Rubik's Cube: Marathon (42 cubes in a row)
19 minutes 57.27 secondsErik AkkersdijkTimed on stackmat with stackpod )
At the hotel in Essen during the toy fair there where I am with V-cubes. Thanks to Kamil 'Paris' Zielinski for scrambling and Sébastien Auroux for counting. Also thanks to Dan Cohen for counting on a previous attempt (10:02)
Also Michael Gottlieb and Michal Halczuk witnessed along with Konstantinos Verdes Ingo Schutz Frank Morris and Michal Halczuk's mom (and the lady behind the bar who is actually from Poland!! (and yes of course she is hot)) )
Next is. whatever.
210 minutes 5.16 secondsAndrew KangThank you to Chris Hardwick for scrambling Brian Loftus (Lofty) for counting and Hadley Sheffield for being the moral support (maybe?). One day I'll be able to stack mat the marathon (under 10 minutes). It's only a matter of time!20081021
310 minutes 28 secondsHarris ChanSecond attempt that was done on Sunday night after the party in the lobby area at Novotel (there's witnesses).
Thanks to Rhodri who scrambled and kept track of my solves and times (he was scrambling for Rowe at the same time as well!).
10 cubes: 2:34
20 cubes: 4:51
30 cubes: 7:24
40 cubes: 10:01
42 cubes: 10:28
410 minutes 57.28 secondsThibaut Jacquinot10 cubes : 2,27min
20 cubes : 5,05min
30 cubes : 7,48min
Absolut trip lyon 2007! Edouard scrambled my cube!! En route pour le sub 10!!
511 minutes 16.23 secondsAdam PolkowskiI need two good cubes to solve sub 1120071015
611 minutes 24.92 secondsEdouard ChambonThibaut scrambled my cube. I had the WR for hm.. 11 minutes :-) Then Thibaut beat me :(20070503
711 minutes 32.49 secondsJoël van Noort10: 2:51
20: 5:40
30: 8:21
40: 10:56
Done at a cube meeting at Arnoud's place in Rotterdam. Thanks to Lars and Erik for helping with scrambling and counting. The time includes a 2 sec. penalty for the last cube. This is more than a full minute faster than my previous record :).
811 minutes 51.07 secondsDerrick Eidethis was fun! done yesterday after Toronto Open Winter competition at the after Party! Thanks to EVERYONE who helped in keeping track of counting scrambling and sorting everything! everyone was just great! i had a such a great time at the competition! and i will miss EVERYONE GREATLY!!20080310
912 minutes 7.98 secondsFrank MorrisThanks to Colin Starry for Scrambling and keeping count.20060719
1012 minutes 20 secondsAnssi VanhalaYo. Third try today. 17.62 seconds per cube.20060226
1112 minutes 35.71 secondsMatt WalterThanks to the great Joël van Noort for letting me use his competition speedcube and being right by my side until the end.20060709
1213 minutes 20 secondsLars VandenberghThird try (first: 14:04, second: 14:01). Done on Memphis airport, on our way back from WC2005.
Split: 6:39 halfway. 19.04 seconds per cube.
1213 minutes 20 secondsStefan HuberFirst try, not bad! Cubes were scrambled by Thomas Grahammer. Sub-20 per cube, that's good!20080206
1413 minutes 24.03 secondsGunnar KrigI used mine and my brothers best cubes. I should be able to get this under 13 minutes, especially since I hade two pops during the attempt.20071226
1513 minutes 34 secondsTakahito DomonWith another Japanese cuber, Syoji, we didn't time half way split. 19.38 sec per cube. I had seen this event after WC2005, and I had been really wanting to do this. We will try this at an event "Osaka Cube Day" on 26th Nov! I will get faster =)20051120
1614 minutes 30 secondsTatsuya OokuboPartner was Seiya Anda and Yuki Suzuki.
Next time sub 14 minutes.
1714 minutes 36.99 secondsAndy TsaoFirst try. Done in cold weather with bad cubes. I can definately beat this.20061129
1814 minutes 39 secondsRon van BruchemDone at home. 20.92 seconds per cube. Lots of moments of panic during this marathon. One of them was Per not being ready with scrambling the next cube. :-) You need good cubes and need to stay cool.20051109
1915 minutes 14 secondsMatt WalterDone on the day after WC2005.
Split: 8:15 halfway. 21.76 seconds per cube.
