Rubik's Cube: Blindfolded
1-200, 201-400
124.81 secondsVille SeppänenAwesome! :D Scramble: F' L' U L' R' B R2 U' L' R D' U L2 R2 U2 R' D R D R' B2 D2 U L' R220090507
231.28 secondsRowe Hesslergot it racing with derrick. this record was unbelievable. and this time i actualy have the scramble! L2 R' D2 U B2 F' D F' L2 B' L' B2 F D B L2 B D B' F L D F' D U'
i was less then 2 seconds away from sub 30 which i believe is my limit in BLDsolving. the memo on this was probably 10. i didnt look at the timer though but it was fast. NOS is in a week XD
333.22 secondsAlexander YuVille speed much?
12 second memo
21 exe
freestyle for the ownage
440.30 secondsMilán BaticzUsed Ville Seppänen's scramble(27.39sec)(R B F R' D2 R D' U2 L B2 L R2 D U2 L2 R F2 L2 R2 F2 R U2 B U B).
It was really easy I think. I used 16 moves to solve corners(approx 4-5 seconds). Edges were like usual. Memo was 13 seconds.
I use commutators to solve corners and 3-cycles for edges(without orientation).
Practise practise practise.
542.81 secondsLin Tse-KanU' B' L' B2 U2 B L R' D' U' L' R B' F D2 U2 F R2 B2 F' U L2 R2 D2 F'
memo 14 seconds
pretty easy for 3op UDLRF2B2 system
648.11 secondsJoey GoulyReally easy solve, non-lucky. 2 edges placed. 1 correct corner. 2 corners permuted but incorrectly oriented.20080325
749.78 secondsTomasz KorzeniewskiFreestyle edges and 3-cycle corners D SCRAMBLE: L2 F U2 L' F2 U' F' R' F' U2 F B2 R2 B2 D2 L2 U B2 D2 B' F' R U2 F2 L'20080811
851.22 secondsKai JiptnerJust a try on Dan Cohen's scramble.
U' F' B' U D2 F U2 R2 F U' F B U F' U' B2 F U F B D2 U2 F R2 D
Done with my old standard system. My first sub 55 in ages. I'm experimenting with a 484 Images system and TuRBo edges and corners. But my times with it are in the 7min area D.
952.15 secondsAlex Cook On the day that Rafal beat the official WR for 3x3 blind, I beat my PB! Non lucky, four misoriented corners, two permuted corners, and zero permuted edges. Memorization was 20 seconds, so the execution was really good at 32 seconds. :-)20080608
1052.97 secondsBrian YuReally fast memorization, sub-20. Execution was great, no pauses at all, and the edges were done really quickly, corners pretty fast too. No parity.20090507
1155.01 secondsYu NakajimaVideo
1255.75 secondsEric LimebackFIRST SUB-1 EVER! Beat my old PB by 15 seconds :D
Done with Old Pochmann for corners M2 for edges. Completely non-lucky solve - only one piece (corner) solved no others were even unoriented.
Edge+Corner memo were both ~10 seconds each
= 20 second memo.and M2 is FAST. here I come NR :D
here is the scramble! )
B' R2 D2 B F D2 U' L F' D2 R' L B U' D2 R' U' D' R' U' B' D L' U D'
Totally not lucky!!
Memo was: Corners:BGWWOW/A
woo hoo!! SUB 1!! YEAH! D
1458.33 secondsJean PonsM2 R2 non lucky 25 s memo very fast solve20080626
151 minute 0.76 secondsPedro SantosL2 U2 R2 L' B2 R2 B2 U' L2 B2 D L2 R2 U' F2 U L U L D' U' R B2 L2 D'
Yeah! Almost sub-60! 27 memo
And execution was flawless :D
161 minute 2.00 secondsYuusuke KoikeScramble:F2 D2 L R2 B2 U L B2 L U R' F2 L2 B2 U2 F' U D L U R U L' B' D Use 3-cycle method without EO. CO was quite easy. This is my best time of non-luckey case. (My best time of luckey is 48.23)20080224
171 minute 2.97 secondsBertalan BodorMy previous record was 1:13.18 so I was surprised on this time. Before this I had two sub-70-DNF solves but it's almost sub-1:D I'm so happy. Two edges and one corners were in their place (I think it's not lucky). Memo was around 30 (not too fast) but the solve was very fast. Here is the scramble: U2 B' L' B' F U' B' D' U2 L' F' U' F R B' F2 L R B2 F2 U B F D' B'20080721
181 minute 7.80 secondsLucas GarronVideo
My BLD pages
I'm practicing 4x4x4 BLD and experimenting with freestyle 3x3x3 edges, and it's decreasing my memo times in general.
