Rubikīs 3x3x3 Cube: Youngest blindfolded solver
16 years 239 daysYu Da-Hyundate of birth: March 19, 2002
26 years 359 daysDaniel HopDaniel started practising blindsolving about a month ago. Last week he already solved it a few times but today is the first time he did it all by himself.
He uses M2 for the edges and old Pochman for the corners.
It takes him about 15 minutes.
38 years 199 daysBernett OrlandoI was interviewed and asked to perform by the leading Tamil daily "DINAMALAR" this morning. I did very well. I solved 2 rubik's cubes successfully BLINDFOLDED in front of its officials.
CUBE-1 :- I took 5 min to memorise. I solved it 100% perfectly BLINDFOLDED in just 9 min.
CUBE-2 :- I took 7 min to memorise. I solved it 100% perfectly BLINDFOLDED in just 7 min.
I am also learning to solve 4*4*4 rubik's cube. I am also learning all the necessary formulas, strategies and tactics to solve 3*3*3 in less than 20 sec. I am sure I will achieve it by dec-2005.
410 years 36 daysJustin AdsuaraThis was done on March 19, 2007. My time was 11 min, 3.82 sec. I just competed in the Berkeley Spring Competition today. I had fun doing my first BLD solve in competition, meeting other cubers, and having a picture taken with Leyan Lo. My results in BLD were 1st solve:DNF; 2nd solve: 6:37; 3rd solve:6:33. In competition I also did 3x3 speedsolve, with an average of 33.71 sec. 20070415
511 years 156 daysDouwe WermerTook me probably around 15 minutes.20080514
611 years 7 monthsKevin KapinosI don't remember the date exactly but my birthday is in August and I solved it blindfolded during the spring when I was 11. Method: similar to Old Pochmann but I oriented corners and edges first. I currently use Old Pochmann. Time: ~20 minutes.20081130
711 years 10 monthsBrian YuAbout 6 minutes20090214
811 years 11 months 26 daysMats Valkfirst good solve after 3 weeks practice. yes!
time: 4:58.65
scramble:D' L2 R B F' L R2 B2 F2 D' U' B F' R D2 B' D U' B' F D F D B F'
I start with green up and yellow at the front.
corner oriŽnt: + x - x + x x -.
corner permute: 8 1 2 7 5 6.
edge oriŽnt: 7 6 1.
edge permute: c k b g j f a l h e.
912 years 43 daysMarcel PassonMy first blind solve! My time was 7:21 minutes!20080320
1012 years 123 daysAlan ChangIt's impossible for Macky to beat my record. =D
I solved it blindfolded on 12/27/2004 with a time of 12 minutes 11.98 seconds.
1112 years 125 daysSam Cappleman-LynesThis was my sixth attempt. Feels so good to see a solved cube after taking off the blindfold. Pochmann's method.20061128
1212 years 133 daysAaron Tangi sucessfully solved a rubik cube blindfolded 1 day before 2008.
I learned it from youtube and it wasnt too hard
Thanks to seerusgod and grintoth
1312 years 210 daysYoshihiko Matushitacube cube cube.20060202
1412 years 259 daysHarris ChanScramble: L2 D U R2 L B R F' D B2 U B L' F U R U L' D2 F' R' D' B2 R' D
Time: 11 minutes 40.97 seconds (it's actually a bit faster, but I was remembering if there's anything else to do). I was using Pochmann's/Bill's method (orient first, and then permute) I don't know if I'll continue with 3 cycle or just pure pochmann.
1512 years 262 daysShotaro MakisumiI solved a Rubik's Cube while blindfolded for the first time on December 8, 2002, with a time of 19 minutes and 31 seconds. 
1612 years 348 daysJosh BergMy first succesful blindfold timed solve!! the time was around 6 minutes and 48 seconds.20070814
1712 years 350 daysConnor WymanI went INSANE when I got this. It was not lucky at all!! It was a lot of cycles. But somehow, I got it. I'm pretty happy with the result. About a week of DNF's. It all pays off, Trust me.20090507
1812 years 363 daysJustin TangNot really good at blind solving at all.. I take 10 minutes to memorize the cube and 10 minutes to execute the algorithms.. Most of the times I get are unsuccessful solves and the majority of those solves are really close. Well, I'm almost 13 years old. 20070718
1913 years 62 daysTyler HakamoriUsed pure classic pochmann. Time was 4:44.06. 20090201
2013 years 94 daysAnthony BenisI finally solved a rubik's cube blindfolded on February 14th 2007! I was born November 11, 1993.20070215
2113 years 150 daysAlex PuseyI solved this one a while ago20060709
2213 years 183 daysPawan Dhananjaymy first blindsolve. took about 12 mins and 34 sec(memo+solving).20080701
2313 years 187 daysAnssi VanhalaLooks like I'm youngest european blindfold solver. Nice =)20050505
2413 years 213 daysRyosuke Higo2minute7.21seconds20070328
2513 years 222 daysPatrick JamesonYes! Finally after like 15 DNFs I solved it. Total time was 8:21.76. I was trying to solve it visually instead of numbers and it worked!20080224
2613 years 8 monthsMatthew Wanstallyay, I was so pleased that i got a successful blindfold solve. I am using 3-cycle, but am thinking of switching to turbo for edges.20081003
2713 years 293 daysRaku WatariOn the 56th day of trying to get a solve, I finally got my first at Caltech Summer 2007, with a time of 7:43.79. Thanks to Brian Zhang who helped me with the 3-Cycle method.20070826
2813 years 10 months 5 daysMaxwell LandesI was born on June 12, 1995 My first BLD solve was about 1 month ago, I think.

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2913 years 307 daysJohannes Laire16 minutes 4.1 seconds20050811