Ton's Cube Site
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I am Ton Dennenbroek, age 50 maries with Maria Oey, with Rama we are a cubing family living in the Netherlands in Den Haag. I Studied Mathematics and work now as senior software engineer in the Telecom (Acision former (Logica)CMG).  Know a lot about software engineering, encryption, datacompression, modems, PSTNA, ISDN, TCP/IP,SCTP, SNMP, SMS, GSM, SCCP, SCTP , SMSC etc.

I have one live motto , I believe in Jezus and I have three hobbies, Star Trek, Formula 1 and Rubik's cube puzzles. So now some info about that

First you can buy online 3x3x3 cube at for about $20 (including shipment) this new cube is a good cube to start with, because you can use it without having to prepare it, the best choice is the assembly kit (DIY). For speedcubing you would need to prepare your cube and lubricate it with silcone spray (not oil based). For speedcubing I recommend the assembly kits. For info on how to prepare cubes see make speedcube page.  In general there is a lot of differences between 3x3x3 cubes, even with the rubik's logo on it. And starting collection is a hobby, you need to know your budget and look at some collections. For general info on cubes look at Sandy's site and for more collectors my favourites collectors info. There is also a great discussion forum where you can post your questions about twisty puzzles on Wayne's site.  A great discussion forum on speedcubing you can find on Most of the puzzles you can buy via ebay or online stors, but for special puzzles you would need to trade or the visit the yearly Cube day in The Netherlands or the IPP. A good site to learn to speedcube and solve THE cube is on my friends site Ron. For other puzzles solutions look at my friends site Jaap.  For puzzle building look at my pages and Wayne's  home pages.