191 minute 7.81 secondsChi ChuThe 3rd time sub 70. Maybe 25 seconds for memory.
(3-cycling system)
The average time is still not good for me.
I need more practice.
201 minute 12 secondsDavid OrserNice setup for my method (modified Carr method). Good solving setup + easy to memorize (not always the same thing). 5 corners unoriented, 10 edges flipped, 0 corners placed correctly, 1 edge placed correctly. 109 turns. 20061114
211 minute 13.93 secondsDan CohenF' B2 D2 L' D' L2 B' D2 B U2 F' L D2 U' B R2 L2 B R D' U' L2 R D L2
Very easy. No parity. Was able to use commutators for some corners.
221 minute 14.97 secondsPhil ThomasUsing Tomazs'z scramble (L2 F U2 L' F2 U' F' R' F' U2 F B2 R2 B2 D2 L2 U B2 D2 B' F' R U2 F2 L')
231 minute 15.33 secondsBalázs Bernátwith a big mixture of methods. corners: old pochmann and 3cycle. edges: M2 and an easy case from TuRBo. it's good that i recognised them fast :)20080227
241 minute 15.64 secondsJason BaumI finally made the switch to M2 edges and it has done wonders to my BLD solving. My consistency is way up and I can almost always sub 2 now. One of my longest goals has been to be able to sub 1 BLD and I can finally feel it within my range! I just have to work on memo a bit more.20081119
251 minute 17 secondsMarcus Stuhr
261 minute 17.84 secondsSinpei ArakiL2 R D' U2 R2 B2 U F2 L B' L2 R2 B2 D L2 R B F' L2 B2 F2 R2 D2 F2 U2
OMG Scramble
CO + EO is very easy
This Scramble almost lucky. First Sub 80.
271 minute 18.05 secondsAndy TsaoEasy scramble = sub-80.20061023
281 minute 18.31 secondsToshihiro Oonon/a20070312
291 minute 20.09 secondsTim HabermaasF U L2 B D R2 B' R2 D' U2 R D2 F2 U F2 R' B' U D' F B2 R2 B U2 L2
2 edges and 1 corner already done. I tried to memorize as fast as possible(31s) and surprisingly i could recall everything without delays :). I hope i can become as fast as Kai someday.
301 minute 21 secondsEdouard ChambonJust wanted to post because I stopped practicing. Method Old Pochmann. Not lucky at all. Did that while drinking beers in Madrid with Samuel near Sheriff's house !!20080721
311 minute 21.40 secondsJohannes LaireI used Pedro's scramble, technically not lucky but really easy. It took 25 seconds to memorize, 8 to check everything, and 48 to solve. Believe it or not, this is my first succesful sub-2!
F' L R' D2 U B F2 L B2 D U' F L2 F R L F R2 D2 R L2 F B2 L' B'
321 minute 23.90 secondsTakuma AkutsuL2 R' D B' L F2 R' U L2 B U2 R D2 L2 F2 U B2 R L2 U' B D B2 L2 F2
BLD was done after a long time. Then, the new high was able to be put out mysteriously.
My site
331 minute 25.39 secondsRyosuke Higon/a20070404
341 minute 26.63 secondsAnthony SearleThis was an awesome solve. Nonlucky, only 1 corner and 1 edge solved. Here's the video:
I used M2 and Old Pochmann Corners.
351 minute 27.68 secondsDaniel LundwallEasy but non-lucky solve. :d20080624
361 minute 29.12 secondsOlivér PergeFinally sub-90! :) Not lucky but easy to memorize. Memorization was around 25 seconds, my execution is getting better and better. Now my times mostly under 2 minutes. 20071208
371 minute 29.94 secondsRyosuke MondoYeah! Sub90!
Solve:M2/R2 method
381 minute 31 secondsShotaro MakisumiAbout 40 sec memo in this solve. I can do near 2 min regularly on nice solves, but bad CO is bad news for me. I want to be 10 again. ;)20050628
391 minute 37 secondsJosh BerghOW did i get this???? im barely consistant and i average 4:30 if i even get it right, but sub-2 out of the blue20080318
401 minute 37.59 secondsMike HugheyScramble: U R2 F L U F' L U' B' D' F' R B2 U2 R2 B2 D R F B L2 F2 D U F
Just a little over 30 seconds memorization time.
A really easy scramble for M2 edges / 3OP corners.
