By Remigiusz Durka: Day 1 +  Day 2 + Day 3 + Mosaics + From beginning till the end 

By Chr:
1st day (381 photos) + 2nd day (413 photos) + 3rd day (91 photos)
Before winners ceremony (176 photos) + Winners ceremony (526 photos)
After winner ceremony (120 photos)

By Michał Mendocha: 44 photos

By Olivér Nagy: 87 photos

By Björn Korbanka: video Euro Impressions

By Tomasz Kiełbasa: video European Championship 2012

By Karl Choi: video Euro 2012 3x3x3 Final (45 minutes)

See whole thread on Polish Speedcubing Forum for other stuff: link. If you have your gallery, please send me ( link to it, and I will post it here!


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