5x5x5 Cube
1-200, 201-400
11 minute 12.08 secondsMichal HalczukMade in school on phisycal education.Edges + centers made in 53 sec,just good 3x3x3 for me.Muahuahua20081213
21 minute 12.11 secondsBreandan McElhillDamn you Michal!! at least my time is a palindrome P next goal is 1:11.11 but that wont be soon since this time is 5 seconds faster than my previous PB haha! video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPlUqWsn1oo20081219
31 minute 12.31 secondsHsuan Changnice one !! 3x3 is about 17 seconds20080214
41 minute 12.40 secondsDan CohenYeah :D Part of a CRAZY average20081116
51 minute 12.94 secondsErik AkkersdijkAt Dutch Open, Hakan needed his cube solved for the competition so I solved it. Bad F2L, got like 5 pairs xD
Witnessed by Hakan, Sébastien and lots of others.
61 minute 17.83 secondsMichael GottliebUnbelievable time and first sub-20. The edges step was very easy but no actual skips. Finished with an F perm.20080827
71 minute 19.53 secondsMilán BaticzGetting better.
Practise, practise, practise.
81 minute 20.99 secondsErik AkkersdijkNo idea what my PB is actually... (also no idea what .xx should be xD)
Go Ron!
91 minute 21.34 secondsKamil Zieliński:) good time20081206
101 minute 21.79 secondsDerrick EideYeah! I finally did it! :)20090201
111 minute 22.23 secondsRon van BruchemFinally some improvement again. I have been practicing the 2+2 pairing (instead of making triplets) but somehow my look ahead is very bad (averages around 1:50). This was done with the triplets on my Olympicube.20080429
121 minute 23.89 secondsPhil ThomasYes! sub 85! Getting closer to sub 80, Redux was a little over a minute20090201
131 minute 25.02 secondsJohan HolmedahlYes! My 3 sub 1.30 And I get it on film to! )
141 minute 25.78 secondsTakayuki OokusaThis record was suddenly visited on the day of the WCA2007 :)20071015
151 minute 26.31 secondsToshihiro Oonon/a20071228
161 minute 28.33 secondsEmile CompionFantastic!20081123
171 minute 29.77 secondsMats Valkgood time for me
normal average 1:47
181 minute 32.52 secondsJack MoseleyYes!!! This was pretty suprising, it was only my second solve of the day. Very nice edges look ahead and pretty easy 3x3 solve.20080820
191 minute 33.86 secondsLevi ReicheltEpic20090308
201 minute 35.25 secondsPiotr KózkaDone on Eastsheen cube. Normal 3x3x3, just very fluent edges with almost no delays.20080211
211 minute 35.33 secondsGunnar KrigI've been pracicing the 5x5 a lot lately, and it's starting to pay off.20090201
221 minute 35.80 secondsJon ChoiWow, very fluid. Sadly (for me), Michael Gottlieb and Dan Cohen are still better than I am. :)20080417
231 minute 39.02 secondsBertalan BodorFinally I got a sub-100s.20090106
241 minute 39.19 secondsMarco Iamontescramble
f' r D U' R B' F U2 L' u' U b R' f' D F' B2 u2 r2 L2 b2 l2 B' r F2 L' D' U' F2 L b d l2 L f' L2 d B D' U' b2 f2 r2 b2 l R2 B r U f2 B' U2 b2 B' r2 U F2 l2 R2 F
Centers in 28s~ Edges in 57s~ CF2L in 13s~.
I skipped OLL and PLL.
251 minute 40.54 secondsMátyás KutiWOW! Centers around 30 sec. edges around 1:20.
I'm pretty fast in the 3x3 phase.
261 minute 40.93 secondsNobuaki Sugan/a20081029
271 minute 41.03 secondsBernett OrlandoStill, I feel I have room to improve my edge pairing up. But, I need some expert to help me!20071015
281 minute 41.36 secondsPer Kristen FredlundYeeaahh . :D What a peculiar wrist workout this was. I saw clearly every next alg i was gonna use with no delays and the final centers came out quite nicely with blocks for me to sort out. Done with a less than 3 weeks old cube i got from Tyson in Orlando. Many thanx to him :D20051123
291 minute 42.06 secondsJak SonesPretty awesome.20080714
301 minute 42.52 secondsTatsuya Ookubon/a20070521
311 minute 43.17 secondsMichael FungTimed with 'The ultimate Rubik's cube® timer version 2.1'. I used an eastheen 5x5x5 cube.20060914
321 minute 43.99 secondsRama TemminkDone with AVG method an hour later I dropped my Mefferts cube and my cube was suddenly bumpy.