411 minute 38.21 secondsJustin AdsuaraReally easy, but not lucky.20071209
421 minute 39.58 secondsOuyang YunqiMy first time sub-110,and it happened in Beijing Spring Open 2008,I'm very excited.It's interesting that I did 4:24 last year and I got a second, but for this, I was just the fourth.20080505
431 minute 40.17 secondsTyson MaoR2 B' U2 B2 R' B' D2 L' B2 U L2 B R2 D' U F' L' D' L' D R' F D F' B' about 39 seconds of memorization20050929
441 minute 41.61 secondsErik AkkersdijkDone while racing on the webcamchat witnessed by like 10 people. Scramble: R' F' L' R2 U' F' U' L B U' R L B U D2 L' F' L' D2 L' D' L' D U' R'
Crazily good for me! I'm definatly improving now! My 5th sub-2
Next is sub-1:30??? I need a better corner system and better memo.
De base fils!
451 minute 44 secondsDennis StrehlauYes!!
Third time under 2 minutes!!
1:48 min, 1:52 min and now 1:44 min!!
I am so happy!!:):):)
461 minute 44.92 secondsPiotr Frankowskin/a20070620
471 minute 44.97 secondsWuqiong FanMemorized in 50 seconds. I'm now averaging around 2:40.
U' F' B' U D2 F U2 R2 F U' F B U F' U' B2 F U F B D2 U2 F R2 D
481 minute 45.82 secondsDamian MyobNew personal best!
I got lucky got to skip last move, the move was done by itself.
491 minute 46.31 secondsClément GalletWith two 1:47 the same day. I just improved my OC method, and memorisation is getting faster and faster.20070828
501 minute 50.94 secondsGilles van den PeereboomUsing Pochmann v1 method, with parity.
1:30 is possible with this method ^^
511 minute 51 secondsFrançois SechetDid it a few days before EC06. time was 1:51.xx, but my computer crashed inbetween and I couldn't retrieve the exact time. I did other sub2 since.20061023
521 minute 55.53 secondsPiotr KózkaI have to work on my memo. It is still around 1 minute.20080403
531 minute 57.90 secondsTim SunAccording to the rules, this just fits under non-lucky. :P
CO: 3 corners done
EO: 8 corners done
CP: 2 corners done
EP: 4 corners done
541 minute 58.33 secondsDakota Harris
551 minute 58.93 secondsPéter Trombitásyeaaah sub2 mins!! it was the only practising solve at Galanta Open cause I didn't want DNFs. and i couldnt make better:) at the competition my best was 2:40 what is a normal solve for me. but this. 30sec for memo using old pochmann for corners and something 3cycle for edges:D20090214
562 minutes 00.06 secondsMats Bergstenn/a20090507
572 minutes 2.61 secondsJacco Krijnen~40 seconds memo, using old Pochmann. Done at Mats' place.20080507
582 minutes 3.47 secondsFrançois DellacherieMemo = 44 secs. After a one year break, I decided to work on BF seriously. I don't stop during execution (usually 1'20"). I use a "modified" Pochmann system. Memo for edges is around 20-30 secs now, and memo for corners is between 20 secs and 1'30 depending on a number of factors. Customization of the Pochmann method can "easily" lead to sub-1'30'' (but not for slow cubers like me).20060527
592 minutes 3.68 secondsJoël van NoortThis was very unexpected, I was in the train, practicing. After doing well in the BLD event in Germany, I decided to try a few solves, and I got this time the second attempt. I was very surprised to see I almost broke 2 minutes!20070502
602 minutes 4 secondsAntoine Simon-ChautempsAu retour des vacances.20070831
612 minutes 4.09 secondsDanyang Chenthis isn't my best score. yesterday one of my friend told me that i could post my score on this website. so i trained for about ten times and this score is the best one of them. i am a cuber from china. and now i am a student of jinan university in guangzhou. there are many other cubers in china now. this video had been recorded about 10 days ago.20060309
622 minutes 7.56 secondsTrevor DavilaYeah. Click here to watch the video.20070620
632 minutes 8.30 secondsMilo DiPaolaOP 3-cycle. No parity, 2 corners placed. hmm when should I switch method.20080411
642 minutes 10.19 secondsTakuma ShirahaseB2 U' B U' B' L2 D L' B U2 L' D2 L2 U2 L F L D' B2 L2 F L' U' L2 B2
My site
652 minutes 11.00 secondsBernett Orlandomemorisation + solving time. 20070806
662 minutes 11.55 secondsTomás MansillaHi, I'm Tomás and I'm from Argentina. I think I'm the first person here who is able to solve the cube blindfolded.20050904
672 minutes 11.56 secondsShelley Chang0:49 memorization, 1:22 execution20051128
682 minutes 12.02 secondsArif JulianMy 3rd sub 3 minutes solve after switch to M2+pochmman. I want to get sub 2 PB and sub 2:30 average. and I usually get what I want ) My Indonesian Cube site20090201
692 minutes 15.88 secondsAlexei GousevThis was a very easy solve, both to memorize and execute. I normally get like 3:30. I probably won't beat this for a while.20061204
702 minutes 16.97 secondsHarris ChanU L' U2 F' R' F2 U' B' F' D2 L' B F D2 R D' U B F D L B2 F' D U2
There were 3 correctly positioned edges (but one of them was incorrectly orientated). The Corner orientation was easy and the perm wasn't too bad. I might have been able to do faster.Using Old Pochman and Corner cycle (may be I will switch to M2?)
