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Competitors hotel: Hostel Avantgarde

The official hotel for the European Rubik’s Cube Championship 2012 is Hostel Avantgarde. A large group of competitors will stay in this hotel. The informal meetings will also be held in this hotel. So this is your best choice to stay.

Hostel Avantgarde
ul. Kościuszki 55,
50-011 Wrocław
telephone: +48 71 315 45 82
fax: +48 71 341 07 38
mobile +48 667 71 71 71
skype: avantgardehostel (chat only)
Hostel Avantgarde on

The prices do NOT include buffet breakfast! We will try to arrange a breakfast for competitors in a restaurant nearby (please wait for an update).

If you are sharing a room, please book your room together with other people. If you just book a bed in a large room, then you may also stay with other competitors. Make sure you add a comment about Rubik in your reservation.

Parking is free in the parking of the hostel, but room is limited.



Here is the list of rooms:

 Other hotels

We recommend the following other hostels/hotels:
- Hotel Olimpia (close to the venue)
- Green Hostel (close to the venue)
- Hostel Piast (close to central station)

We will try soon to update this list!

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