Rubik's Games World Championships 2003

August 24th: Dinner reception - Departing for home
At the dinner reception of course everyone had a cube in hand and there was the constant whir of the sound of faces spinning. Even though we had just finished competiting we continued on just like we had always been before, constantly with a cube in hand :) Below are a bunch of picutes I took at the reception.

A small group of us gather together for a quick picture: (from left to right) Cory Harnish, me, Heath Litton, Dan Harris, Keith Sauer

Another group photo: Lars Petrus, Lars Vandenbergh square-1 world champion, Dan Knights 3x3x3 world champion, me, Masayuki Akimoto 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 world champion.

Another group photo. Back Row: Lars Vandenbergh, Michiel van der Blonk, Yasmara. Front Row: me, Jessica Fridrich, Andy Bellenir pyraminx world champion, Jasmine Lee

Me and Andy Savoy talking about the cube. I taught Andy how to solve the cube about 2 months before the championships, we both drove up from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Me and Andy Camann, Andy is incredibly fast, and rose through the ranks very quickly.

Wiktoria Zborowska the youngest solver at 7 years old, me, and Brent Morgan the host of the wednesday contest and a very dedicated fast cuber.

Me with Dan Harris. Dan hosts the fewest moves contest and is also a fast cuber. Dan, Frank and I hung out a lot when everyone first arrived so I had to snap a picture.

Me posing with the World Champion Dan Knights. Dan is one of the people who originally inspired me to learn to speedcube.

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