2015 minutes 21.17 secondsBernett OrlandoIt is my first ever try. Done in a running train. It is fun!
An old lady sitting opposite to me recognised me and asked me if I am the boy who can solve the cube fast and blindfolded? She had read the article in the newspaper and observed my photo which came out after I returned from The Netherlands. She requested me to solve for her. I did a marathon for her. She was very very happy.
2116 minutes 18.79 secondsTim ReynoldsThanks to Michael Gottlieb for scrambling and recording.20070204
2216 minutes 26 secondsTatsuya HasimotoPartner was Takayuki Ookusa and Tatsuya Ookubo.20060331
2316 minutes 41.21 secondsLucas GarronI hit the space bar after every solve, so:
Halfway - 8:15; Best - 17.41; Worst - Sub-30 (some timing troubles).
Thanks to Ummon for scrambling (and cube4you for good DIY's).
2417 minutes 52.16 secondsBrian LoftusThis was done One-Handed. Thanks to Chris Hardwick for scrambling Andrew Kang for counting and Hadley Sheffield for moral support/hosting us for the weekend. I used my OH cube and one of Andrew's 2H cubes.20081026
2517 minutes 53.03 secondsSyoji TakamatsuDone at my home. Partner was Takahito Domon and Tatsuya Ookubo.20060312
2618 minutes 15 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20080909
2718 minutes 20 secondsYuuki IsikawaPartner was Takayuki Ookusa and Tatsuya Ookubo.20060331
2818 minutes 50.02 secondsArthur AdamsYep. Best time was 19.12.20080826
2919 minutes 8 secondsEmile Compion10 cubes - 4:35
20 cubes - 9:25
30 cubes - 14:04
40 cubes - 18:15
42 cubes - 19:08
Many thanks to Rhodri Mativo for scrambling/tallying/writing down times at significant moments. 27.33 seconds per cube, I could beat this easily, it's all just a matter of perseverance. and sanity.
3019 minutes 18.87 secondsSébastien AurouxThanks to Erik for scrambling and counting the cubes ;-)20081026
3119 minutes 59 secondsKian BarryMy goal was sub 20. Pretty good estimate.20081127
3220 minutes 17.53 secondsFlorian Weingartenn/a20080311
3320 minutes 32.35 secondsSinpei ArakiI did it in a dining room of Doshisha University.
Imai Zenta of a friend cooperated.
However, because a timer stopped once, I was tired and challenged the second.
3420 minutes 34.91 secondsBrian Nicole UyPhilippine Cubers Association
Special Thanks to Speedcuber Justin Dy of Philippines, Chiang Kai Shek College for Scrambling
Special Thanks to Speedcuber Alexander Dairo of Philippines, Chiang Kai Shek College for Recording
This is a tiring category, really.
3520 minutes 35.82 secondsPeter BabcockNext time sub20. This is over a 29 second average per cube, so I know I can do better.20050623
3623 minutes 31.09 secondsRobin Blöhmn/a20080311
3724 minutes 42.28 secondsBrian LeHey, I beat my record by about 5 minutes! Thanks to Dorian Toy for scrambling and calculating.20070401
3825 minutes 5.89 secondsDavide Macrigood20081012
3926 minutes 47.58 secondsValeri Leichn/a20080311
4028 minutes 17.43 secondsAaron ZhaoOne of the cubes was good, one was bad. and my scrambler wasn't done like 5 times since we only had 2 cubes, done on the bus for a field trip, i wasn't really counting so not sure if i did more or less than 4220070516
4130 minutes 19.77 secondsRay WangThis is my first time.
It's a good time-waster.
I'll try it again in April on the Bus to Disneyland.
4231 minutes 37.36 secondsTimo Schönfelderyeah, done it!20080513
4333 minutes 13.52 secondsBen KingWith a little help from Andy my brother. Scrambled Cubes and took some stats. 5 cubes @ 4:05. 10 cubes @7:54. 15 cubes @ 11:40. 20 cubes @15:58. 25 cubes @19:33. 30 cubes @ 23:29. 35 cubes @ 27.46. 40 cubes @31:24. 42 cubes @ 33:13.52.
Visit my site.
4435 minutes 33.87 secondsMichael Lambertonnot last place!20070903
4535 minutes 36.35 secondsUmmon Karpemy video page I beat Arthur! Just barely.20070704