5x5x5 Cube
1-200, 201-400
2015 minutes 25.59 secondsKenneth BrandonSet during 2003 world championship.20030823
2025 minutes 29.38 secondsAlex StewartThis is my best time. I hope to be getting A LOT faster.20070104
2035 minutes 30 secondsAlan NguyenThis was done a while back ago.. Solved by matching the center 3x3 pieces then the edges matched. Finally solved as a normal 3x3x3 cube from there20061127
2045 minutes 36.77 secondsBrian LeDid at school library. 20070622
2055 minutes 40 secondsMichael Travisbeen solving it for only 1.5 months now20051015
2065 minutes 42.73 secondsBen KingHad my cube about a week now. KamscRcc20051124
2075 minutes 43 secondsChaewon Minn/a20080903
2085 minutes 44 secondsDillon Beesleyi did this in a combo solve and just looked at the clock when i got done so i don't know how many hundredths of a second. Have had my eastsheen for 3 days now and this is my PB, hoping to lower it to under 4 minutes in about a week.20081109
2095 minutes 44.61 secondsCarl-Johan KjellanderGot my EastSheen 5x5x5 today, and after lubing I lovered my record by 3.5 minutes, compared to the time I had with a borrowed one before. Just goes to show how much the hardware counts. 
2105 minutes 45 secondsEdouard ChambonI did it in a classroom. I let you imagine how boring was the schoolhour without cube. :) 
2115 minutes 45.36 secondsYifan WangJust 6 days after I learnt how to solve 5*5*5!20080317
2125 minutes 47.14 secondsSimon Chanineverything went well. no luck. centers at 2 minutes, edges by 4:45. i wish i had done that at the competition..20070331
2135 minutes 48 secondsYunZhu Li:) My Site20080118
2145 minutes 48.72 secondsAaron McGhieI actually got this exact same time 2 times in a row and yes I made sure the stackmat was reset.20061010
2155 minutes 49.87 secondsTrevor HollandI have no idea how anyone can do this in under 3 minutes :P
Also check out The Definitive guide to buying, lubing and maintaining a speedcube! Good luck to all!
2165 minutes 50 secondsAlbin ThorningSmooth solve, thought ahead a lot. Have to learn more OLL and PLL algs to cut more time off . 
2175 minutes 59.35 secondsNeil FleckYES!!! I beat 6 minutes. Im getting good at pairing up the edges. 13 years old!20051117
2185 minutes 59.66 secondsThomas BischofFrank Morris was asking if anyone besides him was going to do the 5x5x5 at the Exploratorium Competition, so I decided to go for it. I got this solve in, the third in my life (I had never seen a 5x5x5 before the competition or tried to solve one) but didn't finish the other two solves.20050115
2196 minutes 2.23 secondsGlenn FangHey world,im Glenn from Singapore.At the age of 13,Im probably the youngest 5x5x5 Professor Cube solver in Singapore.I do not speedsolve,my best time though,was 6:02:23.20080504
2206 minutes 11.33 secondsJeff SoesbeNorCal Tournament 2005. First 5x5x5 in a tournament, and it was a great one for me.20050917
2216 minutes 16 secondsTyler Wilkinsonn/a20070426
2226 minutes 17 secondsChaz Strangen/a20050909
2236 minutes 18.48 secondsIan Winokur(Lions & Jaspers).20040731
2246 minutes 21 secondsBen CoateFirst solve in 2 months. college kills cubing.20060218
2256 minutes 27 secondsShotaro MakisumiThose evil center-corner pieces keep coming out of their places! I probably lost 20 sec because of that. I use Meffert's Prof. Cube, but I guess I'll have to buy the Eastsheen one pretty soon. 
2266 minutes 28.68 secondsDaniel Sheppardhttp://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page20080506
2276 minutes 34 secondsEdward Kwokno skips, this was like my 5th 5x5 solve ever lol.20080111
2286 minutes 36.58 secondsAlex WalkerGot a 5 about a month ago, but I find the 3 a bit better.20050707
2296 minutes 43.99 secondsJuan BustosMy best time.EastSheen cubes are the best.I've only done it for like two weeks.20070625
2306 minutes 44 secondsZach Steinn/a20071201
2316 minutes 47.58 secondsBruno JorgeFinally I end one solution in the 5x5x5, good time and the cube turned well. I am near of Shotaro Makisumi, it will be a pleasure to became faster in the 5x5x5 than him.20070226
2326 minutes 50.34 secondsJohannes Trispeln/a20090510
2336 minutes 51.70 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinI did this awhile ago just have not posted it. So i dont remember much but it was a little faster, but it seems i cant get past that 7 minute area. Need new method probably. Oh well at least i can solve it.20060515
2346 minutes 53.61 secondsHeath LittonI need to get faster. 