712 minutes 19 secondsDror Vombergn/a 
722 minutes 19.39 secondsYuji SuseU F' L' B' F' L' R D F L2 D B2 F L' F' B2 D B' R2 L2 B' L2 U F U220060310
732 minutes 19.65 secondsCraig BouchardI started blindfold on sunday its now Friday.hehe.6 corners 8 edges to solve. Using Stefan's Method. Corners: A fire started on the beach as the sunset and a campino was eaten on the Red Green show (latest piece solves itself). I don't use a story for edges. I got a sub-2 but it was lucky.20060311
742 minutes 22.73 secondsStefan PochmannCatching up a little.
[I want a flying pony]
752 minutes 23.57 secondsRuben Geelsshould have used a better cube, almost popped.20070707
762 minutes 25.61 secondsPatrick Jamesonyay! Not lucky, just easy shapes. :) I'm happy.20080312
772 minutes 29.39 secondsDaniel BeyerSet 20061128:
Preceded by a 2:32.xx solve for Ryan's BLD comp
782 minutes 29.77 secondsEnrique FloresB2 L R' B U' R B U2 D' F2 L' U D' B U' L' R' F' U' D L U2 R' D F2
YES!!!!!!! sub 2:30!!!! i use 3 cycle freestyle.
792 minutes 33.21 secondsTatsuya OokuboF2 D2 R' D L' R' D' R' L D' U B2 U' B D' U' F U2 L2 B' D2 U' F R2 L'20061223
802 minutes 34.46 secondsIan WinokurU2 R L D R2 D2 F D2 B2 F2 D2 B U' L' R' B L2 U' D F2 D F' D R L'20081010
812 minutes 35.57 secondsPatrick LamI'm getting more accurate now..I have about a 80% success rate with blindfold. I hope to be able to get it around 95% in the next couple months. Thnx to Stefan's method. 20060402
822 minutes 35.98 secondsTeruki MiyazakiThis is the first time to get under 3 minutes.20060816
832 minutes 37.19 secondsTim ReynoldsWow. Best time by 14 seconds. Non-lucky, but easy: Edges were two easy three-cycles and an easy five-cycle; Corners were a nasty four cycle and a swap which were easy to remember; 6 corners twisted counter-clockwise, 8 edges flipped. Didn't check memo time, but solve time felt way, way faster than usual.20070411
842 minutes 38.81 secondsKyle Allairetrust the cube. it can't lie.20051127
852 minutes 40.56 secondsGábor SchmízUnfortunately I didn't save the scrambling algorythm. The memorization went pretty well it took about 1:05-1:10 to memorize it and the rest was the solving. I'm using a simple TLY-method. [invented by Stefan Pochmann afaik]20080120
862 minutes 46.64 secondsThomas Kohnmemorization was 1:06.24. but time to don the blindfold must be added, because I only closed my eyes. my first sub-3-time!! now I can try to average sub3! memorization could be faster. 20060426
872 minutes 51.70 secondsMátyás KutiUsing Stefan's method. Chek the video:
882 minutes 53.88 secondsCasey PernsteinerThis was an easy solve, but not lucky. I think memorization took about 1 minute 20 seconds.20060102
892 minutes 56.86 secondsJames StuberFirst time under 3 minutes. I use CO, 3-cycle corners, then Pochmann Style edges+parity fix. Memorization can be much better (I use purely visual memorization)
My Site.
