Rubik's Games World Championships 2003

Me and Doug Li. Doug and I have been cubing about as long as each other only Doug came up with his method on his own.

Me looking like I'm chewing on a cubie (who knows what I'm doing there), Dan Harris, and Frank Morris. The three of us hung out quite a bit before the champs so I got a picture of the three of us.

Me and Jasmine Lee. Jasmine came all the way from Australia!

Me with the current world record holder Jess Bonde for fastest 3x3x3 solve.

Me with Jessica Fridrich. Jessica is the one who got me started on speedcubing in 1998. I decided to learn her method then and I've been hooked ever since. I, of course, wouldn't be satisfied about the trip until I got a picture with her :)

Me and Lars Petrus. Lars was at the original World Championships in 1982 (4th place no less!) and got 17th place overall. Lars was absolutely hilarious and a very cool guy to meet.

Me with the current Square-1 World Champion Lars Vandenbergh. Lars also got 4th place in the 3x3x3 and was very funny and a cool guy.

Lars Vandenbergh, Wiktoria Zborowska, and me posing together for a picture.

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