Turning in a new Mefferts 5x5x5 hopefully it will break in ASAP because 5x5x5 is my next goal.
331 minute 44.50 secondsMarc van BeestYEeeeeeHAaaa!! Broke my previous record with less than a second. But a PB is a PB -)
Done in my 1 min 58.85 sec avg. :D
341 minute 45.18 secondsCameron AlmasiOmg i do not know how this happend but it just did. V-cubes rocK!. but i think it was because i tried looking ahead before permuting,20080915
351 minute 46 secondsRichard MeyerUsing a hybrid method, block on L, centers, pair, finish with Roux20080320
361 minute 46.23 secondsOlivier GaucherI practice again the 5x5 after a long break. I still have to improve the first part of the solve. This solve was approxomatively 38sec for centers 46sec for edges and 22 for the 3x3 part. The second part was perfect. The sub-2 average is not far.20060426
371 minute 46.75 secondsOlivér Perge2nd day with my new black V-cube. No practise on 5x5 for 5 months so not bad for come back! ) Finally a great quality 5x5!! Now i'm often sub-2. P20080720
381 minute 46.99 secondsMilo DiPaolan/a20081005
391 minute 47.08 secondsJason BaumThis is really fast for me! I'm starting to practice 5x5x5 more. I'm using my own edge pairing method, based off of 6 pair 4x4x4 method.20090214
401 minute 47.18 secondsClaes HedinThat was awesome! :D20090308
411 minute 47.41 secondsLars VandenberghYou can't win if you don't try!20070703
421 minute 47.91 secondsJoshua MichalikMy first sub-2 solve. Unbelievable!20090510
431 minute 48.52 secondsMartin Choon/a20081012
441 minute 48.92 secondsJosh Bergnonlucky solve actually. ever since two sub-twos at armonk comp(my 3rd and fourth ever actually)ive been more motivated than ever.20080515
451 minute 49.34 secondsFrédérick Badien/a20061013
461 minute 49.42 secondsMatt WalterYeah!! So close to the world record. 20061217
471 minute 51.18 secondsFrank MorrisDone during a local performance.20050301
481 minute 52.72 secondsJoël van NoortDude, this was a weird solve! I didn't even feel like I was going that fast.. I was just really not thinking about what I was doing.. I guess I was 'in the zone' :D. 20060915
491 minute 55.94 secondsDoug Lin/a20060919
501 minute 56.94 secondsDan HarrisMy first sub 2! My goal is for a sub 2 average at WC07, see you there!20070830
511 minute 58 secondsRicky SeatonI had 12 edges to line up and no parody!20080430
521 minute 58.14 secondsClément GalletWith Olivier's cube (of course). Very good centers (about 35 sec), but the 3x3x3 cube could be better (about 30-35 sec)20050515
531 minute 58.89 secondsVille SeppänenStill my only sub2. I need Vcubes, this was with ES.20081116
541 minute 59.23 secondsTobias DaneelsWoohoo, just did my first ever sub 2 solve.
Also I had an average record.
552 minutes 1.84 secondsHakan DenizV-cubes are awesome.20081231
562 minutes 3.37 secondsChris Brownleeworking on it20070701
572 minutes 3.62 secondsWillie SiauSo close to sub 1min! Did it in a hotel in Tokyo :P20090214
582 minutes 4.13 secondsStefan Pochmannn/a20070529
592 minutes 5 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20090510
602 minutes 6.53 secondsNicholas Hofast and smooth solve, easy last centres :D centres last rocks :D20081007
612 minutes 7.53 secondsJimmy Colln/a20061209
622 minutes 8 secondsDavid WesleyThis was not a lucky case according to the definition but the pieces were lined up rather nicely most of the time. It's all about having a good technique for lining up the edges. Centers are very important too, but easier. I try to put two outer edges of the same colour in the middle layer (often it doesn't matter what position they are in relative to each other) and then put the middle edge in the middle layer aswell. Finally solve all three together. 
