This page is for people who are interested in the Rubik's Cube, and other Rubik's puzzles. I've been interested in the Cube and other puzzles since June of 1998 and I still love doing them. I enjoy speed solving for all my puzzles, especially the Rubik's Cube. If you enjoy the cube or other Rubik-like puzzles then I invite you to browse my site. I hope you enjoy it.

Me after successfully completing the 6x6 while blindfolded at the
2007 Rubik's Cube World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Rubik's Cube World Competition 2003
25th Anniversary of the cube

Read about the 2003 Rubik's Games World Championships

United States Rubik's Cube Championships 2004
Read about the 2004 United States Rubik's Games Championships

November 2005: Cubing with Dan Knights
Read about it

My officially recognized world records in Speedcubing
You can see all my competition results at WCA sanctioned tournaments.

See the main site

Sport stacking video Me performing the cycle in 10.23 seconds.

3x3x3 solved blindfolded in 18.50 seconds I took approximately 1 hour and 54 minutes to memorize the cube and plan through my entire solution. I was then able to solve it in 18.50 seconds while blindfolded. I did not do any moves on the cube during the planning phase.

One-handed 3x3x3 solve Click here to see my 44.98s one handed 3x3x3 solve from the 2003 World Championships
Many thanks to Keith Sauer for the video

Speed Solving Video (One Handed): watch me solve a rubik's cube in 29.09 seconds using only one hand (.wmv)

Speed Solving Video: watch me solve a rubik's cube in 17.88 seconds. (.mpeg video)
For people who use the Fridrich speed solve method here are the situations I ran into during the video. I timed each part and here is what I came up with
First two layers: solved in 13.48 seconds
Last Layer: solved in 4.40 seconds
Orientation Case: Do R B L' B L B2 R' on a solved cube to see
Permuation Case: Do R2 U F B' R2 F' B U R2 on a solved cube to see
To see the third layer exactly as I saw it do L2 U B F' L2 F B' U L2 R B L' B L B2 R' on a solved cube

Sport stacking:
Sport stacking is another dexterity thing that I've gotten into that is a lot of fun. Basically you stack specially designed cups into pyramids through a specific sequence, and then unstack them. Sound easy? Give it a shot, it's harder to get fast than you'd think! To get an idea of what sport stacking is, check out Emily Fox's world record video on I've been sport stacking since 2003, and below are my records for the 3-6-3 stack and the cycle (the same sequence that Emily does in her video).
My records
3-6-3 : 3.61 seconds
Cycle : 9.47 seconds
Cycle (average of 10 trials) : 11.04 seconds

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Unofficial World Records Page Solution to the Rubik's Revenge Links Solutions for the Rubik's Cube Java cubes on the net

Speed Solving Video A video of me solving the rubik's cube in 17.88 seconds, with music!
Speed memorization How to memorize various sized Rubik's cubes quickly for use in blindfolded cubing.
My competition tutorial If you have never been to a competition, and would like to know what to do when, etc.. then this is the tutorial for you.
ZB methodInformation and algorithms for learning the ZB method.
Fridrich two look last layer 3x3x3 solution 2 look 3rd layer algs I used to average sub-18. Includes finger trick notation. PLL page to be updated soon.
One-handed speedsolving Tips page for one-handed speedsolving written jointly by Michael Atkinson and myself
Solution page to my extended cross F2L method Description of my new approach to the first two layers. Includes interactive cubes with samples and tips.
Beginner/Intermediate solution to the Rubik's Revenge Tired of seeing your 4x4x4 scrambled? Well click here to Solve It!
Advanced solution to the Rubik's Revenge Learn how to really speed solve on the Revenge and got some very fast times.
Number of possible combinations to the n x n x n cube An explicit formula for the number of combinations to the n x n x n cube.
How to convert algorithms in your head Tutorials on how to reflect/invert and reflect/etc. algorithms in your head without writing anything down.
Watch me SOLVE a 20x20x20 cube See some screen captures from when I solved a 20x20x20 cube
All about BIG Cubes Learn all about BIG cubes (6x6x6 and larger) Basic info, where to play with a BIG cube and best of all *still in the works* how to solve a BIG cube of absolutely any size!
Unofficial World Records Page Compare your fastest time with people all of the world for any rubik puzzle!
Play with the Cube
Speed Solving Rubik's Cube Yahoo! Group all about speed solving. Trade tips and hints with others or learn how.
How to get faster So you're stuck at that 30-60 second barrier, well here's some info on how to get faster.
Various methods of solving the cube
Developing speedcubing methods These methods have all been published around 2003 and represent the lastest developments in speedcubing. Most of them are still being learned by speedcubers and are still undergoing changes or developing variations.
Online cube applets
See my fastest cube times
Cube High Read about an interesting experience I had while cubing
NCSSM Rubik's Cube competition The results from a speed solving competition I held at my school (May 2001).
More to Come

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Solutions to the Rubik's Cube 3x3x3

Here are some various methods for solving the Rubik's Cube.

For Beginners
For intermediate/advanced cubists
These two methods assume that you solve the first two layers first. Both of these will decrease your times for the third layer.
For Experts
Current developing methods
The links below are to methods that are currently or have recently been developed in the speedcubing community. These represent the latest developments in strategy since 2003. Worth a look if you are interested in the developments of speedcubing techniques.
Speed Cubing Vidoes :
Dan Knights' video Solved in 18 seconds
Ron van Bruchem's video Solved in 16.48 seconds
Ton Dennenbroek's video Solved in 38 seconds
Chris Brown's video Solved in 1 minute 48.1 seconds, smaller version of this video
Chris Hardwick's video Solved in 17.88 seconds
Suehiro Kondo's video Solved in 22.38 seconds

Cube solving programs
Other useful/interesting programs
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Some Java Cubes on the net

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