Rubik's Cube: Blindfolded
1-200, 201-400
20240 minutesRadu Faciu2cubes. my 3rd attempt, and i got it :)20080801
203n.a.John White(John White was the first person to officially solve a rubik's cube while blindfolded) 
203n.a.Dan KnightsSee my site. 
203n.a.Gaétan Guimondsee 
203n.a.Lars VandenberghIt must be a VERY weird sight seeing me doing it. I use this Santa hat to blindfold myself. 
203n.a.Grant TregayI finally did it! It was a great feeling, after working on the cube for probably half an hour without seeing my progress to look and see that the cube was indeed solved. 
203n.a.Frédérick BadieThanks to stiff_hands. 
203n.a.Oliver Wolffn/a 
203n.a.Wei Jiunn JangThanks to Warren Liao for teaching me all the techniques about Blindfold cubing. I am not sure if this result is good enough but I am really excited about my first solve, and I found that there're records about this so I decided to post it.
start learning : June 28th, first solve : July 4th 2005.
It might be better if I spend some more time during the days. :)
203n.a.Abhishek G NandaThanks to Sachin Shirwalkar for giving me ALL the necessary cubing and BLD-solving techniques ( fundaes ;) ). after i got some hold on solving he asked me to try BLD (at 1 AM Nov 5th).. he gave me the sites to learn from.. learnt.. first attempt at 3 AM.. was very excited. but finally failed :(. did it on the 4th attempt at 6 AM :D (solving time: 35 mins :P )20051122