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Site for speedcuber, puzzel builder and collectors of Rubik's cube and twisty puzzles. All you want to know about Rubik's Puzzle building, collecting and speedcubing. If you want to build variation of the Rubik's cube like a 2x2x3,2x2x4,2x2x6 up to an extended 7x7x7 than this is the place! I am a true Rubik's collector, puzzle builder and speedcuber, so in short a Rubik's fan. I also sell Collectibles and speedcubes for the collectors and speedcubers. These pages are part of the www.speedcubing.com site! Did you know that the first Rubik's Cube was made of wood!

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Upcomming Rubik's official WCA competions that I organize, all times are recorded and posted at the WCA site