Rubik's Cube: One-handed
1-200, 201-400
112.17 secondsTakumi YoshidaU F2 R' B U' R L' B R2 U' F2 L2 F2 D2 L' D U2 F D F2 L' R F2 D' F20080930
212.22 secondsBrian LoftusL2 R B2 F2 L R' D U' B' D U2 F2 R2 D' U' L2 D2 R' U2 F D2 U F' D' R' 20080820
312.27 secondsRyosuke HigoMy weblog20080114
412.43 secondsTakuma Akutsu R' U' R2 F2 R L2 D2 R U' L' F2 L' R2 B' R' F B' R' D2 F' B2 R' L D' B20080607
512.81 secondsRama Temminkgot the T oll with the ''sexy moves'' and corner three cycle.
Just normal pairs. P
612.86 secondsLee Jae-YongR B2 D U2 R' L B' D2 B2 U2 R B2 U B F2 D U' R2 B D F2 D U2 F D' wow,it's unbelievable. it's a best scramble. and it was edge cycle.20070329
713.02 secondsGábor RókaIt has a only a good 4 moves Xcross and after a fullstep solve.20081009
813.18 secondsJohannes LaireZBLL20080426
913.36 secondsLee Seung-WoonU B' D' F U' D2 L' U' F U' D B R B' R' L' F' R' B U' D2 L B R' L2
My goodness!! This is Luck => OLL + PLL !! :)
1013.41 secondsMarc van BeestD U' F2 R2 L D' B2 L' R D2 R B2 D' R D2 B L2 B' U2 L2 R' B R B' L2 (bottom = Cross)
Easy extended cross, very easy F2L + 6move oll + L-pll
After 1 minute I realize that my solve tóóó fast S
Video soon on :D:D
I'll never have a solve like this. :(
1113.81 secondsNico Kupfer16.87 no skip20080623
1214.78 secondsAndy TsaoD2 B U' F2 L R2 D L2 R2 U2 D2 R2 B2 U F' D B L D U2 F2 D2 U2 R F'
Dang that went by quickly
1314.84 secondsJason BaumR' U' R2 F2 R L2 D2 R U' L' F2 L' R2 B' R' F B' R' D2 F' B2 R' L D' B
Extended Cross: y D R' D'
Second Pair: U L' U L
Third Pair: y U2 R' U2 R U R' U' R
Fourth Pair: y' U' R' U R U' R' U' R
OLL: U' R U2 R' U' R U R' U' R U' R'
PLL: U R2 U R U R' U' R' U' R' U R'
First sub 15!
1414.90 secondsGunnar KrigCrazy solve. I'm working on solving the OLL togehter with the last pair, and this solve had one of the cases I know.20080523
1515.33 secondsErik AkkersdijkPractise pays off20090106
1615.61 secondsBertalan BodorGood:)20090510
1715.98 secondsEmerson HerrmannIt looked like a difficult scramble :\ I was spaced out for like 98% of the solve, just thinking about everything else while my "cubing subconcious" was cubing. I was pretty excited when I got this OH rocks!20081003
1816.60 secondsKen Hagiwaran/a20070623
1916.92 secondsSong Jae-Hyukscramble : U' B2 F' U D' B2 F2 U R D' F' B F L2 F U' D2 B2 D' U2 B' F2 L' B L' I got it! An X-cross and easy F2L and OLL made this record.20070825
2017.11 secondsMilán BaticzFirst I made a 2x2x2 block (6 moves), after that I solved the cross (4 moves), and that I used Fridrich until the end of the solve. It was non-lucky. This method is better for OH than Fridrich I think.
I have 4 non-lucky solves under 19 seconds :)
Practise, practise, practise.
