Rubik's Cube: Fewest moves (half turn metrics)
119Tony SnyderMy focus for several years has been to discover a way to do a true direct solve. Years ago I could get one direct solve out of about 10 from a cube mixed with 13 turns (the number of turns to mix a cube in the original contests), however, not until today did I finally direct solve a fully mixed cube (with more than 25 turns to the mix). Up to this point I had several 24's and a 23, close but not close enough. Believe it or not with today's 19 turn solve I only studied for a few seconds. The key is to use what you learned from the algorithms, not the algorithms themselves, then combine and adapt as you go.20070806
119Per Kristen FredlundHi -)
I have twice achieved 19 turns in the fewest moves challenge FMC. The first time it was achieved with an advanced edges first solution leaving a 3-corner insertion. The second time i did it with a much easier scramble. Only 7 or 8 turns to turn the rest of the solution into a Domino solve (the subgroup. This solution was only 1 turn off the optimal solution for that scramble. Fewest moves id fun but very time consuming. The best way to go is probably block building and corners insertion or edges first. Both rely heavily on good insertiontechnique for the final (3 4 or 5) corners!!
119Guus Razoux-Schultzcheck out Per's site for MFC 203 at
Scramble: D U' F2 U' R' F R2 B D' B R F B' U R' D2 L' R2 F2 B' U' B D B2 F2 U L F U' B2
My solve: L U' F2 D' U2 B R2 F' U F2 U'B U F' R U2 R' U2 R2
found in 20 minutes or so.
explanation: 2x2x2: L U F2 D'
pseudo F2L minus pair: U2 B R2 B.
last pair + LL edges: F' U F R U2 R'U2 R2
leaving a corner 3 cycle.
at dot insert B' U F2 U'B U F2 U', 5 moves cancel

NB. Mirek Goljan found that same solution and claimed to find it in 16min 15sec.
119Mirek GoljanMy personal record happened on the same scramble as Guus's in August 2008. See Per's site FMC 203 1-hour limit at
The scramble was D U' F2 U' R' F R2 B D' B R F B' U R' D2 L' R2 F2 B' U' B D B2 F2 U L F U' B2
Solution L U' F2 U2 D' B R2 F' U F2 U' B U F' R U2 R' U2 R2 obtained by block building and insertion techniques.
2X2X3: L U' F2 U2 D' B2
B' R2 B F' U F * R U2 R' U2 R2
insert 3-cycle at * F' U' B' U F2 U' B U F'
I had it in 10 minutes with one missing '. Full corrected solution written down was in 16 minutes 15 sec.
520Xavier MorinMy solution for the FMC #235.
It was very lucky I average 32 HTM.
[URL=]The French weekly FM contest is here[/url]
621Sebastian DumitrescuCheck the FMC 69 on Dan's Cubestation. Wow!20050115
722Johannes LaireFMC 14020070130
722Arnaud van GalenDone within 1 hour for Weekly competition 2008-21. I might never beat this again because this solve only really had 1 weak spot (the 4th pair) and even that didn't take many moves if you consider how it affected the last layer.20080525
923Michael SwanSaw somebody elses solve and realized that they counted M moves as one. I just did the same. Once I had it solved in 18 moves (no M moves) EXCEPT two corners were flipped counter-clockwise. I'm too impatient to get these solves very often but It's not uncommon for me to get sub 30 turns.20080111
923Erik JohnsonI had an LL skip. FMC number 163 I think
Scramble: D' U' L' F' L2 U R2 B' U B' F' L' D2 F2 U' L2 U' L U2 D' B' L U' F' L'
Solution: B2 R F' U' F L' F' R2 D R2 B2 F' R2 F R' F D' F' D' R' D2 R D'
1124Zbigniew ZborowskiAbout an hour of studying. Look at Dan's Fewest Moves Challenge, edition nr 9.20030620
1124Phil ThomasScramble: D' U' F2 L2 R2 D' F2 L2 R2 U L' B D F' U R U' R2 U' R' F2
Solution: D F B' R2 U R U' D' R' B U' B' D2 B U2 B' D2 U2 R' U' L' U R U2 L (24)
2x cross: D F B' R2 U R U' D' R' (9)
3rd pair: D2 B . U B' D2 (14)
Finish: U * L' U' L (18)
This left two unoriented corners which I used 2 3-cycles to fix. I first found the insertion B' D2 B U' B' D2 B (8) inserted at the . which cancels 5 moves! Then insert U R' U' L' U R U' L (8) at the * canceling 5 moves!
WOW! Perfect insertions! 6 moves to orient two corners! I'm so happy!
1325Vincent CarrierMethod Fridich
Research time 2h15
Scramble U B2 L2 F R F U L B2 L U' R2 B R2 U' B' (simplified with CubeExplorer)
D2 B2 U' L B U2 B' L D' L' F L D L' D' L D L' R F L' F L F2 R'
12 years old )
1426Ron van BruchemTook me about 4 hours in total of studying, moving and taking back moves. 
