Rubik's Cube: One-handed
1-200, 201-400
2011 minute 37.4 secondsHeath Littonn/a 
2021 minute 38 secondsNathaniel Wongn/a20080811
2031 minute 38.23 secondsKenny KornTiming myself to distract to myself.20070902
2041 minute 39 secondsJacob WildesDone with my new speedcube from Chattahoochee competition.20070328
2051 minute 40.92 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis was a nice solve as i normally say. And i think that it went together pretty good. i beat my old time by 5 seconds so i am on my way to under 90 sec. i just need to get the F2L under 1 minute. I did this with the right hand as well as the 2x2x2 and 4x4x4 time.20060416
2061 minute 42.65 secondsBrian Nicole UyThis is my fastest time ever in one-hand solving!Philippine Cubers Association20071017
2071 minute 43 secondsScott BellI beat my record by only 4 seconds. I think I can do way better.20080731
2081 minute 47.56 secondsAdam BensonGetting better. Trying to use some of Chris Hardwick's tips.20051119
2091 minute 48.53 secondsEdward PangThis is around my average 1 handed solve time. I almost messed up on the last layer while doing the Z-algorithm.20080424
2101 minute 49 secondsJoe Guihann/a20080625
2111 minute 49.81 secondsPhil KouU' R L' D' F2 D2 L2 R D2 F' U' L' U2 D' L2 R D2 F R2 U2 R2 F' L2 B2 F2 To me, it's not bad. got the F2L done in 56ish seconds. I was trying to beat Vinson Chen's 4x4 time, but then I somehow did a one hand solve with a 3x3.20071227
2121 minute 52 secondsJustin ViningFinally broke 2 minutes!! I don't know how you guys do this.. 
2131 minute 53 secondsCorey DufordI have a very hard time with one handed cubing but its fun. 
2141 minute 54 secondsJori Cazilhacn/a20050315
2151 minute 55.78 secondsTyson MaoDone on a Stackmat. I started with both hands on the pad and put my right hand back on the pad right before I was done.20040310
2161 minute 56 secondsIan WinokurGo Jaspers! 
2172 minutes 4.13 secondsBrandon Garnerthis is kinda slow. but still i beat my previous record.20080826
2182 minutes 5.85 secondsRommy BarghoutPasadena - July 10th US competition20040710
2192 minutes 6 secondsJoel Smithn/a20061113
2202 minutes 6.30 secondsRyan JewWOW! I am getting much better at one hand.20080519
2212 minutes 6.88 secondsYuri Pertsovskin/a20040220
2222 minutes 13 secondsFabien NugierWhat a stroke of luck!20050108
2232 minutes 14.13 secondsKyle RineNo comment20080523
2242 minutes 15.60 secondsKyle SpringmanThis is pretty difficult, but it's fun. My hand hurt after doing it about 7 times though. 
2252 minutes 16.40 secondsQuinn L'HeureuxThis was a good time for me, it is my current best.20080301
2262 minutes 18.50 secondsAaron ZiraGetting better. 
2272 minutes 18.76 secondsAlex Pattersongetting smoother20060202
2282 minutes 21.07 secondsHanson SoBig Advice to everyone: Stick with either One handed or Two handed because.My times in two hand has slowed down by 20 seconds. But my times in two hand has increased by 1 minute. So you should stick with one thing because after a while, your hands won't work well together. 
2292 minutes 25 secondsJibril Caratini-SottoI didn't think I could do this, but I did !! 
2302 minutes 25.98 secondsRobert HankWasn't lucky. Used a watch timer with hundredths of a second so probably would have been a little bit quicker with a computer timer, but only a very little bit.20060108
2312 minutes 26 secondsGuillaume Collinn/a 
2322 minutes 29.12 secondsNathaniel Dayn/a 
2332 minutes 32.56 secondsTaylor Lemmouch. www.hoochcube.com20061220
2342 minutes 38.06 secondsThom BarlowDone with online timer. Getting video of it online soon.20050727
2352 minutes 43.14 secondsMike HugheyThe time may be slow, but I did this while juggling 2 balls with the other hand. They discontinued that category, but said I could enter it under another category. I'm still not that good at one-handed solving, but I'm pretty good at juggling.20070407
2362 minutes 45.38 secondsTyler BarchekI just started doing OH yesterday so I'm happy with the result today.20090510
2372 minutes 57 secondsJohn BoydOn a plane back to US from India.20071201
2383 minutes 2 secondsBruno Azevedon/a20050810
2393 minutes 3.5 secondsAren GatesI'm working on it. 
2403 minutes 5 secondsEirik StrÝmFirst try20080121
2413 minutes 5.27 secondsJunior TaittReally difficult.20071102
2423 minutes 5.52 secondsColin Schnackern/a20070602
2433 minutes 8.34 secondsBen WilsonAbout my third or fourth attempt. My hand hurts now!20071015
2443 minutes 11.41 secondsEtienne MillonMy last time was about 15 minutes. 
2453 minutes 13.26 secondsJake Chong:], I have no clue how people solve this in 14 seconds.20081231
2463 minutes 14 secondsBlake O'Haren/a 
2473 minutes 15.18 secondsMichael RiggsI'm still working on this one handed thing, I just started today.20081127
2483 minutes 19.46 secondsPeter Douthwrightn/a20070309
2493 minutes 21.76 secondsZac PayneThis was my 4th attempt. I'm 15 years old.20070720
2503 minutes 21.98 secondsBrandon Shelinenot very good..20070414
2513 minutes 23.07 secondsMax MaupinGot this time with my lubed cube using my left hand while timeing myself with the timer on the rubik's cube home site20070220
2523 minutes 27 secondsPeter Sandorn/a20061017
2533 minutes 27.81 secondsEmerson CabreraUsed layer-by-layer Dedmore method. I'm trying to learn some other methods.20071027
2543 minutes 31.04 secondsMatt JohnstonMy first time after a little two-handed cubing. I just started a month ago. 
2553 minutes 34 secondsDennis Strehlaumhhh.not that good.but okay.20070516
2563 minutes 38 secondsRobbie Hookevideos of me20080811
2573 minutes 43 secondsJim GoodwinThis was my second try, my first was over 6 min. This was harder than I had expected it to be, there is no way I can get even close to Hardwick's time. 
2583 minutes 43.41 secondsGonzalo OrellanaMi first time doing the cube with one hand :S20071212
2593 minutes 46 secondsJainash DhanaMy hand is so sore, I need to WD-40 my cube!20060316
2603 minutes 48 secondsClyke ToseNeeds work.I've only done it a few times.20070320
2613 minutes 56 secondsChris AlmichI was amazed at my improvement. Usually I get around 6 or 7 minutes and this wasn't even a lucky time. Still not even close to the leaders, and never will be.20050617