2117.15 secondsPhil ThomasR' U' R2 F2 R L2 D2 R U' L' F2 L' R2 B' R' F B' R' D2 F' B2 R' L D' B
Takuma's scramble. Nice :)
2217.64 secondsPedro SantosU F' R2 D' B F2 D' U2 R2 F D F L' B2 D' L' B' L' U' R' U D L' D R2 (White on top)
WOW! What an amazing solve. Had a not good OLL but still a great time :)
my solve:
z2 R x y' R' F U z' U R U2 x2
y' R U' R' U2 R U' R'2 U R
y' U2 L' U L
y' R' U R
y' F' L' U' L U L' U' L U F (I kinda tilt the cube so it becomes more like U and R)
U' (R2 U' R' U' R U R U R U' R') U'
2317.81 secondsRowe Hesslerwhile practicing at US open..Mitchell Stern scrambled and witnessed the solve.wont beat this personal best for a while..:)20070620
2417.98 secondsDaniel LundwallEasiest non-lucky solve of my life. :D20080624
2518.17 secondsDerrick EideYES! SUB 19 YEAH!! D
Scramble cross on D: U2 F2 U' L' R2 D2 U2 B' D B R2 D2 R2 B F2 U2 F D' R F' L2 R' U' L U2
2618.35 secondsPiotr KózkaNormal solve, just very fluent, with no delays20080403
2718.38 secondsAnssi VanhalaThe LL was sune and G.20071115
2818.65 secondsMichael GottliebNothing special, just a fast solve with an A perm at the end. I got it on the cubemania timer :)20080509
2918.68 secondsJack MoseleyU' L2 R' B' F L2 D2 B2 U2 B' D2 F' D L' B2 F' D2 L2 R' D2 U B2 D' U L2 (cross colour on top)
This was done for a weekly competition so I have the scramble this time. 6 move x-cross average F2L 7 move OLL and U perm.
3018.77 secondsJohn LwinIt was one of those solves where the cross is really easy 3 moves. F2L seemed to pair up magically, as I went along lol. Fast T oll and fast 3 cycle corner.20050828
3118.93 secondsFubo Wangn/a20081213
3219.03 secondsGilles van den PeereboomDone in my 25.33 average. Just a nearly perfect and quite easy solve.
It's my first sub20 non lucky solve. I get about 1 sub20 solve per day, but usually with OLL or PLL skip.
Hopefully a sub20 time in a competition soon. :-)
3319.19 secondsKacper PawlaczykTimed on my mobile phone - it was 19.1x in fact ) Sune OLL and edge 3-cycle PLL.20070401
3419.31 secondsZalán Mihály
3519.66 secondsToshihiro Oonon/a20070303
3619.67 secondsSon Chang-HwanMy site 20071123
3720.24 secondsEmile CompionD2 F D' R D2 U2 R2 L2 F' R2 B' F2 L2 U' R B L' B L R F L2 F U' L'
Fantastic solve! Extended cross and fast cases, although my OLL could have been better.
3820.34 secondsAlex SeidlerI was averaging like 35. I got this and I was like WTF? haha20071015
3920.68 secondsJosh TashiCool20061023
4021.03 secondsWuqiong FanCrazy solve!!!
F2L in 11 seconds. NonLucky F2L was a bit easy LL was RU2R2FRF'RU2R' and Uccw.
4121.04 secondsEdouard ChambonNot lucky but perfect. Done at Gilles' home while training with Thibaut and Aurelien.
Roissy ca a trippé !
4221.61 secondsJoël van NoortTimed with my cell phone. It was probably a little faster, because I have to stop the timer by pushing a very tiny little button (not quite as easy as slamming the space bar). I did this in the train on my way to the Dutch National Championship 2006.20061028
4321.95 secondsJ.B. CañaresI could do much better. www.philippinecubersassociation.org20080915
4422.20 secondsOu ChenNonlucky, so not too bad.20081021
4522.77 secondsDavid ShiNon-lucky except for a 4 move cross.20081119
4622.83 secondsRyan PatricioSorry Joel. I can let you beat me that way -) Non-lucky. Done in my 26.25 average on 6/23/05.20050828
4723.12 secondsJohn ChenMy best time
4823.80 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20090510
4923.89 secondsJoshua Lin/a20070822
5024.05 secondsYuji YoonMy best time - single20070831
5124.22 secondsStefan PochmannThanks to Chris and Dan Dzoan and Mitchell Stern.20070705
5224.27 secondsAaron McGhieWow this felt nice. I just never stopped turning the cube. I even got one of my worst plls.20070709
5324.36 secondsSinpei Araki:D20070117
5424.48 secondsOuyang Yunqin/a20081021
5524.59 secondsWismer ChristianOLL PLL was Fish and 3-Edge Cycle.
