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History of MR Erno Rubik's Prototype 3x3x3


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Puzzels inveted by Mr Erno Rubik

Skewb Diamond      , this type was never released
3x3x3 cube
2x2x2 cube             , this type was never released
Electronic Cube   , this type was never released

So there are many Puzzles and games not invented by Mr Erno Rubik, but has his name like the Magic. Erno Rubik "sold" is name as a brand name. So the 2x2x2 we know as Rubik's 2x2x2 does not have a mechanism invented by Mr Erno Rubik's, also the 4x4x4 and the 5x5x5 Rubik's Whan. Nevertheless Mr Erno Rubik is the godfather of all the 3D Twisty Type puzzles, every puzzle we see we identify as a Rubik puzzle. So him name is now linked to all type twisty puzzles. The Rubik's 3x3x3 is the best puzzle invention of the last century.  

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This is a Rubik's Cube signed in 1997 by Erno Rubik. The previous owner is the current owner from Seventowns (current makers of the official Rubik's Cubes) in London. Erno Rubik often visits the Seventowns development office in Lambton Place, London and they have a few signed Rubik's Cubes, this is one of them. The cube itself is in fantastic condition and has not been played with. It is still very tight. The stickers are the old-style vinyl type preferred by all cubists. However, the orange stickers as you can see are a little rough due to the fact that they contain a led-based pigment which deteriorates sticker gum over time. That will indicate the age of this particular cube (pre-Seventowns).