2356 minutes 54 secondsMichael RiggsI'm still working on improving my time.20081127
2366 minutes 55 secondsRoma KudinovAnd this is only the beginning!20080308
2376 minutes 56.56 secondsDD Crowafter having it for 1 week, i finally can solve it under 10 minutes, need a better and more effective method20080415
2386 minutes 58.76 secondsJim Herronn/a20050816
2396 minutes 59.65 secondsMattias BerglundI used a friends cube. Must get a 5x5x5 of my own so I can lower my time. I have to be really careful with his. 
2407 minutes 7.63 secondsConnor GrievesI suck at edge pairing20080325
2417 minutes 9.40 secondsSteve WithingtonBeginner method.20071027
2427 minutes 13.50 secondsAlex Goingssecond time trying to solve it 5x5 is so much easier then a 4x420080607
2437 minutes 15 secondsSatoru J. Nodan/a 
2447 minutes 19.54 secondsBrad SampsonThere were 10 minutes left in math class, and I didn't think I could make it, but I did. 5:21.96 off of my previous personal best.20080116
2457 minutes 29.19 secondsLevi Linvillegetting better, hope to crack 5 min soon20071125
2467 minutes 30.96 secondsMackenzie BlakeYES i destroyed my old PB by about 1:30. very fluent and kind of lucky my cube didnt pop again. i did this solve about 3 minuits after putting my eastsheen 5x5 back together.20080623
2477 minutes 35.69 secondsDavid Chungn/a20090510
2487 minutes 37.20 secondsAaron ZhaoNeed to get faster20070509
2497 minutes 40 secondsAdam Aricomy freind let me have his professor cube over the weekend and I allready know how to solve a revenge so I was practicing the 5x5.i didnt know how to solve one untilthis weekend.I figured it all out by myself then started timing myself. this is my fastest time so far but ill post a new one if I get a new one20070520
2507 minutes 41.94 secondsDavid HoggeFinally broke 8 minutes! Used www.rubiks.dk timer. 
2517 minutes 42.57 secondsJames WattBeen a while since I tried.
JarHead Cubing
2527 minutes 50 secondsGarth A. DickieNew centers operators slightly lucky on u and d edges. 
2537 minutes 58 secondsPeter BoneSolved by layers using a method I worked out myself.20060612
2547 minutes 58.92 secondsAaron ReidUnder 8 minutes! Wow im proud!20071213
2558 minutes 0.58 secondsOle Bonnichsenn/a20080801
2568 minutes 9.70 secondsTyler YarnelliVery good for me20080903
2578 minutes 15.45 secondsFulvio Tornaghirestarted to cube after 6 month being completely inactive ^_^20071108
2588 minutes 21.43 secondsJim MunchI got a better method to combining the edges in about a third of the amount of moves I was able to shave about 10 minutes off my time.20050602
2598 minutes 31.21 secondsMason HoffmanBeat my old record by 2 min 20 sec (I havent timed myself in a while)20070314
2608 minutes 32.50 secondsDennis Strehlaufirst time, that i stopped the time.
let's see what my best time will be.
2618 minutes 37 secondsMarcus Smithi was even rushing so...20090510
2628 minutes 37.15 secondsChristian Jewellnot a bad solve, i really need to twist faster, and learn some more edge swapping algs
2638 minutes 38.50 secondsMatt Buehnern/a20080427
2648 minutes 38.77 secondsDoug Reed3rd time I have timed myself. Also my first sub-11 minute solve. 
2658 minutes 41.32 secondsJohn Donegan6:30 am in the morning with no sleep. 
2668 minutes 41.61 secondsTom van der ZandenFirst sub-10 solve ever. I've been cubing for quite a while now but I've only recently (yesterday) learned to solve the last two edges (thanks to Jacco)20080310
2678 minutes 42 secondsJustin ViningOwen Hall SE4 :) 
2688 minutes 44 secondsMarkus PirzerThis is the first time I've done it in less than 10 minutes :-) Most times I need between 10 and 15 minutes. 
