just to see the potential.20060830
2953 minutes 33.96 secondsDillon Beesleystill on a rubik's brand 4x4, can do better by far.20081009
2963 minutes 34 secondsLian ParkGot this 4x4 1 month ago20070817
2963 minutes 34 secondsChaewon Minn/a20080903
2983 minutes 36.84 secondsAaron ZiraMuch easier with silicone. 
2993 minutes 37 secondsChris AlmichFirst break of 4 minutes when I figured out that I was doing more work than I needed to. Edges paired easy and no parity.20051102
2993 minutes 37 secondsZach Steinn/a20071201
3013 minutes 38 secondsKrishanu Roy SankarGot my cube sprayed recently and it turns like a wheel. Must make my edge pairiing and center construction more efficient by making them do multiple things at once. (Lions) 
3023 minutes 38.09 secondsJosh ScogginsSolved durring Computer class durring excessive energy drink high.20080206
3033 minutes 43 secondsAlex Tarasiukn/a20071203
3043 minutes 43.18 secondsPaul HlebowitshFirst sub-4 minute. Next: sub-3!20060117
3053 minutes 45.62 secondsSimon ChaninOne parity. Not bad.20070226
3063 minutes 47.17 secondsZach Hardygreat solve my personal best.20080424
3073 minutes 48.63 secondsAaron ReidNot great, if i practice i can put this up to about 3 minutes20080122
3083 minutes 49.03 secondsMichael Lambertonn/a20070529
3093 minutes 50 secondsAntoine Piaun/a20070922
3103 minutes 50.04 secondsMason Hoffmanthis is my first sub 4 mins and my first sub 5 min this was also my first attempt at this new method im trying20070408
3113 minutes 51.34 secondsTim ChongThis is as fast as I can go right now.20070521
3123 minutes 53.31 secondsMaria OeyLast Year at Dutch Open 2006 I could only watch and wondering if I could solve the cube now I can do the 4x4Xx4! Now I am happy.20070707
3133 minutes 55.55 secondsAlex SeidlerI was mostly amazed that the timer stopped at 55.55 on the seconds. 20070202
3143 minutes 55.88 secondsJonathan PryorThis is my fastest solve yet! Beginner’s layer method.20070620
3153 minutes 56.67 secondsChristy CockerhamYay! 
3163 minutes 57 secondsDennis Strehlauyes yes yes.finally a sub 4 minutes!!:) ):D
did that at 00:19 am.
now, i am going to bed^^.
3163 minutes 57 secondsCaleb Kingn/a20090201
3183 minutes 57.28 secondsWelton Leungn/a20080712
3193 minutes 59.70 secondsOkko Pyssysalon/a20080401
3204 minutes 0.42 secondsJustin MohrLubing my cube took about 30 seconds off of my time. So close to breaking 4 minutes though!20050828
3214 minutes 2 secondsEugene DisneyHa, I'm better than most of you! but uh yeah, I'm getting better. 
3224 minutes 7.24 secondsJon RogersSlowly, slowly getting better = 20070113
3234 minutes 9 secondsAdam BensonUse Chris Hardwick's beginner method.20051025
3244 minutes 11.45 secondsJorge Sanchezhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdt3z7LQdvA20080101
3254 minutes 13.71 secondsMathieu FarrierNeed more practice to pair up edge, not a lucky case. 
3264 minutes 15 secondsAlex Puseyparatys aren't fun20060709
3274 minutes 15.63 secondsRaul GarciaThe slow Jasper. 
3284 minutes 16.21 secondsBrad DavisGetting close to sub 4 minutes. However, I still use beginner 3x3 method and no finger tricks which is really slowing me down. I need to learn 3x3 speedcubing method. Sigh! Oh, and this solve had parity errors.20070128
3294 minutes 19 secondsJoel WiresThis was great!! My old record was 4:54. Talk about a good run. Joey, I know you don't care much, but WOO HOO!!! I looked ahead on the bottom and avoided the edge problems. 