632 minutes 10.81 secondsPatrick JamesonI like me Eastsheen :)20080317
642 minutes 15.40 secondsTon DennenbroekA very nice solve.
b d' u' b r' d2 b2 u' d F' b2 U r U' u' l B2 U' D l2 d' U2 l2 D2 r' L d B' D2 U' r d' U2 r' D r' L2 D' l B' U r2 D B2 F' U f2 l d' L2 U2 l' U' f2 D d2 r' U' d' L2
Youtube ton
652 minutes 16.81 secondsJohn Phungn/a20071221
662 minutes 18.27 secondsKoen HeltzelAt a Dutch cube meeting.20060212
672 minutes 19.75 secondsAlex Baileysub 2:20! i love my v-cube!20080926
682 minutes 21.05 secondsSébastien AurouxNot bad! -)
I'll hopefully average this soon.
692 minutes 22.44 secondsRobert SchlichtWorking for sub-2:30 average by May 120090510
702 minutes 22.69 secondsHenrik Buus AagaardI have to go faster!20071107
712 minutes 23.91 secondsScott JacobusAwesome Centers
Amazing Edges(No Stoping)
Good 3x3 Solve(Messed Up On 2 F2l Slots)
722 minutes 24.67 secondsCamden Dwellethat was fun20070409
732 minutes 25.07 secondsOuyang Yunqin/a20081012
742 minutes 26.38 secondsAnssi VanhalaNice20061102
752 minutes 28.68 secondsFrançois CourtčsSub-2:30 :-)20090214
762 minutes 30.09 secondsMatthew MillardTrying to catch Clancy20080910
772 minutes 31.21 secondsPéter Trombitásso close to sub 2:30, what is my goal! i made a 2:45 average of 5 within this solve. I won't stop!20081231
782 minutes 34.15 secondsSiegfried Alexander Benthienit was really good solve for me.
i had to do 30 solves the hours before that day
792 minutes 34.36 secondsTom WeinreichOut of the blue, way faster than my previous best. And still far from a perfect solve!20080304
802 minutes 34.63 secondsRobert HomayoonMy new record as of now for the 5x5x5 cube. This was with the V-Cube 5. Check out the solve on video! 5x5x5 Solve - 2:34.6320090308
812 minutes 39.83 secondsHadley SheffieldWow! Hope ot hit this tomorrow at Chattahoochee 2009!20090510
822 minutes 39.86 secondsMichael SwanOver the past 3 days I have had a long series of improvements. I only had slight improvements at a time, and then I just got this out of nowhere, and I improved my time by 10 seconds.20081213
832 minutes 41.12 secondsOliver WolffPart of my new best average. Pairing up edges in about 60 sec is very fast for me but still 55 sec for centers and 45 sec for solving as 3x3 definitly is toooo much.20050902
842 minutes 41.92 secondsMáté MüllerYayy! V5 rocks!! I have it since yesterday. My best with ES was 3:20. now my 12 average is better!! V-cubes 4ever!20080927
852 minutes 42.16 secondsSyoji Takamatsun/a20071113
862 minutes 42.52 secondsBrian Nicole UyThis time happened on one of my official competitions.
Too busy to cube now as in I cube only once a week.
Philippine Cubers Association
872 minutes 42.53 secondsJonathan Chuangthis is a fast solve cos i skip some edges.20080506
882 minutes 43.69 secondsTrevor DavilaMy goal is a sub-2:30 average.
892 minutes 44.07 secondsMike HugheyEverything was really smooth on this solve. 9 seconds better than my previous best.20080423
902 minutes 45.30 secondsJ.B. CańaresNothing special. Need to improve some more. I don't practice 5x5 that much. www.philippinecubersassociation.org20081127
912 minutes 46 secondsThom Barlown/a20081031
922 minutes 46.96 secondsMasayuki AkimotoSet during 2003 world championship.20030823
932 minutes 48.48 secondsMohsin Azmatdone after 65 3x3 solves 50 magic solves and 1 5x5 solve
Beat that Will!
942 minutes 50.28 secondsCraig BouchardDid this at school with a bunch of little kids watching.It felt good :)20060408
952 minutes 51.08 secondsAlex Kumakin/a20081119
962 minutes 53 secondsPatrick KellyLooking to work in my 5x5 Rubiks and get better times.
