Rubik´s 3x3x3 Cube: Youngest solver
13 years 117 daysEn-xi XieCheck out the video.20060716
24 years 124 daysYui TomitaI was born in Japan on November 16, 2001.
I'm enjoying solving with my father,mother,and elder sister.
I want to participate in a Rubik competition in Tokyo in July.
Here's my solving video.
34 years 322 daysValentine ChungValentine is from America. She decided that she wanted to solve it after watching her brother Maverick (now 7). Her fastest time at this age is just under 5 minutes.
Valentine solving cube
45 years 31 daysDaniel HopDaniel is 5 years and 31 days old. He lives in Holland. It took him 5 weeks to learn to solve the cube in about five minutes without any help.20060824
55 years 1 month 19 daysEmilien Combaret115s : Solve done at 5 years 1 month and 19 days
Emilien has done 121 s at French Championship 2008 4 days later :
65 years 3 monthsSunwoo BanI'm SunWoo, Ban from KOREA. I solved Rubik's Cube when I was 5 years and 3 months old. My father taught me how to solve it.
75 years 3 months 26 daysJohn Ismael UgelstadSuccess (3 min 5.97 sec). I did set the record according to the rules from WC2003 Toronto. My age was 5 years and 3 months and 26 days (born 2 sep 1999 and the record was set 28 Dec 2004). I was able to do it unofficially the 14 Nov 2004. Our home page.20041114
85 years 7 months 28 daysRei IdekawaMay,2000. She was born in Tokyo.
Oct,2005. She has begun to struggle for a puzzle.
Jan,2006. She said that "I could solve a puzzle". And it was solved in about 5 minutes.
Feb,2006. She participated in a JRCA meeting and solved it in front of audience.(1min42.58sec)
Her height is just 1 meter.
If height of a table is more than 1 meter, at the time of competition, audience cannot watch her.
95 years 360 daysWiktoria ZborowskaPozdrowienia dla wszystkich malych Polakow w Polsce i na Swiecie. Wikusia. Moja strona 
106 years 47 daysMina TomitaI'm from Japan. My best time is 2 min 8 sec.
I will soon participate in a competition in Japan.
116 years 5 monthsDylan Patchn/a20080427
126 years 9 monthsJay GyouryI live in England and have been confidently solving for a while, I just need to get faster as I take about 4 mins. Not sure if I'm youngest in UK but age 6 seems good to me. Video of Jay20080405
136 years 319 daysMaverick ChungHe solved it first a few months earlier but we don't have the date. His fastest time so far is 2 and 1/2 minutes.
146 years 348 daysRebecca HugheyMy sister did it, so I decided I would too! Girls rule!20071016
157 years 64 daysPhilip Bergh SveenI am from Norway. I have solved the cube many times. The first time was on May 10th 2008.20080519
167 years and 6 monthsBernett Orlandomy date of birth 23rd may 1996. When I first solved it last year in nov 2003 I was 7 years and 6 months. After that, I solved it successfully manytimes. My best performance is 1 min 50 sec which I solved it in dec -2004 when I am 8 years and 7 months old.20041231
167 years and 6 monthsSagar NattuvettyHe was born on June 11th 1999, and started solving the cube fully in Dec, 2006.
Here is a video of Sagar on Indian tv.
167 years and 6 monthsNoah HopMe and my brother, together we are strong!!20070927
197 years and 11 monthsAraceli CastroI am from Granada. Spain. I do it for the first time when I was 7 years and 11 months.
Antonio is my teacher and he is teaching me the 4x4.
207Ewa Forys (maiden name: Zborowska)I have had that (bad) luck, that Zbigniew Zborowski is my older brother and he did not let me live too long without an ability of solving Rubiks Cube. Ewka 
207Dale GossI was 7 years old, Lyttleton Primary School, South Africa, Rubik Cube Competition. My winning time was 1 min 10 seconds. I won a bag of sweets! 19811001
207Samuel Lairen/a20050921
207Emilio Akira Morones IshikawaMy uncle showed me how to do it. Now I am 14 years and I took it again since short time.20051129
207Kaho IdekawaI was born in September, 1997. I live in Japan. In spring of 7 years old, it was solved. And I participated in "Japanese Championship 2005". My average time is about 100 seconds.20050903
207Ben WooI was taught by my brother and he taught me for a 3 days. I can do it around 2 minutes unless I screw up an algorithm.20071112
268 years 4 monthsKevin ChangMy brother Alan taught me with his website.20050702
278 years 196 daysMarie HugheyI first solved the Rubik's Cube 2 days ago. My first timed solve was yesterday, 3:35. My best time so far is 2:29.
288 years 226 daysNadine WongTime 2min 35s. solution not completely memorised yet.20080731
298 years 273 daysJeffrey Tangmy brother taught me the f2l and i learned the last layer from youtube
it was easy!!!!!!!