2698 minutes 45.03 secondsManjinder KainthYESSSSS!!20080329
2708 minutes 46.72 secondsAaron ZiraThat cube later blew apart I'll do better once I get a new one. 
2718 minutes 50.61 secondsTyler AasFirst 5x5x5 solve using a computer timer. Centers first solving method.
My Website
2728 minutes 55 secondsStephane VosgienBefore to enter this site, I was thinking I was the first one! lol. 
2738 minutes 58.47 secondsJordan Smithi've been doing sub-10 minute runs while watching my wall clock and decided to give it a go on an online timer. my site20051103
2749 minutesDanny PflughoeftBigger doesn't necessarily mean harder.heh. 
2759 minutes 1.25 secondsJustin Lehehe, my best time. im only 11 years old and i have small hands.20080827
2769 minutes 13.88 secondsJohn LouisLearning from Bernett.20071114
2779 minutes 15 secondsDylan MooreI was afraid to post for the longest time because my times were embarrassing in the high 20 minutes. This feels much better. 
2789 minutes 19.40 secondsJeremy SalterThe V-Cube makes my solves much faster. Previously I couldn't break the 10 minute mark.
I'm unique just like everyone else!
2799 minutes 27 secondsOwen Downesim not very good at this only been doing it for a few weeks now, and only learnt how to complete the 3x3 last week. this is my best time so far, but how do guys do it so fast that's just mental!20070401
2809 minutes 34.41 secondsMichael TrasenteNot the best at the Professor, but I'm pleased that I got my time sub 10 minutes.20070923
2819 minutes 35.49 secondsWelton Leung20080712
2829 minutes 36 secondsKyle RenfroFast solve personally. This is the second time I ever timed myself solving a Professor's Cube.20071217
2839 minutes 40 secondsAlasdair MacBeanGot my first rubiks cube about a month ago (3x3x3) then a 5x5x5 for my birthday a few weeks later and just gota 2x2x2 and 4x4x4 for xmas yesterday so im quite a new cuber. Just learnt how to do it blindfolded!!20061226
2849 minutes 47 secondsAdam BensonSecond trial, felt very slow so another time would probably be better, spending a lot of time looking and not doing anything.20051024
2859 minutes 49 secondsHakop Goorjin/a20081026
2869 minutes 56 secondsJason HildebrandI just learned how to solve the centers without having to use trial-and-error (thanks Jaap) and am getting MUCH BETTER times now. Sub 10 minutes!! wooohooo!20040213
28710 minutes 30.78 secondsBrantley MillsI can't believe I got a time this good since I have not been working with the 5x5x5 long. Centers went great, and did not run into trouble with edges. 20060802
28810 minutes 33.50 secondsAlfred Ferwerdawant a sub 10.20061211
28910 minutes 35 secondsBrendan McClurethis was a rather hard solve i had trouble at the begining then i got the hang of it near the end of the solve.20060421
29011 minutes 6 secondsChris AlmichThis is the second day since I got this cube. I solved it in 5 hours after I got it. I think this is a pretty good improvement :).20051025
29111 minutes 10 secondsTim SullivanI'm no good at speedsolving techniques, so I solve the centers and edges and solve like a normal 3x3x3.20080723
29211 minutes 13.04 secondsJustin OllilaSo close to the 10 minute barrier.20090201
29311 minutes 27 secondsThomas FerrisMy roommate clocked me while we were on a road trip and I was simultaneously following directions as the navigator. I think I could be faster, but this roll had a lot of lucky breaks. Until next time. 
29411 minutes 32.82 secondsJerry Rowlandumm my personal best 5x5 solve need alot of work on the edge pairing and 3x3 solve part only 15 years old learned 1 week ago 20080401
29511 minutes 40 secondsCharles HuynhWith 22 algs and 6 days to learn20071221
29611 minutes 41.70 secondsFrançois DellacherieMy first try at this. I do it purely intuitively.20060311
29711 minutes 43.88 secondsJon DresserI think this is my personal best, even though I encountered three 'impossible configurations' I still don't know of a good way to prevent that. *sigh* 
29811 minutes 48 secondsTyler BarchekThis was crazy good for me! I had never speed solved it before and tried to and took 6 minutes off my pre-fastest time ever!
Don't be hatin on a slow pr... faster than all my friends by a ton...
29912 minutes 2.97 secondsAdam WhiteI'm back on the first page again!20071214
30012 minutes 10 secondsAlan TruongLearned the professor's cube in one day. 
