Rubik's Cube: Executing all 57 OLL algorithms
11 minute 27.86 secondsRyosuke Higon/a20070503
21 minute 43.65 secondsWuqiong FanOne-handed. Sadly, I'm not much faster 2 handed for time attacks. My endurance and transitions are much better one-handed.20090510
31 minute 46.43 secondsFubo Wangn/a20090510
41 minute 51.78 secondsJulian TanFinally got this time after countless tries. Filmed by Benson Liang, video here. Target is sub 1:50 :)20090510
51 minute 52.86 secondsHarris ChanYay first sub 40 (well sub 39 too)!! Using a combo cube (25th anniversary center+modern store cubies). I'll train more.
Video is here
61 minute 54.57 secondsMichael GottliebI lubed my cube and then. this )
Don't have an order memorized so I have to look at the pictures on my old OLL sheet P I guess I could save a few seconds if I memorized it.
71 minute 54.96 secondsKatsuyuki KonishiYou can see a lot of failures. (I sweat. )
82 minutes 11.84 secondsOlivier GaucherI did a lot of mistakes but it was one of my first tries. I hope I will be soon sub-2minutes.20041119
92 minutes 18.22 secondsToshinobu HirayamaXanadu your neon lights will shine for you Xanadu.20080318
104 minutes 49.29 secondsRuey HuAfter 4 months of practice, I just finished OLLs and now I am going on to memorize PLL's20090106
115 minutes 37.17 secondsEirik StrÝmGetting faster20080227