1426Ryan HeiseThe last step of my solution was avoided. Total solving time was about 40 seconds. 
1426Cyril CastellaSee Dan's FMC 107: very happy with that one, using a Petrus+insertion approach20060606
1426Davide Macrin/a20080723
1827Jack MoseleyI started with an 11 move 2x2x3, then found another 9 moves for a pseudo F2L. Then I turned the top face so that the last move of the OLL would cancel out with undoing the pseudo block, had a 6 move OLL and PLL skip.20071016
1827Brantley MillsScramble: D F' L R U' L2 R' D2 B2 F2 R' L B2 L2 U2 B2 D' B2 U' D L U2 B2 R F2
I got the scramble from FMC #181
Solution: B L' F2 L B2 L' F2 L D' B2 F R2 U F' U R' F R2 B R F D F' D' L' D' L
Found B'.D' B2 F R2 U F' U R' F R2 B R F D F' D' L' D' L which left 1 corner 3-cycle. Then I inserted B2 L' F2 L B2 L' F2 L at the dot and canceled one move.
1827Wuqiong FanScramble: R2FLU'L2DR'BD2BRU2B'L'F2B2D2RF2RL2D2B2D2B2L2
It was an insertion of 13 moves (setup+Uperm) that cancelled 5moves so that insertion became only 8 moves. I also found another insertion that would have made it 28HTM and 25STM. I'm getting consistent low 30's when I try a scramble for hours and mid-high 30's under an hour.
See my other solutions on
1827Baian LiuScramble: F R2 B' L2 D2 L2 B2 F' L2 D F' D2 L F D R' F' D' U B F
L2 R D B' L' F' U' R L B2 F U2 R B' R' F' R B R' U' F U F' U' R' U' R' (27)
One move insertion: L2 (1)
1x2x2 Block: R D B' (4)
2x2x2 Block: L' F' U' R (8)
Triple-X Cross: L B2 (10)
Leave 3 Corners: F U2 F' * U' F U F' U' (18)
Undo Pre-moves: R' U' R' (21)
Insetion at *: F R B' R' F' R B R' (29-2) (27)
I tried making a 1x2x2 with the pairs already made but failed. So I made a new pair and combined it into a 1x2x2 and then combine the pairs together to make a triple-X cross. Added pre-moves for obvious reasons. The skeleton finish was long compared to the block-building in the beginning so I tried the one move insertions (technique from I don't remember who). L & L' wasn't good either but L2 already had two pairs made in a good position after the triple-X cross. So I went with the 21-move skeleton.
2228Jamie FlynnHot Chickens are nice with gravy. 
2228Andy Tsaoreally easy, but didn't skip any steps.20051117
2429Ronald Herbert Dunphyfull steps, attempt number 20.20070411
2429Piotr KzkaPetrus method.20070818
2429David WonerVERY easy 1x2x3 (4 moves) managed to build a 2x2x3 in 10 moves while making another pair which led to an easy 4th pair. f2l in 19 moves easy 8 move OLL then a 12 move z-perm R2 U' R2 U R2 B2 R2 U B2 U' R2 B2. took about 40 minutes to work my way through the F2l ll was fast. someone skilled at this could have easily broken 30 but i finally got sub-40 moves and thats good enough for me. 20080529 39 40 Cristiano Alba Petrus method fan!20080529
2730Chris GilsdorfI swear this had to literally be a one-in-a million chance. I did every step of the Petrus method. My move average is around 60 moves. 
2730Adam GhinI worked on the F2L with a method closely related to Petrus', and looked for a one step LL. See my site!20030509
2730Krishanu Roy SankarLL was done with U. Otherwise, not lucky at all. My average when solving for moves is 55 (counting slices as two moves each). My best move solve nonlucky is probably about 37. (Fat Lion)20050216
2730Harris ChanIt was only a PLL skipped solve, but also my fastest lucky case
Scramble: R B' R' D' R B2 L F U2 R U' L' R' F U2 F2 L' U L' B2 F2 R L' F' L
Cross colour = D
Double x-cross: y2 x r' F U' y r U2 r' R U' R2 U R' (11)
F2L 3: U2 L U L' (4)
F2L 4: R U2 R2 U' R2 U' R' (7)
OLL: (R' U2 R U R' U R) U' (8)
I'm sure there's a better solution.