My site
Computer Cleanup
962 minutes 53 secondsMike Kotchi cant believe it my 1st sub 3 . this was probably the quickest ive ever done the edges20081219
962 minutes 53 secondsWill Klausleron the bus20090214
992 minutes 53.07 secondsJay CummingI'm getting better and better. My edges take forever compared to Dan and othersbut I'm getting there.20080810
1002 minutes 53.09 secondsTyler AlbrightThis is one of only a few sub-3 solves I've done. I average around 3:30.20090510
1012 minutes 53.83 secondsTim TilstraFirst time under 3 minutes!20081206
1022 minutes 53.99 secondsArthur AdamsI should be faster... :(

Oh well. Superb centers, mediocre edge pairing.
1032 minutes 54 secondsJames Wrightn/a20080206
1042 minutes 56.54 secondsAnthony BenisI even blanked out on an OLL alg. couldnt think of it when looking at a big cube.20080120
1052 minutes 57.00 secondsHugo MeloFirst time sub-3 minutes and frist of the day. Very slow, but decent.20090510
1062 minutes 57.22 secondsKĺre KrigJust another minute to cut.20061002
1072 minutes 58.53 secondsTim ReynoldsFirst sub-3 time.hopefully I can get consistently sub-320061125
1083 minutes 2.69 secondsCristiano Alban/a20070326
1093 minutes 3.52 secondsAndrew KangThanks to 4x4 work, my 5x5 also improved!20060523
1103 minutes 4.04 secondsTommy GustavssonA good time for me, using V-cube.20081127
1113 minutes 6.34 secondsThomas ClementSo close to the 3 min. This was a smooth solve alot of the edges were easily visible while solving the other edges. The centres could have been smoother and the 3x3x3 solve was a bit crap. I can totally break 3 mins.20080928
1123 minutes 6.61 secondsBrad DavisDone on a ES lubed 5x5. I still use a layer by layer method for the 3x3 portion which slows me down alot.20080707
1133 minutes 7.56 secondsParker Gaitleyi got 3:20 at school yesterday which wa my fastest yet so i decided to do an average and got this and alot below my previous best of 3:40. oh wait i average under that. lolz 20050929
1143 minutes 7.57 secondsAlex Egana week before i achieved this time i acheived my first sub 4. now i'm looking for a sub 3. this was on my v-cube 5 =]20080820
1153 minutes 9.94 secondsRoland KovácsThanks for Gábor Schmíz for the cube.20081031
1163 minutes 10.50 secondsRyota Nakaharan/a20060520
1173 minutes 10.55 secondsGrant TregayAfter doing better than expected at the 2003 world championship, I decided to take a new average and this was my best time.20030827
1183 minutes 18.39 secondsLucas GarronThe beginning of the end of my slow 5x5x5 solves :-) Video20070706
1193 minutes 18.84 secondsRavi FernandoMy last solve at US Nationals. I could probably average sub-3 with a better cube. See my site. [Team Epsilon]20060806
1203 minutes 21 secondsDanny Whiten/a20070815
1213 minutes 21.01 secondsChristopher FosterWow.It seemed really fast. New PB! ( My youtube)20071027
1223 minutes 23.08 secondsAya KataokaIt recorded this time in the Japanese conference 2006.20061112
1233 minutes 23.40 secondsSean ConnollyFinally broke my personal best by about 9 seconds and now sub-3:30. In the words of Homer Simpson "Woo-hoo!"

Sorry for submitting many 5x5x5 records Ron, just been getting better and better and knew this was coming!

Cosine-Systems Website
1243 minutes 23.95 secondsAntoine Simon-Chautempsn/a20080408
1253 minutes 24.68 secondsJohn HoffmanA little better.20061210
1263 minutes 25 secondsChris GilsdorfI don't know HOW the heck I did that!! I did every step of the solution. My average is about 4 1/2 minutes. (PS Webber) 
1273 minutes 27.38 secondsAlan TanThis was for an avg at home =D I was. once again beastin like mad XP And I did this. really relaxed too o.O
I'm hoping to get sub-3 min sometime soon.
