How to solve Square1, learning 4 algorithms

Before you start

Stage Solution
Getting Square1 back into cube shape You are on your own here.
Try to get all 8 edges next to each other. After that split them up in 5 steps.
Solve the corners of first layer. You are on your own here.
Solving two corners is easy. Then put corner 3 on the position of corner 4.
Then put corner 4 in the position at the other side of the diagonal through the cube. Now you need one move to make a pair of corner 3 and 4 and then 2 moves to solve them.
Get the edges in the correct layer. If fewer than 2 top layer edges are in the top layer, then you can easily solve two by swapping them with two in the bottom layer.
The rest you can do with one algorithm. Using this algorithm you can swap an edge of the top layer with an edge of the bottom layer.
Swap edges UR and DR with:
(1,0) (0,9) (0,9) (11,11) (1,4) (0,3)

Solve the corners of the last layer. Most of the time two corners are correct and two corners need to be swapped.
You can swap two corners using one algorithm.
Swap corners UFR and UBR:
(1,0) (3,0) (0,9) (3,0) (9,0) (9,3)
Position the edges of the top and bottom layer. You can solve the edges with one algorithm. Using this algorithm you can swap two edges in the top layer and two edges in the bottom layer. Combining these swaps enables you to position all edges.
Swap edge pair UB and UR, and edge pair DB and DR:
(0,2) (0,9) (1,1) (11,2)
Solve the parity problem, if still two edges are swapped. When you reach this stage you have a fifty percent chance that two edges are swapped in one layer.
Swap edge pair UF and UR: (sorry this a tough algorithm, and we will have to leave the cube shape for a while)
(3,0) (3,0) (1,2) (10,3) (10,3) (10,5) (4,0) (0,1) (3,5) (9,0) (2,3) (10,4)
Solve the middle layer I leave this up to you. It is easy.

Using this system you should be able to solve Square1 in an average time of about 1 min 30 secs to 2 minutes.

Good luck!