Rubik's Games World Championships 2003

A bunch of cubers get together for a big group photo.

Me and Michiel van der Blonk. Michiel was a fast cuber and a very cool guy.

Current World Champion Megaminx solver Grant Tregay, his wife Betty Tregay, and myself. The Tregays were very cool people, and I had to get a shot with them before I left :)

There were not very many female cubers at the championship, so Jasmine, Jessica, and Yasmara got together for an all girls pose.

Jeff Goetz to the far left, Frank Morris, and Heath Litton signing autographs

Jason Hildebrand, and me blinking while the camera went off. Jason was a very cool guy and came in 4th place for the magic. Jason was hilarious, and also passed around a giant cube backstage before the preliminaries for everyone to try.

Lars vs. Lars in a cube match, had to snap a picture :)

Me with some of the big names :) Mirek is the current world champion for fewest moves to solve a 3x3x3, Jessica came in 2nd place overall for the 3x3x3, and 3x3x3 World Champion Dan Knights. Dan and Jessica were the two people who got me started on the cube as well, so I wanted to try to get a picture with both of them.

Ron van Bruchem, me, and Katsuyuki Konishi. Ron has helped me to get faster since we met and Katsuyuki is incredibly fast on the 3x3x3. It was very cool to meet so many people who I had known for almost 5 years.

Susanne and Andy Savoy. Susanne and Andy were within 1 place of each other! We hung out a good bit after the champs so I snapped a picture.

Before the reception was over I had to leave with my family to start the 15 hour drive back home. The Rubik games World Championships was one of the best times of my life. There I learned that I will never ever stop cubing unless I am physically unable. I also got to meet so many people that I had met over the internet, all of whom I look forward to seeing again in 2005 :) Thanks to everyone who made this event possible. Most of all my thanks go to Dan Gosbee, without whom this championships would not have happend. Also my thanks go out again to Dan Gosbee for allowing me to compete last minute in the 4x4x4 event. I am glad I got to meet so many people at the championships, and I hope to see all of them as well as all the people who due to unfortunate circumstances could not attend this championships. I hope that the 2005 champs are a success, I will definitely be there :)

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