902 minutes 58 secondsAnssi VanhalaMemorization took about 1:25.20051224
913 minutes 2.46 secondsMateus Moitinho de AlmeidaAbout 1:15 to memorize, 1:45 to solve. My goal is sub2:30 and a 99% accuracy.20060823
923 minutes 5 secondsOlivier MesadoI still make too much mistakes. I would like to improve it but I don't have the time to practice..20051113
933 minutes 5.03 secondsThom BarlowQbar va guvf jrrxf oyvaqsbyq pbagrfg. Sha :) xvewnin naq ebg13 ner unccl sebz gur 2k2k2 HJE V whfg frg gb qb nalguvat ryfr abj
D2 U F' U B F2 D2 L' U R2 U' L B' L' B' F' L' R B F2 U2 R U L B'
943 minutes 5.86 secondsAndy Pitts1:40 to memorize and the rest to solve
Never get to practice this
953 minutes 7.31 secondsVicente AlbíterI was feeling fine that day =D20080701
963 minutes 9 secondsThomas RouaultD2 F2 L B' D2 F' L' D' R2 B2 U L U' L R' F' D U' L F' L2 B' L F2 R
Not a lucky case according to Ron's rules. I can do better, I'd like to leapfrog with keylie but he seems so far! [Absolut team member]
973 minutes 11.63 secondsPeter GreenwoodI'm happy with it. For now. [Team Epsilon] My cubing page20080224
983 minutes 12.38 secondsEmile CompionF' B' D' L B F' L2 U2 R U B2 R2 B2 L2 R2 B2 R2 D' B U2 L' D' B2 R B
By no means an easy solve, but my memorization was fast none the less! :D
993 minutes 14.19 secondsMats LuthmanB' F2 U' F2 D' U L2 R D' U' B2 F2 U F L R' D2 U L' R2 D' U R' D' U'20080814
1003 minutes 16.09 secondsGunnar KrigFinally a record. I've had seven DNFs in arow and several of them were below my old PB. This is a record with 15s.20081127
1013 minutes 17 secondsErik DuncanWatch it on video here
1023 minutes 18.02 secondsMike DavisI've only been blind solving for like 3 weeks or a month so I am happy with 75 second memo. : )
See video here: 3:18.02
1033 minutes 18.38 secondsJack MoseleyI tried going back to normal three cycle, and this is what happened. Memorization in about 1:45.2071016
1043 minutes 18.99 secondsAlex SeidlerI used to think sub-5 was GREAT, now I have my goal set at sub-3. :]
I don't remember the real time, so I added the .99
1053 minutes 22.12 secondsBob BurtonI had several solves that just missed by orientation that were under 4 minutes, so I was excited when this one actually was solved. Visit my site.20070501
1063 minutes 24.89 secondsIsaac WappesWOW. This is about a minute faster than my previous record! Memo was about 1:39. The scramble was B' D B' R L' B2 D' R2 F' D2 L U' F B' D F2 R2 B' F2 L' D' B2 R L' D. I love taking off the blindfold and seeing the cube solved.20071215
1073 minutes 24.90 secondsSachin ShirwalkarR U2 B2 R2 D' L D2 U' L' F' R U2 B L' D' R B' F2 D F R' F2 R D' R2 . Not lucky. Just the previous day i had my first sub-4min time of 3 mins 54 seconds and today have cut it by exactly 30 seconds! I had many close tries but never could make it under four and now suddenly such a great time! wierd. Check my site.20051111
1083 minutes 25.46 secondsMasayuki AkimotoDid this for Sunday contest on May 9. According to the recent definition, this was not lucky case but not complicated. My second best is 5 min. 
1093 minutes 31 secondsKyal ShepardHaven't done blindfolded cubing for about 5 years, but getting back into it now.20070922
1103 minutes 31.75 secondsJohannes NeumannIm not sure whether this was a lucky case or not; B' R U F' R B2 R2 F U D B R' B' U B' R' U' F R2 B R F' L2 R' F2
Using Pochmann's System
1113 minutes 36.61 secondsAlex KumakiDone while randomly timing myself.20080502
1123 minutes 37.80 secondsDavid Bergmann/a20060210
1133 minutes 41.32 secondsEric Hatchi finally getting near 100% accuracy and the memorization is becoming much easier, i dont even think in numbers any more i do it all wish fingure movements
much thanks to tyson's and macki's methods
1143 minutes 42.56 secondsFabricio Gaman/a20080513
1153 minutes 43 secondsSimon WesleyThis is not the end. 