2730Derrick EideI will make you proud Erno.20070519
2730Lucas GarronFrom a failed speed BLD; the correct solution would have actually had this many twists. (Not bad for doing this mentally :-)20070705
3331Dan HarrisFewest Moves challenge. see my weekly fewest moves challenge.20030905
3331Jay WooI used the modified roux method and I acheived this in few days. I don't think I will get any better by roux though.20071113
3331Sally Hansenn/a20080626
3633Jol van NoortI did this for FMC 82 on DanH's site. My very first try at this :). 20050503
3633Kenneth GustavssonUsing my speedcubing method. A block approach F2L + "keyhole" for LL-edges and a good bit of thinking (2-3 minutes). Then the LL was a skip in the second last stage and the easiest case in the last stage (8 moves).20051020
3834Anssi VanhalaI want a ukulele!20061208
3834Alex TarasiukVery lucky!!20071203
4035Brent MorganThis was not lucky at all, (thoroughly scrambled), and took great concentration. Hopefully I will get this kind of solve more often. I did this in my Calculus class LOL.20030830
4035Joey GoulyR U D' F R B R2 F L B D R2 L2 U2 R F L R2 F2 U2 L' F' B L R2
This was a normal speedsolve, in 20.54 seconds.
Triple X-cross: D R2 F' R2 L2 U2 L' y2 U R' L F R L' (13)
F2L 4: y' R' F' R F (4)
OLL: U' M' U M U2 M' U M (8)
PLL: U R' U R' D2 R U' R' D2 l2 (10)
4035Andrea Santambrogiogood F2L sub20 moves OLL really fast and good PLL really lucky solution :D20081231
4336Camden Dwellehello20070409
4437John ShepardScramble: L' D B2 R' B' F' U R' B' U B2 F R2 B U2 B F' D' F' L R' B2 D' B2 F'
I used fridrich method with 4 move cross, easy f2l, and one of the only COLL alg i know
4539Heath LittonI solved it in around a minute. 
4640Cristiano AlbaPetrus method fan!20061201
4741Casey HurlburtUsing Lar's F2L and got two of the shortest LL algorithims I usually get about 10-15 more then that but getting better20080213
4842Joe Ted Nguyenn/a20070325
4943Dylan MooreNot incredibly lucky. I switch off between the cross, or Lars's method. For this one I used the "extended cross" as described by Chris Hardwick. Thanks Chris! The only thing that might have been constiered lucky was it only took me 5 moves for the extended cross. 
4943Ryan ProphetStraightforward F2L/OLL/PLL solve, easy F2L but not lucky. Currently working on looking ahead and combining F2L moves to place multiple corners simultaneously. Using this method I should be able to get down as low as 35 moves still using OLL/PLL.20080701
5146John BoydMy own method, on a plane from India to USA.20071206
5146Justin LeSweet.20071211
5146Jeffrey ZhangHehe, easy case :)
Normal solve.
5146Yi Renuse cfop solve a cube20090214
5547Dillon BeesleyI did this one day because I was bored and I got 47 without a lucky case and with 3 Look Last Layer.20081109
5649Brian LoftusI'll post this record just for fun. I've never practiced fewest moves yet and this wasn't really an attempt at it. It was a 8 turn extended cross then a regular Fridrich finish. My first sub-50 moves.20070603
5649Ray WangThis time I used only algorithms I have memorized.
So I could probably do better if I used some that I haven't memorized.
5850Isaac Firesmithkinda lucky i've only learned last layer algorithms so far20070220
5850Brian Edwardsi just started to the petrus system20070521
5850Ouyang Yunqiscramble:L2 U' L D2 R2 F' R D U R2 U' L D2 R2 F2 D2 L' R D' F' D2 R B F' R solution: 2x2:z2 B' R' D2 L' U R D' L(8) cross and the 2nd F2L:y' x' F' U' L R U R2 F' R(8) the 3rd F2L:y' R U' L' R' U2 R U' R'(8) the last F2L:U' L U L' U2 L(6) OLL:y2 L F R' F' L' R U R U' R'(10) PLL:y' F2 U' L R' F2 L' R U' F2 U2(10) total moves:5020080531
6151Brian Nicole Uyhere is the scramble D' L' B2 R' L' D2 U' R2 F' R2 F' R D R F2 D R L' B' L' B2 D' F' B D
Philippine Cubers Association
6253Blake O'Haren/a 
6253Bartek KlimczakYes, yes, yes20060520
6456Christopher Mullerjust a normal solve20080531
6557Ralf Lauen/a19830725
6557Thomas ClementMeh.20060606
6557Brandon Shelinei need to learn better algs..20070414
6860Bruno Azevedon/a20050916
6860Tana LawleyHow does a 13 year old do it this good? LUCK! Took me an hour to do! Thanks to my friend ND for mixing the cube!!!!!! 20071101
7061Eric LinPretty good for 2 months of practice and for a 14 year old. 
7162Isiah Planesbasic frid.
algorithms in
7162Tyler MetevierFirst Try. Saw this and wanted to do it.20081206
7363Patrick Jamesoncool20070305
7363Zach SteinF2L20071201
7565Tim MartinsonI had never counted moves before but it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.20071114
7668Alfred Ferwerdan/a20061113
7770Wan Naszreen69 moves. previously my fewest moves were 82 moves.20081231