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cubin_dude on 2nd February 2007 - 23:09

WOW, not many ppl come here. i got a jumbo 2x2 from a guy at school for aolving his 3x3 and his other 2x2( he had two of them)
i saved $10!

Joe on 27th January 2007 - 16:14

Very nice site i love it
MILKY WAY on 20th January 2007 - 23:13

Now that the Top 20 seems to be under 10 seconds my 8 second time does'nt sound so unbeleavable anymore. Congratulations to everyone.
Ron on 20th January 2007 - 14:58

@S. Vaughn: Cubing is for all people of all ages.
S.Vaughn on 19th January 2007 - 23:18

Do you have to be asian to solve the rubik? I think so.
Barny the bear on 10th January 2007 - 23:45

awesome site dude
onyeze on 9th December 2006 - 12:28

good site i deyyyyyyyyyyyy
Olivier on 2nd December 2006 - 07:57

It's a marvelous website!
But you need to update the results of UC Berkeley Fall Competition 2006, isn’t it?

Gdoss108 on 28th November 2006 - 18:20

thanks to you and http://peter.stillhq.com/jasmine/JasmineLeeBeginnerRubikSolution.pdf
I am a cube freak!
P.S. My fastest so far is 1 min. and 43.56 sec.

Son Chang-Hwan on 28th October 2006 - 10:58

Hi~ I'm a Korean cubist.
Please visit my site.
Does anyone have MSN ID?
My ID is son2860@hotmail.com

Joe N. on 11th September 2006 - 18:00

Awesome site. Incredibly helpful and fun.
dem@yahoo.com on 25th July 2006 - 03:14

The Site is excellent..!! Wish you all the best..
Mehmet DİVİLİ on 21st June 2006 - 14:09

joe on 8th June 2006 - 09:29

wow,didnt know a site like this existed. Look at mine sometime at www.breakingbricks.com
cubin_dude on 5th June 2006 - 19:32

Does anyone know where I can get a rubik's master magic for a cheap price? Other than Ebay?
raiza mativo on 30th May 2006 - 22:57

i love solving the rubik's cube! cuz my big bro taught me! plus this web is kool!
Aymeric Nguyen on 19th May 2006 - 08:04

Does anybody know where can I buy a stackmat with low shipping costs to France ? And also a DIY kit ? Thx
Smoid on 14th May 2006 - 08:33

Yay speedcubing... and Canada! :) hehe
Thomas Stadler on 27th April 2006 - 20:05

Hi again,
i've updated my site. You will find it on:
its written in german but... one day i'll tranlate it.
P.S. Look at my own notation method!!

Bas on 18th April 2006 - 21:22

Thanks Ron! The silicone spray worked =] The cube is a lot faster now. I am twice as fast as a few days ago now

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