1163 minutes 45.19 secondsJ.B. CańaresNo parity. I suck at blindfold.20080429
1173 minutes 45.23 secondsAlex Baileyimproving, very easy memo20080818
1183 minutes 45.84 secondsOlivier Gaucher20050816
1193 minutes 52.82 secondsHenrik Buus Aagaardwow this is my first time under 4 min even first under 4 min 30. Pochmann method had to do 16 algs for edges, flipping takes a few. No corners correct. Memo in about 2 min 30 execution the rest.20070518
1203 minutes 53 secondsBrent MorganFirst, annual, University High School Talent Show, on stage, and nerve-racking. I was the only one to earn a 'standing ovation' and it was just classic of all time. Thanks for everyone being there, and people were just too amazed :D. Someone made a video of it, and I will surely try to load it online asap. Yes!! . I will now retire with the cube until school is over, respectively. My site!!!20040331
1213 minutes 55.13 secondsJosh JamesThe corner orientation was not so hard, but still, this is two minutes faster than my previous best, so I'm thrilled!20071216
1223 minutes 57 secondsRon van BruchemPractice makes perfect. Next goals are sub 3 minutes, and close to 100% accuracy. 
1233 minutes 57.45 secondsMatt Wallisan/a20060311
1243 minutes 58.89 secondsOu ChenDone on the bus on the way to school. Double edge swap at the end definitely slowed me down.20080624
1253 minutes 59 secondsThomas BischofU2 R' F' U' R2 L' U R' L2 F' R' U' F2 D' F2 D2 B D R' D2 L' U' B F U'
A lovely scramble, and my sixth successful blindfold solve.
1264 minutes 3.59 secondsKĺre KrigU' B2 F D' F D F2 D' U2 L' D2 B' F U2 L B' R' F2 D' U L2 R' B' D F'20070704
1274 minutes 7.60 secondsDan - happy cubing everyone, keep motivated!20060424
1284 minutes 9.74 secondsAndrew Nelsongahahahahahaha, this puts me faster than leyan lo!20070617
1294 minutes 11.48 secondsLeyan LoU' R2 U' R2 L2 U' B2 U' L' D2 R2 F2 L B2 U' B' R B' U2 B L' D' F' R' U.20050107
1304 minutes 22 secondsRichard CarrDetails of my system see my site. 
1304 minutes 22 secondsEtienne Jonesn/a20040611
1324 minutes 26 secondsWill Klauslerby the time i updated this, i got this time again!20090214
1334 minutes 28.68 secondsAndrew RoleyI just went for broke; this was a decently easy memo for Pochmann system, and I felt satisfied with just giving the corners a once over. I found that it is easier just to shove the setup moves into the front of your mind for just long enough to do the alg rather than try to memorize them by doing them multiple times.20070529
1344 minutes 29 secondsRoland KovácsI want to get sub4 for Hungarian Open. Used TLY method20081009
1354 minutes 34 secondsAnton Rostovikovn/a20080724
1364 minutes 34.13 secondsAlexej ReimerU B' D L' F R' B' F D U2 F U F D R2 F2 R F2 B D' U F2 B' L' D'
1374 minutes 35.34 secondsTon DennenbroekDone at a cube meeting at my placem I am so happy!20080301
1384 minutes 40.58 secondsGuanyang YuMy very first blindfold solve. Many thanks to Tyson Mao for instructions and guidance.20071121
1394 minutes 41 secondsCarlos AngostoHi I'm from spain. Memorization time very bad and final parity case. Next week I'll do my first official attempt.
My website
1404 minutes 46 secondsAlex CourrauAwesome solve! Good memorize time + new corner method.
Definitely can go faster.
-Presidente Cubin
1414 minutes 46.31 secondsBill McGaughF D' R' U' L2 F L U2 D F U' F L2 D B U B F2 U2 L' R' F2 R2 U' R2
Used the system described at my blindfold page.
1424 minutes 49.95 secondsJohan Hillerströmhihi, this felt really great ! :)20051114
1434 minutes 51 secondsHans van der ZijdenI am afraid that my brain and fingers are to slow to go much faster. Have to learn more algorithms.20051031
1444 minutes 53.83 secondsBack Tae-YoungScramble : B2 R2 F D L2 U' F2 R L' D' F2 U2 L2 U' L' R' B2 U L2 U R' F2 D' U F // Check out this video20070412
1454 minutes 57 secondsDavid WesleyAfter less than two weeks of blindfolding with numbers. I think that 3 mins is possible some time in the future. 
