All top 3 finishers receive a signed certificate and a sponsored gift.
The top 3 Indonesian cubers in the second round qualify to the final.
In the Rubik's cube final the top 3 Indonesian cubers will also be awarded.
The first Indonesian cuber will be declared National Champion of Indonesian for every event

WCA records , World , Continent and National are recorded at the end of each round, except for the final where records will be recongnized per attempt.
Note: 5x5x5 and Multiple blindfold are parrallel events, competitors may do both but must end there attempts at 4:10 PM.  Multiple blindfold competitor that also compete in 5x5x5 will be placed in the first group.

With blindfold the end result is including the time the memorize and the solving time.
With best of 2, competitors have 2 attempts, the result is the fastes time. With average of 5, every competitor have 5 atempts, of these 5 attempts the fastes and slowest time are cancled, the average is of the remaining 3.

All competitors must be available for scrambling and judging. The scrambling and judging will be done in groups per event.

Frequently asked questions

1) What kind of cube is allowed?
All cube brands and sizes are allowed as long as it has different colors (can be Orange, Pink, Green Blue, Black  etc), transparent cubes are not allowed

allowed cubes
2) What kind of stickers is allowed? Can it be damaged?
For blindfold only little damage is allowed as long if you can not feel it
For speedcubing, stickers might be slightly damages as long as they has distinct colors

damages not allowed
damages allowed for speedcubing
not allowed for blindfold cubing
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