308 years 9 monthsPeck Ern-Wenn/a20080915
318 years 10 monthsAaron HartiganI got my cube from one of my teachers and threw it aside. Thens after about three months I picked it up, became interested, and went online and found a video solution.20070805
328Logan BirdI am from Canada, and my cousin Brent Morgan showed me how to solve to cube (I just learned today!). My time right now is around 15-17 minutes, but at least I can solve it, and I'm only 8 years old! (Brent Morgan): It took a little while to show him how, but he caught on pretty quick eventually.20030218
328Adam ZampinoI unofficially solved the Rubik's Cube in 70 seconds when I was 8 years old in the autumn of 1982. I routinely solved it in under 90 seconds during that time, mostly as a kid impressing my friends on the school bus. I started solving the cube when I was 7 (earlier in 1982). Over the years, I have still been able to solve the cube quickly, but not nearly as fast as speed cubers. Today, I can still solve the cube in 60 to 90 seconds routinely, though I don't play with cubes often (a couple times a year or so).1982
328Siu King HayIt's easy!!!My fastest record is 86.73 seconds!!20080124
328Alexander ArmbrustMy record is 1:27.00.20081015
369 years 302 daysNathan XuNathan is my little brother. He solved it in about 20 minutes.20070320
379Kirk MorrowI was nine years old at the time. I can't even come close to that now that I'm out of practice. It was a lubed cube and I could solve it repeatedly in roughly 2 minutes flat. Now that I'm picking it up again maybe I'll be even faster. 
379Shotaro MakisumiI averaged about 2 minutes solving a cube.
Now I am 12 and average 45 seconds.
379Simon TemplierThomas Templier: "It's my little brother. He is 9 years old .He has done the cube in 2 min 06 sec with the method of Lars Petrus. I hope he will be a good cubist :-)" 
379Sunil PedapudiThis was when I was in 3rd grade, my teacher knew how to solve the cube so I just picked it up from method, average like 109357320980961782 minutes [sarcasm..] 
379Jason SoHanson So: I taught my brother the layer-by-layer stragety. He was able to solve it today on June 5, 2004. I'm impressed. My brother can solve it in a couple of minutes.20040605
379Camille BriskiI am 9 years and 10 months old, almost ten, and my brother Cameron Briski taught it to me in about a week. 
379Vishakha PatelI am from India and in Grade IV and 9 year old. My dad taught me how to solve Rubik Cube (3x3x3) in one week when I came to USA. Presently I am able to finish in 6-7 minute. My dad has recorded video on Sept 2, 2006.20060902
379Andrew RoleyIf only I would have known this category existed before it existed.20070330
379Steffi Padme T. LibidThis is Steffi Padme T. Libid my youngest daughter.
She is 9 years of age from the Philippines.
Birthday: August 3 1999.
Steffi started to learn solving the cube last August 4 2008. We recorded one of her solving progress last August 24 2008 and shown here is her 1minute and 17.17seconds mark.
Can be viewed here: Steffi in YouTube
379András SzermekNow I'm 10 years old and my average is 34 seconds.20090106
4710 years 1 month 14 daysVatsal JayaswalI cant believe i actually did it.And it was just so easy,thanks to jasmine lee's page.20070112
4810 years 95 daysNatasha Wongn/a20080607
4910 years 7 monthsThomas EvansOne Day i got a rubiks cube from chritsmas and scrambled it.
i felt like i wanted to so i learnt the agltohrims.
now i now them off by heart.
5010 years 9 monthsJessica Federicoit's an official record, I resolved it at the french championship 2005.
birthday : 07/13/94. I was ten and 9 months
5010 years 9 monthsTom MacadamI learnt to solve the cube just as the summer holidays had started (I'm from Australia) and yeah, things just went like that.20080627
5010 years 9 monthsEthan Armbrustn/a20080930
5310 years 11 monthsMike CatchenMy PR is 23.83 and i can do all up to 7x7x7 (never tried 6x6x6)20080720
5410Joseph LiaoFirst time solving it (it waz pretty easy scramble), then I gave up the cube, then this year, Macky taught me how to solve constantly! 
5410Peggy HsiehMy brother Jeff Hsieh taught me how to solve the cube. I coudn't solve it for a few months but now I finally did it using both the method he made up himself and Fridrich's method!20050329
5410Ned WilliamsonI can solve it in 45 seconds.20050407
5410Raiza Mativoi am Raiza mativo and i am 10 years old. i am born in Canada but my parents are from the Philippines. i got into cubing because of my older brother who taught. i solve just for fun but one day i wish to compete.
This is my video that my brother took
5410Nathan Kennedy BobI'm only 10 years old and beat my old record of 56 seconds.
I almost flipped because i beat my 13 year old friends record
of 54 seconds.
5410Noah RadcliffeI got the cube from my grandmother. :)20080123
5410Samir Patelrecord then was 1 min 12sec
now it is 53 sec