Can be watched at you tube Title: (Rubiks Cube one handed solve (24seconds)
5625.53 secondsYi Rentoo superise to solve it in 27 seconds(sub35)20090214
5725.59 secondsYoon Soon Seungvideo20070119
5825.61 secondsShiQi Pengn/a20080830
5925.64 secondsRyosuke MondoNon-lucky.20061210
6025.71 secondsYuto HosokawaR' B2 R U' R' B2 L D2 L2 U2 B2 D2 L' B2 D F2 B' D B2 U D' B L D R220080320
6126.30 secondsThomas WatiotienneWaooo, what a speed solve!!! can't believe it!! (my best lucky solve is 25.48)20070806
6226.84 secondsJustin Cañaresburger!20080607
6326.94 secondsAndrew KangCool solve xP. Need to practice LL's more.20060707
6427.67 secondsPeck Ern-Minn/a20081231
6528.04 secondsLucas Garronn/a20070630
6628.92 secondsDavid Bergmann/a20060113
6729.53 secondsBob BurtonI have broken 30 seconds a few times now. This one should have been smoother, but I locked up a bunch at the end. Visit my site.20070607
6830.04 secondsFrançois SechetDid that a while ago. I think I averaged around 35-36s back then, and that was right before the IdF championship, so I have no idea why I did so badly. Was still a European record, but still. Chris watch your back.20050121
6930.30 secondsRishi KumarJust done casually. I don't have time to practice rite now, but if i did, i think i could avg low 30s in a month or so. we'll see. 
7030.46 secondsKåre KrigNot lucky, but still cut 10s from my previous best.20061110
7130.83 secondsLeyan LoR B2 D2 F L F' L U' R2 B2 D' B' F2 D L' U2 L' U2 D2 B' U' R2 L2 B2 L'
7230.94 secondsArthur AdamsScrambled with white on top blue in front:
F2 R2 B R2 D2 L2 U' F' L F2 D' F R D F U B' L' U2 R F U2 R' F' L'
z' R' F U D' F2 R' x' D' y2 U R U R' U' y' R' U R y' R U' R' U R U R2 U2 R U' R' U R2 U2 R2 F R F' R U2 R' U2 z' y' R2 D2 R' U' R D2 R' U R'
7331.13 secondsJarek Nowickiunoffcial record of Poland:)20050624
7431.17 secondsBernett Orlandonon lucky, but perfect smooth solve. The other time I got today was 26.61 sec which was lucky-PLL skip.20070320
7532 secondsShotaro MakisumiThanks to Chris for the inspiration.20040725
7632.29 secondsMichael AtkinsonYES!! I beat my record! Only three seconds away, Chris, better hurry up.. 
7732.72 secondsTakuma ShirahaseD' R F2 U2 B' U' F2 B2 L U B' R B' D R D R D R U R' U R2 U B'
My site
7833.25 secondsMáté MüllerIt wasn't lucky, just good. No mistakes, a perfect solve.20070629
7933.36 secondsYinJia QiuPerfect solve, I did the x cross in this case, and it works really well, 3 other pairs are really easy. This incredible time amazes me. I think sub 40 is possible for me, the key is to get used to the Last Layer Algs. I have 16 more OLL algs to learn, hope I'll get sub 40 be4 world championship 2005. Chinese Pride (DBHS) 
8034.00 secondsTatsuya Ookubon/a20060501
8134.03 secondsOlivier GaucherA good solve without any break (I had a G for PLL so I lost some time) 
8234.17 secondsOlivér PergeI have to practise OH.20071021
8334.45 secondsMichael SwanI used the Petrus method. There were 2 bad edges, and the last layer was COLL then 3-edge cycle.20080903
8434.47 secondsDavid AguilaIt was a great solve, some catches but overall very nice got this while taking an average.20070212
8534.58 secondsArman Ruwen BurgosPart of my PB average of 44.53 seconds. This was probably an easy solve. Not lucky. This is considered fast in my school because not everyone can solve it consistently at this time two handed.20071214
8634.59 secondsAlex Kumakin/a20081206
8735.08 secondsLee June KyoMy OneHanded Video 35.08sec : video
quote soon, I will make a homepage.
