On this page you will find algorithms necessary for learning the Zborowski-Bruchem Last Layer technique. At this point in the solution the first two layers are solved and the edges of the final layer are oriented correctly. In this step you will solve the rest, meaning you will orient the corners as well as permute all pieces to their correct location.

The way I am going to approach this step is to learn all the algs necessary for each COLL case. I will do these such that I learn all the COLL cases necessary for one of the 8 orientation cases given twisted corners. I'll then repeat this process for each of the 7 orientations where the corners are not all oriented correctly.

If you are interested in learning the ZBLL, then I highly recommend looking at Dan Harris' page on ZBLL as well.

I owe many thanks to both Bernard Helmstetter for his list of generated algs for each ZBLL case, and Josef Jelinek for his beautifully efficient and powerful ACube program. Without both of these resources I think learning ZBLL would be next to impossible.

The algs

Obviously since there are such a large number of cases I won't be able to list them all for quite some time. For the time being I will just list the algs that I know, and as I learn more this page will become more complete. Bernard Helmstetter has compiled a complete list of all the algorithms necessary for ZBLL.

I will group the cases first by orientation case, then by COLL case. So choose the orientation case you are interested in, and that will take you to a page with all the COLL cases for that OLL case.


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