1283 minutes 28.27 secondsMartijn BakkerI want sub 3 min.20081116
1293 minutes 28.55 secondsBertrand BordageUsing my system for big cubes not including lucky cases.20050201
1303 minutes 28.68 secondsJacco KrijnenImproving, I've still got a terrible look-ahead.20080324
1313 minutes 30.06 secondsBob BurtonI finally see some improvement! Visit my site.20070601
1323 minutes 30.75 secondsTakuma ShirahaseMy site20071113
1333 minutes 34.72 secondsThomas Stadlermy first sub4 solve by using my own method.
Stadler method on my web site
1343 minutes 35.55 secondsEric Hatchand its my first sub 4 minute time20060224
1353 minutes 35.62 secondsStephanie AligbeJust got this cube yesterday and I've been practicing almost non-stop. I feel pretty good with that time. Only got PLL parity though no OLL. 20071012
1363 minutes 36.56 secondsJeff GoetzThe last time I spent much time with this puzzle was about a year ago. I've still got it in me.20050106
1373 minutes 37.81 secondsRadu Faciuvideo20080727
1383 minutes 38.96 secondsPablo Ruiz Camposwww.rubikmx.com20090510
1393 minutes 43.11 secondsRoope Rapon/a20080917
1403 minutes 47.17 secondsKenneth GustavssonIn a world of V5 and Es, I did this on my Rubik's Studio!20080731
1413 minutes 50 secondsEthan ArmbrustThis is my first sub-4 minuet solve!20081015
1423 minutes 50.13 secondsJon Santosjust a smooth solve20080417
1433 minutes 50.81 secondsGarrett DickersonJust got an East Sheen, took 2 minutes off my old time.20070204
1443 minutes 53 secondsErik JernqvistDid this while listening to "Fear of the Dark". My third time breaking 5 minutes :D. Video of a 4:11 solve20060212
1453 minutes 54.39 secondsGriffin KinleyMy best non-lucky solve20090214
1463 minutes 56.03 secondsMartin ZahradníkIt's very good for me. :-) I use my own method.20061227
1483 minutes 57 secondsMichael SwartBroke my own four-minute barrier! Thanks go to Grant T and others for tips learned at the WC 
1493 minutes 57.78 secondsMason Saucierbig cube times are starting to lower :)20090510
1503 minutes 58.02 secondsCharles BouchartThanks to Stefan for his really nice alg !! It helps me a lot !! www.biskru.fr.st 
1513 minutes 59.47 secondsBryan O'Connorwhen i was 12 it took me about 5 and a half minutes to 6 and a half minutes to solve this now im 13. it takes me about 1 minute to solve the centers 1 and a half minutes to solve the edges and the 3x3 solve at the end is what really brings up my time but i'm still happy i got a sub-4 minute time. =)20080622
1523 minutes 59.58 secondsDuane CallYeah! I managed to break 4 minutes (just barely though).20050408
1534 minutes 1.01 secondsJohn-Austin ShepardMy fastest time with the rubik's 5x5.20070502
1544 minutes 4.34 secondsJoshua Lin/a20070529
1554 minutes 4.39 secondsAndrew Roleyno parities20070613
1564 minutes 6 secondsDan KnightsI used a new tiled 5-cube from Meffert, and it was thoroughly scrambled. 
1574 minutes 9.84 secondsBrian OdomGetting closer to a sub-4 solve.20081127
1584 minutes 10.93 secondsPatrick GornyMy fifth solve of a 5x5x5 cube (white eastsheen)20080926
1594 minutes 15.16 secondsDavid SwartThanks to Grant Tregay for the tips.
I should stop being lazy and learn a < 4 look last layer.
1604 minutes 16.59 secondsDavid BarrI love Vanessa. 
1614 minutes 17 secondsWuqiong FanUsing ES5 the 3rd day. Sub-3min is possible.20090201
1624 minutes 18.47 secondsNick CrawfordGood time for me. I'm terrible on the 5x5.20081231
1634 minutes 19.71 secondsRyan JewDone at Berkeley Fall 2008.20081231
1644 minutes 22 secondsDylan FryeI'm surprised there's not more people doing this one! It's so much better than the 4x4 (no parity!) and I got my Eastsheen for free!