8835.15 secondsTobias DaneelsBest time of my best average ever.20070618
8935.54 secondsJason ThongD' R D2 R2 U B2 F2 U' L F U2 D2 R' F' U2 L2 U L D' U' F R B U' L2 This was some 2 months ago. I got a very easy last layer though it wasn't lucky.20050921
9035.78 secondsRonald Herbert Dunphydone while spinning a book on my right hand. would have been about 32 sec without the side show.20080731
9136.00 secondsFrank Morrisn/a20050408
9236.45 secondsEnric GrauF L D' L2 F U' F2 B' D L2 U2 D R D B2 L' B D' L2 B L' R U' D2 R
non-luck just a normal but fast solve D .
9336.63 secondsArif Julian3 move cross, F2L is easy, My Indonesian Cubing Blog20081206
9436.82 secondsBrian LeWow, a sub-40.20070622
9537.26 secondsNorachet Dangyain/a20080224
9638.67 secondsChristophe ThiriotNot lucky but easy F2L. Training for french championship.20060417
9738.79 secondsHadley SheffieldYESSSSSSSSS! Full step!

Anti-sune + J perm! Wow!
9838.81 secondsRon Herbert DunphyThe mumble bee.20080707
9939.36 secondsKenneth GustavssonMy first record in ages that made me really happy. It was a little lucky having an easy xcross but the rest was great! My second OH record for the day, previous was 42.12 but sub 40 is far better, it's a barrier broken =)20080623
10039.77 secondsWillie SiauYES! first time sub 40.20081026
10139.94 secondsChris Dzoanfinally a sub 40 one-handed. no lucky case, just a little convenient20060130
10239.97 secondsNathaniel Christianhehe ummm.oops? About as lucky as i could get without being offcially "lucky" except for that G permutation at the end. (LIONS)20050705
10340.25 secondsJussi Lahtinenn/a20071121
10440.41 secondsAndrew ChowI kinda wish I did that one normal, I think I could've went sub-15. T OLL and 3 corner switch PLL. Couldn't ask for anything easier.20061031
10541.46 secondsBrent MorganHopefully I can break the 40 second barrier soon. Visit my site!20051114
10642.57 secondsTristan WrightQuick cross, then the 4 slots just perfectly fell into place, next personal record will have to be sub-40!!20061110
10743.02 secondsChi ChuMy best average of One-handed is not good yet. It's above 1 minute.20060205
10843.68 secondsAntoine Simon-Chautemps:o)20070411
10944.03 secondsJason KovacicUsed Leyan Lo's Scramble above (6)20050705
11044.18 secondsDuane Calln/a20050822
11144.20 secondsEric Hatchi only do a one-handed average every once in a while and i have been getting around 60 secs but when i got this time i was pretty excited and have decided to concentrate on one-handed for a while. oh and this solve was not lucky.20051221
11244.25 secondsVicente Lorenzo Cabahugthis was unexpected. my average is usually 55 seconds. easy solve20081231
11344.30 secondsDoug Lin/a20060830
11444.48 secondsEnrique Floresyes!!
Scramble: B2 D F' L' B R2 U' D' L R2 B' F2 L' F R U L2 B U' B2 R B' U2 D2 F2
11544.85 secondsAndy PittsAfter only 2 months20080119
11644.87 secondsYeom Seok HoonNot including lucky cases. 
11745.04 secondsAlan TanOMG THIS WAS SO FUN =D
I only tried OH round a few days ago. So safe to say I suck >.< But this one was crazy =] OLL and PLL skip though so it was really lucky.
Oh well.
11845.35 secondsPatrick Jamesonn/a20070614
11945.67 secondsJoseph LiaoNon-lucky case, Stefan's website is awesome :), one-handed is very fun :D. Don't forget to go to my site. 
12046.04 secondsTim ReynoldsL' R B2 U' D2 L' U' D2 B2 F2 D2 L2 R' D' L U' R2 U L' R2 D2 F D' U F2
Getting better every day.
