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Rubik's 05 SevenTowns Orginal 1980  Signed cube 1997

Rubik's SevenTowns Orginal 1980 Signed in 1997 by Erno Rubik

This is a Rubik's Cube signed in 1997 by Erno Rubik. The previous owner is the current owner from Seventowns (current makers of the official Rubik's Cubes) in London. Erno Rubik often visits the Seventowns development office in Lambton Place, London and they have a few signed Rubik's Cubes, this is one of them. The cube itself is in fantastic condition and has not been played with. It is still very tight. The stickers are the old-style vinyl type preferred by all cubists. That will indicate the age of this particular cube (pre-Seventowns).