3304 minutes 23 secondsAlbin ThorningMeh.. Didn't run into the flipped edge on last layer. Putting more pieces, than the ones you're really working on, in well-planned places as you turn helps a great deal. Still like 5x5x5 better, no flipped edge to worry about :) 
3314 minutes 26.54 secondsPeter DouthwrightGetting better everyday. See you all in Florida.20050104
3324 minutes 29 secondsMat WetherbeeBeginner's method20081231
3334 minutes 30 secondsDylan MooreWow, I can't believe I've gotten this far this fast! Cool. 
3334 minutes 30 secondsMáté MüllerI am begin to learn the Fridrich-method.
This is the result. =)
3354 minutes 32 secondsJeremy SalterI'm unique! Just like everyone else! 
3364 minutes 33 secondsAdam WhiteI got this back in September or something, and I have been slowly improving. Those parities always get me.20071211
3374 minutes 33.20 secondsKen ZavodneyGot a quick and smooth solve, but an edge cubie popped out. Cost me about 5 seconds or so. Now if I could just find the proper edge pieces to match up faster, and learned a better method for solving the 3x3x3, I'd be set.20070119
3384 minutes 34.05 secondsSam Kennedydone this after learning the final parity aglorithm, and learning how to blindfold solve the 3x3.
3394 minutes 34.89 secondsArnaud CabesSub 5min, enjoy :)20050627
3404 minutes 35 secondsJason GrochmalMy best time so far. 
3414 minutes 36 secondsJeffrey GlassScramble: B'l'r'R2dR'uU'l'd'rBb'ldu2f2D2u'bLU2L'l'r2. Not lucky, and pretty slow, but it's a start.20060305
3424 minutes 37.89 secondsNathaniel Wongn/a20081213
3434 minutes 37.99 secondsFoster McFarlandshaved off over a minute!!20081005
3444 minutes 38.68 secondsJustin Strawnn/a20070120
3454 minutes 43 secondsJeffrey HansenYess!! Finaly a time I can live with!20090308
3464 minutes 47.21 secondsJon Landermansub five. (finally20081029
3474 minutes 51 secondsBrandon Parksthis is my fastest time so far i beat my last time by 3 minutes20080117
3484 minutes 53.36 secondsSam PhilzieNo parity but speedy hand solve.20070312
3494 minutes 57 secondsGelo GamboaIm just 12 yrs. old.20071221
3494 minutes 57 secondsRyan MierasFinally broke 5 minutes!! I'll be down to less than 2 minutes soon!20080118
3514 minutes 57.54 secondsAlex WalkerI got a 4x4 yesterday. I figured it intuitively up to the degdeflip parity case, then I learned the algorithms of Chris Hardwick.20050410
3525 minutesJan HoogmaThe cube I use is extended with not centered big stripes. So I have to solve the four squares in the middle too.20060509
3535 minutes 13.13 secondsNeutrals FongHmm.not a very good record I guess just started rubik's cube on 25th may 2008. Then later I tried out 2 by 2 4 by 4 and 5 by 5 cubes. Managed to get this record on 21st june 2008. Still trying to increase my speed at the moment.20080701
3545 minutes 13.49 secondsFulvio TornaghiBeen a long not cubing.2 months I suppose. Nice solve tbh.20070507
3555 minutes 14 secondsNathan Schnarrn/a 
3565 minutes 16 secondsKeith SheenWell I'm pleased to make the top 50 (though I'll probably soon be knocked out of it) 
3575 minutes 20 secondsScott Mancusoi didn't think i would be this high20050121
3585 minutes 21 secondsAili AsikainenGot my 4x4x4 cube yesterday. This was the first time timing my self. I can do better.20070712
3595 minutes 22.92 secondsRalf Lauen/a19850130
3605 minutes 23 secondsCorey DufordI need more more practice. 
3615 minutes 26 secondsVincenzo Millemacin/a20080930
3625 minutes 27.87 secondsRoss PalmerI have only spent 2 weeks on the revenge and I am constantly getting faster. 