1464 minutes 58.03 secondsRonald Herbert Dunphycloser.20070918
1474 minutes 59.39 secondsChris HuntD F B' L' B2 U' D2 B R2 F2 L' U2 F2 B U' D' B2 D U2 L2 U2 F' U' B F2 An easy one!20051017
1485 minutes 4 secondsKarlson PfannschmidtIn my holidays I had much free time to do blindsolves. The scramble was neither easy nor very hard, so I think faster times are possible.
Thanks to Johannes Neumann for his tips.
1495 minutes 9 secondsAlex LockwoodAHH man this was tough. Memorization time about 1:27, execution time was about 3:12ish.
My method is at
1505 minutes 18.98 secondsSien Y. TanFirst sub 5.5 min! Nearly had a sub-5 but I DNF-ed.
R' F' U2 R2 D2 U' B' F' D' U2 F R D U2 L' R U' B' F' D2 U2 R' B2 F U
Used beginner's T-perm method.
1515 minutes 23 secondsSubhaan Mufidn/a20080624
1525 minutes 30 secondsTobias DaneelsGood solve, I've been blindsolving with Pochmann's method for 2 weeks now and this is the best for now.
Can't wait for competition to trie this.
1535 minutes 32 secondsBrian Kimn/a20060203
1545 minutes 40.38 secondsJohn LouisI did 10 solves 3*3*3 bld today. The best I got was this. My fingering is very very poor and not at all no where near world class. I have to improve my memorisation time also. I am enjoying it.20061001
1555 minutes 58.72 secondsMichael FungTimed with "The ultimate Rubik's cube® timer version 2.1". I used CO, EO, CP and EP. The scramble: B'R'FL2RFLULF'LB'L2BU2L'URB'L2D2LR'U2B2.20051112
1566 minutes 5.53 secondsJoshua WoelmerDone while practicing for the Wisconsin Open. Really easy corners, somewhat easy edges.20081005
1576 minutes 11.37 secondsDavid AguilaGreat considering the last time I timed myself it was about
12min. I hope to get somewhere between 4:30 and 5min.
1586 minutes 16.09 secondsJustin Cańaresburger!20080608
1596 minutes 18 secondsAndrew WebberI'm Excited.20070222
1606 minutes 21.41 secondsMarc van BeestDone after 2 weeks of not BLD. Getting faster with memorizing the cube :D20061016
1616 minutes 22.03 secondsVicente Lorenzo Cabahugi can already average 5minutes with Blindfold but it would always be an DNF! but at least i got this one solved.20090308
1626 minutes 46 secondsMichael AtkinsonMy next goal is under five minutes. 
1636 minutes 48.49 secondsDoug LiMy first timed and successful blindfold attempt in a very long time. I used the 2nd generation stackmat timer I recently got.20051126
1646 minutes 51.55 secondsAnthony BenisI recently picked 3x3x3 BLD up after taking a very long break (couple of months.) from it. I used to be solving in 13+ minutes, now I'm solving in 7 - 9 minutes. I've improved my memory method and parities are no problem now. I think my times are okay for the 10 minute limit in competition, I would just be happy solving it officially let alone getting a good time. This solve had memo done at about 3 1/2 minutes (I like to go over everything just incase) and I take my time when actually solving. I think if I get more confident that I actually memorized everything the first time through and go a little faster, I can see sub 5 1/2 minutes coming!20070830
1657 minutes 8.03 secPranav ManerikerAfter a lot of DNF's , some which were just a cycle away from being completed, finally got my first solve.I use Pochmann with some adjustments.I am 14 years and 6 months old.20090507
1667 minutes 31 secondsEirik StrřmHa ha20080118
1677 minutes 35.06 secondsRavi FernandoThis was my second successful attempt (after a 9:37.39 last October; I haven't tried since then). Now I get my revenge for 14 consecutive DNFs before I solved a cube blindfold. :D My site. [Team Epsilon]20060116
1687 minutes 40.45 secondsLance TaylorMy first successful BLD solve not lucky. Expect me to get faster. = D
Here's the video!
1697 minutes 47.81 secondsCameron Webley"Rudolph, we've finally found out why your nose is red." "Is it happiness?" "No, It's a malignant tumor." 
1708 minutes 0.16 secondsArthur AdamsFinally. ;)20081127
1718 minutes 2.95 secondsTim ChongHey it worked!20080812
1728 minutes 22.29 secondsChristophe WoittequandFirst time sub 10 minutes . but memorization in 4'15 and solving in 4'07. too slow20060802
1738 minutes 38.46 secondsTimmie WongThis was one of my first few successful solves, too! It was a pretty easy case, if I can remember I just gotta get my memorization down consistenly. <(x_x)>20050418
1748 minutes 45 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20090510
1759 minutes 15.81 secondsAdrian St. JohnThanks Bill McGaugh for starting me on my way, but now it's on to Richard Carr and the Revenge!20071201
1769 minutes 22.40 secondsLuc Yethat's my first cube blindsolved.. i'm too happy!!20051128
1779 minutes 30.10 secondsEric DietzGravity - it's what makes the world go 'round.