12146.22 secondsDD Crowjust practicing for 3 weeks, need more practice to get faster20070712
12246.50 secondsJoe Allenlots of practice. december 2003200312
12346.65 secondsRafael W CinotoB' R2 U L2 F2 B2 U2 F' R D2 U2 L2 D F' L2 D2 L2 D' U' B2 F2 U2 D' F2 B'20071221
12446.71 secondsAnthony BenisVery slowly improving. I'm still trying to practice finger tricks.20070918
12546.81 secondsWarren LiaoThis is a non lucky case. I finished the F2L in around 26 seconds, and the rest on OLL and PLL. My current average is around 56 seconds. 5 months since beginning of cubing!20050422
12647 secondsHamish Wattdid this on a plane, so could not get very accurate time but this is close enough. fastest in NZ??20060110
12747.05 secondsCharles BouchartI did it during the class ! I did 47.98 sec too !! I will check at all chris hardwick and michael atkinson tips! my website 
12847.23 secondsMichael FungTimed with "The ultimate Rubik's cube® timer version 2.1". I used F2L, COLL and PLL.20050502
12947.26 secondsTimmie WongI gotta one-hand is seriously lacking right now.
13047.60 secondsCraig BouchardDerrick: Took about 6 tries to beat it.Fairly easy solve.20060316
13147.68 secondsFrançois CourtèsFirst unlucky sub-50 :-)20090201
13247.80 secondsOmas Abdullah4 move cross, F2L were all R U'R, cept for one, OLL was another R U R' U R U2 R', and PLL was a 3 edge cycle, yay yay :)20070624
13348 secondsMatt WilderHave broken a minute a couple of other times.this one may have been slightly lucky, though I can't remember whether or not I skipped a stage. Done in the Airport on the way back from Australia. 
13448.15 secondsCorwin ShiuNon lucky, first sub 50!. I'm having a good day! Broke all my records and my DIY came like a week earlier then expected.20070712
13549 secondsMarco Hemkenleft hand. (i'm right handed)
really 48.something but i don't remember.
13650.34 secondsTimothy Hon/a20071019
13750.67 secondsCharlie ConleyWow recently I have been practicing a lot more. It's paid off!! My old record was 1:15.xx. . This is AWESOME!!20080813
13851.24 secondsBordage BertrandNot including lucky cases. 
13952.56 secondsBrad SampsonAwesome!20071222
14052.67 secondsSeungHo Choin/a20031024
14152.89 secondsOtto von HellensMy first sub-60.20080119
14253 secondsTony Snydern/a 
14353.96 secondsGrant TregayThis was the best time obtained while taking an average - it wasn't technically lucky (didn't skip any steps), but the last layer had fairly easy steps, making a big difference with one hand. 
14454.22 secondsThomas Le Rouxn/a20060525
14555 secondsPellepennan AspelinI made this record just before I was joining the Swedish championship in 1992. There Lars Petrus beat me - but he was using two hands :-). Today with a little practice I think I can make it in about one minute. When will there be a championship for one-handed-solvers? 
14655.19 secondsJon Santostrying to get faster20080417
14756 secondsSatoru J. NodaNot including lucky cases. 
14858 secondsRoss PalmerThe kids in my math class made me practice until I was able to do it in less than a minute. Took a couple days to get used to it, but this time went very well. 
14958.39 secondsJeff SoesbeAt Exploratorium contest in Jan 2007.20070121
15059 secondsChris GilsdorfFinally--sub 1 minute is mine! This was the very last timing of my 1-handed avg, and no steps were skipped, although I had easiest cases for most of them. 
15159.35 secondsTan Yu Songn/a20080206
15259.47 secondsChris Wilkinsonmulti slot second pair20090308
1531 minute 0.05 secondsTimo KarvonenDamn that was almost sub-60 :)20070718
1541 minute 0.63 secondsSyoji Takamatsun/a20061103
1551 minute 1 secondMike Kotchso close to sub 1, i havent been practicing this at all20090510
1561 minute 1.35 secondsAndrew Smithwewt20090201
1571 minute 2.59 secondsThomas BischofNot a really easy solve, but not difficult either. Done at the Exploratorium Competition.20050115
1581 minute 3.93 secondsAlex WalkerFull Fridrich solve, using (some) algorithms custumized for my freakish left-handedness.20050705
1591 minute 4.30 secondsJohn ShepardI just started OH a week ago. I want have an average sub-50 in about a month or so.20070627
1601 minute 4.43 secondsOliver WolffMy 3rd attempt ever. 