1654 minutes 27.58 secondsRafael W Cinotou2 U L2 u f' L f' D' L2 r' u2 F2 L B' f2 r' D F f R' l2 b L' U2 B' d b L2 U' b l B2 F' r' L D' B' b L D R' r B U' r2 u' U b r2 D2 U' L U2 l d' r' R2 u' b B20071221
1664 minutes 28 secondsCampbell HewettMy best solve so far on a very bad Rubik's 5x5x5. I hope I can lower this when I get the V-cube 5x5x5.20080702
1674 minutes 29 secondsMarcus StuhrMy best time. Never again will I submit a Professor Cube to such a speed it eventually broke within a day of this solve. Ungh. 
1684 minutes 34 secondsAndrew Webbern/a 
1694 minutes 35 secondsYi Renwith v-cube520090214
1704 minutes 37.35 secondsRon Herbert Dunphytake that space coyote.20051205
1714 minutes 37.83 secondsChris ParletteI adapted my edge-pairing techniques from my 4x4x4 to the 5x5x5 and it made for a very smooth solve with almost a minute off my WC2005 time.20060418
1724 minutes 38.68 secondsOtto von HellensNon-lucky, with orientation parity (2 edges flipped in the last edge-block).20080329
1734 minutes 38.89 secondsAndy PittsAfter a month and not a whole lot of practice20080118
1744 minutes 40.22 secondsNikko Decembranothis is my best solve.20080227
1754 minutes 43.35 secondsWilliam MurdockFirst time under 5 mins20070723
1764 minutes 44.08 secondsJohan HillerströmSet at the Chalmers Open 2005 in Sweden.20050605
1774 minutes 45 secondsJoël HeymbeeckWith a decent cube I can really be faster. Pairing up many edges in the same move really helps.20050519
1784 minutes 45.35 secondsJacob RuethSet during 2003 world championship.20030823
1794 minutes 46.03 secondsFernando M. F. NogueiraUsing my own method, i dont play much with the 5x5x5, 4x4x4 is funnier. 
1804 minutes 48 secondsMark Koenenn/a20080317
1814 minutes 48.50 secondsBlake O'HareAlmost there. 
1824 minutes 48.90 secondsMatt Petersonit was a clean solve, no luck, had the edge parody so that had to be done. it could've been faster if that hadn't happened. all in all, it's still a good solve =)20090510
1834 minutes 50 secondsNoah Heveyn/a20070228
1844 minutes 51 secondsScott Bellhttp://thesixfaces.wordpress.com20081012
1854 minutes 52.89 secondsDan MathesonJust hit sub 5, with barely sub-1 on 3x3, should be much better soon :)20090201
1864 minutes 53.05 secondsJefferson Jamessub 5 and my goal is sub 3 by the end of the year.20071209
1874 minutes 53.49 secondsJoshua WoelmerI love 5x5s- no freaking parities to work around. This was an exceptionally fast solve. Hopefully this can be my average soon.20071118
1884 minutes 54.21 secondsGiulio ChiminelliWell my cube is still too stiff: my hands cry.20060531
1894 minutes 55 secondsMat WetherbeeFirst time breaking 5 minutes.20090510
1904 minutes 56.01 secondsBen SeversonFirst sub 5, just got my 5x5 yesterday. I expect sub 4 within the next few weeks! :)20071225
1914 minutes 56.37 secondsTristan WrightCursed Rubik's 5x5, need to get an eastsheen.20061004
1924 minutes 58.30 secondsBack Tae-YoungI showed 555 Cube solving to my brothers childrens. They were saying "What a surprise!!" / "Wow!" (( 20060401
1935 minutes 2 secondsAlfie DentGetting better, still not bad since i'm thirteen20090201
1945 minutes 4.68 secondsYodvarit Prukthichaipatn/a20080408
1955 minutes 5.34 secondsPeter BabcockSet at the Midwest Competition 2005.20050129
1965 minutes 7 secondsRommy Barghoutn/a20060901
1975 minutes 19.85 secondsJasmine LeeMaybe one day I can get sub-5-mins!20061125
1985 minutes 21 secondsRuben Helmstaedtern/a20081116
1995 minutes 22 secondsDennis LooseI just got my new V-Cube 5 and tried it out instantly. This was the result.20090201
2005 minutes 23.54 secondsNicholas LeungVancouver Summer Open 2008.20080622