3635 minutes 31.03 secondsBen WilsonJust had the corners parity to deal with. Pretty happy considering I'd only mastered it the week before. :-)20060716
3645 minutes 32.28 secondsGábor Schmízn/a20070315
3655 minutes 39 secondsJacob WildesGetting better. I'm beating my own record about once a day now.20061225
3665 minutes 45 secondsMichael Blakemanwow I suck20090201
3675 minutes 45.95 secondsTyler YarnelliI need practice20080224
3685 minutes 55 secondsChris BerlindFirst time solving after learning how to finish it. Hoping to get it down to 5 mintues soon.20070203
3696 minutesTyler DicouHere I am, once again, Don't break it into pieces.20060318
3696 minutesRobbie HookePlease email me.20070826
3716 minutes 4 secondsDD Crowmy fastest time after learning 4x4x4 for one day via this website20071022
3726 minutes 5 secondsEmmanuel du Pontavicen/a20060418
3736 minutes 12 secondsSébastien Marsn/a 
3746 minutes 13.30 secondsRob Lampen/a20071118
3756 minutes 16 secondsJeremy Nelsonwow. That was pretty sweet. I don't understand how anyone could get under 3 minutes but apparently it's been done. My hat's off to Hardwick for that one. 
3766 minutes 17 secondsAlan TruongLearned the Rubik's Revenge in 2 days. 
3776 minutes 17.05 secondsAndy Bellenirn/a20020708
3786 minutes 20 secondsTyler RobbinsNot Completely accurate. Used a watch to time it + - 4 seconds 
3796 minutes 23 secondsEzekiel InocencioWOOT now moving on with 4x4x4!I thank God, my family, all my friends, people i met at places and ofcourse my instructor peter. wow i got this record and i'm only 13 years old.yeah!! 20070426
3806 minutes 45 secondsChristopher Mullern/a20080622
3816 minutes 47 secondsJason MattsonOfficial website of Jason Mattson20060728
3826 minutes 56 secondsTaylor Howellhope to be much quicker in the future20070805
3837 minutes 14 secondsTom Swissn/a20060212
3847 minutes 25 secondsRobert SummerhaysOnce again. Tyler can skool me anyday.20060405
3857 minutes 25.47 secondsAdrien Guiraln/a20070430
3867 minutes 33 secondsKenneth SvendsonA minute faster than my previous record, so im getting better.20090308
3877 minutes 39.11 secondsMichael TrasenteSorta new to the Revenge.l I learned the Professor first, so this was easy as hell.20070923
3887 minutes 58.27 secondsAraceli CastroI am from Granada, in the south of Spain.
I did it for the first time when I was 9 years old last 21 of november of 2006.
Antonio taught me
3898 minutes 2 secondsGrant Kendrickwell i got my cube at walmart20071218
3908 minutes 8 secondsRob PetrusNot my best time, since I answered the phone. I just never timed before. (No relation to Lars)20050212
3918 minutes 12.16 secondsLoďc FremontI don't know the algorithms, I just solve it seeing the solution. I just wanted to see what time I could do and this was only my second measured time. 
3928 minutes 13 secondsMitchell Grosofskyim back!!20050130
3938 minutes 21 secondsMatt VargaMy only timed solve. Edge flipped parity. 20071201
3948 minutes 29 secondsBrandon Griffithready for the 5x5x520080513
3958 minutes 30 secondsDave MyersI'm hot but Owen Hall is hotter. 
3968 minutes 32.57 secondsChris DresslerI likes da pi.
Da pi = 3.148957348574938579459814732794574579
3978 minutes 34.34 secondsPatrick JuengerThanks to Chris Hardwick's Revenge solution. Got to fix two bugs20051214
3988 minutes 39 secondsMichael BarryMy cube is very tight, & sticks a lot. Once I work out the rough edges I expect this result to drop.lovin the cube.20050107
3999 minutesJibril Caratini-SottoI solved it in 20 minutes the first time i saw it. I found a method alone but it doesn't seem to be the fastest. 
4009 minutes 10.57 secondsMike LooNot bad for a 13 year-old who got this yesterday!