1611 minute 4.97 secondsAlex Baileyi neeeed to improve.20071030
1621 minute 5.66 secondsAlan NguyenAlmost sub-60!20090214
1631 minute 6.53 secondsUmmon KarpeI got new cube4you cubes for the Berkeley Fall competition. First session of one-handed cubing and my record dropped from 1-29 to 1-06! Decided to give my hand a bit of rest for the competition the tomorrow. Hope it isn't too late for my fingers do recover. I use Petrus one-handed :)20071117
1641 minute 6.72 secondsAaron ZhaoAlmost below a minute.20070529
1651 minute 7 secondsJustin Eastman3 look LL could have easily been sub 60.I was talking too somone joking around and had a horrible f2l (40s+). I'm really getting curious how fast I can go with 2 look LL. 
1661 minute 7.24 secondsMike TryczakI sprained my right index finger really bad. Since I one-hand cube with my left hand, I decided to utilize the time to practice. This is the result.20050323
1671 minute 9.36 secondsVernon Rodriguezmy fastest, whoooo!20071201
1681 minute 10.67 secondsDavid WesleySet during 2003 world championship.20030823
1691 minute 11 secondsAdam GéhinMy goal is to break the minute soon. 
1691 minute 11 secondsFrançois DellacherieLL was rather lucky.20060412
1711 minute 11.11 secondsRay WangWow, all ones just like my old record for a normal solve.20070814
1721 minute 12 secondsClément GalletYou can do it while eating :-) 
1721 minute 12 secondsZach Steinn/a20071201
1741 minute 12.15 secondsTyler Wilkinsonn/a20070503
1751 minute 12.29 secondsDan GosbeeHand sure hurt like heck after this one.havent done the 1 handed in years..not bad for an old guy i suppose.. 
1761 minute 15.63 secondsAndrew RoleyExceptionally easy manipulation; everything lined up. Will take a while to improve on this time.20070403
1771 minute 16.31 secondsChris SzlatenyiNot Lucky. I'm trying to get better one handed but it's not easy - Kudos to those under a minute. I'll be there soon I hope.20041004
1781 minute 16.72 secondsBas Tullemansn/a20070507
1791 minute 17.70 secondsRachel Fongneed more one handed LL20080429
1801 minute 17.99 secondsChristopher Mullercan't remember the exact time but it was an easy F2L.20080623
1811 minute 18.06 secondsBryan Chengyay sub 1:2020070701
1821 minute 18.75 secondsCory HarnishDid this while i bored used f2ls and dan knight's three look last layer method. now for the challenge to get under 1 min. 
1831 minute 19.87 secondsJasmine LeeThis is more fun than it looks. I wonder if I'll ever be able to get sub-1min one-handed? Jasmine's blog20051204
1841 minute 23.50 secondsDavid Ozennen/a20050714
1851 minute 24 secondsDylan Fryemeh20080701
1861 minute 25 secondsAntoine Piaun/a20080104
1871 minute 27 secondsWill Klauslerit hurts my wrist after a while20090201
1881 minute 27.89 secondsJon RogersThis was the first time I've timed myself one-handed in a while. It's over 30 seconds faster than my previous fastest time. 20070205
1891 minute 28.18 secondsShelley Changyay? 
1901 minute 29.21 secondsShuichi Katsumatathis was my third try but still after this my hand has acking.20051214
1911 minute 29.50 secondsDennis Loosen/a20090510
1921 minute 29.36 secondsNeil Karpen/a20071117
1931 minute 29.82 secondsRyan MahEasy as pie. mmmmm.. pie. 
1941 minute 30 secondsBaian Liuwoo20071226
1951 minute 30.02 secondsCaio Lafetá3x3x3 solved 1:30 with one-handed20070919
1961 minute 31 secondsKrishanu Roy SankarThis helps my hand dexterity, which may help me in violin for different bowing techniques. I've done the 4x4x4 one handed, but haven't timed yet. 
1971 minute 32.21 secondsFrank RodriguezMy best as of 5/24/07. Got lucky :D20070523
1981 minute 32.88 secondsPeter BabcockMy second run at the championships. 
1991 minute 33.93 secondsJoshua Woelmernot bad- i need to work a lot more on this. Plus i could always use a newer cube.20070411
2001 minute 35.5 secondsTrevor HollandI get really bad cramps in my hand if I do it more than two times. ouch.