30012 minutes 10 secondsTyler DicouMe again. I learned it in 3 hours my first time. Used same method as 4x4 and 11x1120060316
30212 minutes 30 secondsJason GrochmalNew personal best. 
30312 minutes 45.37 secondsFederico MarcelliIt's not so fun like the original and classic 3x3x3 rubik's cube. 
30413 minutesRobbie HookeCheck Out My Web Site20090308
30513 minutes 3.62 secondsPatrick MillerAttitude is everything. Thinking "I can!" instead of "I can't!" makes the biggest difference!20090308
30613 minutes 12 secondsRafael Laperaln/a20080622
30713 minutes 12.38 secondsNathaniel Dayn/a 
30813 minutes 31.86 secondsDavid EraniAfter getting so close to the record in this category for the four by four i timed this carefully. 13 min. is number one but it still sucked. i should have waited till i had silicone spray on hand. The cube doesnt turn and I had one face piece pop. Pretty efficient solve considering that the three by three part was about one fourth of the solve. (3 min+: Yes the cube is that slow.) Let's Go Lions. 
30913 minutes 32 secondsDavid GoldbergMessed up a bit doing the centers but recovered quickly when putting the wings together. Overall pretty good solve. Will shoot for 10 minutes.20070430
31014 minutes 31 secondsJason TellezGot it for Christmas. I've been using the 3x3x3 layer method modified for the 5x5x5. Unfortunately I can't recognize the "parity" error until fairly late. Usually costs me another minute to fix. Still plenty of places to pick up some time though.20060203
31115 minutesMitchell Grosofskyrevenge of the mitch20050205
31215 minutes 2.70 secondsChonlathep Kitsinthopchaihttp://video.mthai.com/player.php?id=11M1185577600M0
31315 minutes 18 secondsSébastien Marsn/a 
31416 minutesElias Hernandez CapdevilaA good puzzler is not someone who solves 3x3x3 in less than a minute, but who solves 5x5x5 and Square 1 (the most difficult puzzles) with no limit of time. One of the best moments of the day comes when I solve my 5x5x5 or Square 1 sitting on the bus back home at night, in a 20 minutes journey. 
31516 minutes 15.01 secondsAtte TanskanenI got the cube a week ago. It's still really sloooow.20050330
31616 minutes 20 secondsAlex Tarasiukn/a20071203
31716 minutes 21 secondsAlan SchraderFirst sub 20 minute solve. beat my old record by a lot. I've probably only solved a 5x5x5 about 10 times, so I think this was somewhat decent.20070405
31816 minutes 47 secondsRichard Nagyn/a20060224
31917 minutes 22.24 secondsRobert McCannn/a 
32017 minutes 25 secondsAdrien Guiraln/a20070430
32117 minutes 30.59 secondsMatt PoreI'm goin' for first place! 
32219 minutes 18.87 secondsJustice FordIt didn't feel like it was fast, but it was smooth. I can do better.when I get my own professor cube. 
32319 minutes 42 secondsBen Rohrigi got this 2 days ago and without a solution book i used the 3x3 and 4x4 solutions to solve this www.alchemistmatt.com showd me how to do these solutions. happy cubing everyone!!!20060714
32419 minutes 43.45 secondsTK Kim19 minutes!
it was the second time i solved it.
im sure im faster now
maybe 15 mintues?
but professor's cube takes SOO LONGG
the middle part.
i need to kno how to group edges.
32519 minutes 53.71 secondsDavid WigrenI managed to solve it the same day I bought it! Hope I can get faster since I only solved it three times so far. 
32620 minutes 56.34 secondsJudah van WeesMy first time i timed it20080505
32721 minutes 50.67 secondsAnker Peetthis is gangsta20080229
32831 minutes 43.62 secondsRafael AlgarinThe stackmat timer only goes up to thirty minutes. 
32937 minutes 19.52 secondsJacques-Edouard GutknechtHi, it is the second time I solve the Professor's Cube.I have only 14.20070701
33038 minutes 46 secondsBrandon Griffithmy second solve isn't too bad20080523
33144 minutesJon Landermanfirst solve ever. Used tiny 2 1/2 inch crappy stiff ebay piece of poo. I WANT A MEFFERTS!!20060602
33245 minutesRobert SummerhaysTyler still. this is getting old
Tyler taught me all my cubes!!