The Zborowski-Bruchem method
This page is has information to get started learning the Zborowski-Bruchem (ZB) method. As a subgoal to the entire method I recommend learning ZBF2L (ZB first two layers), to use as a basis for the Vandenbergh-Harris (VH) method. This method orients the last layer edges while finishing the first two layers, then uses a COLL alg to solve the corners, then a PLL alg to solve the edge permutation.

This page is meant as a resource for those interested in ZB. On this page you will find the algorithms for the ZBF2L and ZBLL. I will also try to include notes and tips for learning so many algs. Feel free to read my journal for any help or ideas on learning all the algs based on my experience.

As other resources for this method I also recommend looking at the pages of Zbigniew Zborowski, Lars Vandenbergh, and Dan Harris.

I personally am no longer focusing on the Zborowski Bruchem method, as my goals have changed to focus on blindfolded solving. For any help or questions about the ZB method, please consult Doug Li as he currently knows the most algs for the ZB method and is the principle learner of it.

Zborowski-Bruchem First Two Layers
A collection of the algs I use for ZBF2L
Zborowski-Bruchem Last Layer
Doug Li's ZBLL page

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