Note from Ron: this is actually Eric's average of 10 cubes.
1789 minutes 42.84 secondsRobert SchlichtFirst time blindsolving with a timer. The time would have probably been sub-9 if I hadn't been so distracted by the ticking of my dad's clock.20080624
1799 minutes 59 secondsMike Kotchmy 3rd solve ever ... sub 10!20090507
18010 minutes 9.14 secondsYuto HosokawaU R' L2 U L D R2 D B U2 R2 D2 F B' R' D L F' B U2 D2 L2 F2 D2 R2
I do my best more.
18110 minutes 55 secondsJoe AllenDone in the library while "studying" for an o-chem exam, this was my first time completing the solve after months of practicing different systems and I'm just glad there was someone else there to witness and time me. 5:55 to memorize, 5:00 to solve.20040301
18211 minutes 44.81 secondsBrian LeFinally did a blindfold solve! Did it in the car trip on the way back home from camping for orientation.20070829
18312 minutesJoseph Böhmi think my fifth succesful attempt20080330
18412 minutes 6.66 secondsBruno Azevedoyeah, my first sub 15 minutes solve! memorize: 5 minutes solve : 7.06 minutes20051129
18513 minutes 29 secondsBenoît FontaineIt is the first time that I made a success of ^^20051110
18613 minutes 41.16 secondsAbel BrataMy third BLD solve20061122
18713 minutes 51 secondsBen MarxThis one took me 7m 2s of memorization and 6m 49s to solve.20060904
18813 minutes 57.70 secondsJohn BoydMy first sub 15! Using my own method.20071223
18915 minutes 16.96 secondsErik JohanssonYes! First time i do it without having to try again!
I'm using the cycle meyhod at Macky's site!
Scrambe from JNetCube: F' L2 B D U2 L2 F B' L U F2 U' D L B' L B' L F2 B2 D' B2 D B' F
19015 minutes 35 secondsForrest Rice2nd successful attempt :)
Using the CubeFreak cycle method
Super Helpful Algs (for me at least)
(L2 U) [B2 U']x2 (L2 U) (B2 U B2 U') (3 1 8)
[RB'R'B]x3 (1 3)(2 7)
19116 minutesAndrew VoVideo of solve20080322
19216 minutes 30 secondsJake EngetObviously, at this point it can only get more addictive! 
19317 minutes 3 secondsJoseph StallardFIGHT CUBE CONTENDER!! AUSSIE SPEEDCUBER
Scrammble: R2 F' D' U2 F' L' D' U2 L2 R' U2 F2 R D F' LB2 L2 D' F' D' R' B D2 L'
picture of me when i was BLD cubing on live radio. (about half way down)
19419 minutesGuo TiancongAfter 5 days learning, my first successful cubing with blindfolded. I hope to be able to cut the time down to ten minutes,^_^20050101
19520 minutesAndrew SpelmanMy first ever blindfold solve using Stefan Pochmann's method that I've been learning for the past week. I am 14 years old.20060117
19520 minutesJeks EspinaI didn't time my first blindsolve a couple of months back. But it was the first time I had tried it and I guess I got lucky.20080224
19722 minutes 15 secondsYuri PertsovskiFirst successful attempt, after a few almost successful ones. About 10 mins for memorizing.20040221
19825 minutesParker Gaitleyfirst successful solve. done at lunch 2 am in the morning(work overnights). 22 minutes memorization. use 2 cycle system. gonna work on getting memorization down to something reseanonable. wanna try to compete in this event. gotta learn 3 cycle soon.20071104
19927 minutes 57 secondsBerenice OpheliaI am verrrrrrry slow when comparing to the boy bernett orlando. I am his sister learning the rudiments of blindsolving from him. I am also following what Mr. Stefan Pochmann is teaching him. Still I can not beat him. I admire his dedication and commitment.I am proud to be his sister.20050623
20031 minutes 27 secondsNathaniel DayI use the system made by Stefan Pochmann. It took a while but hey, I did it!!!! It took me 10 min 30 sec to set up the cycles, about 11 minutes to memorize, and a little less than 10 to execute. I am so happy!!!!!!!!20050613